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    Attribute Price Update

    Hi all The contribution "Options - Price Update" which basically does the following: When you have options on an item, there was not a way to see the price until you added into the cart. With some creative javascripting, and just a little modifications of the product_info.php page, now you can see the price get auto updated! This contribution only works with currencies USD and Euro. But I need it to work with GBP (£) UK Sterling. There are not many lines of script with this contribution as there is only one file to update. Does anyone know how to change the code so that it works for GBP (£) UK Sterling as well as USD ($) and Euro. Much appreciated Regards Paul
  2. paulboston

    PHP Version 5.0.4

    Can anyone tell me if the (File Upload .8 (for PA - Option Type Feature) works ok with PHP Version 5.0.4 Appreciate the help folks Regards Paul
  3. paulboston


    Help Anyone I have added the (File Upload .8 (for PA - Option Type Feature)) all has installed ok, but made a dummy purchase for testing I am getting an error message when I try to upload an image Error: destination does not exist. my uploads folder has permissions 777, I just dont know where the problem is, everything works fine, I can view the product and click browse but when I click checkout it gives the error. should there be an upload button as well as browse button. This is the function that is availabe on the website front end so a customer can upload an image when placing an order, ie.... a photo that can be turned into a T-Shirt Transfer Please can you help or point me in the right direction. Regards Paul
  4. paulboston

    Image Upload - front end

    Hi everyone Well this is my first post, I hope someone can help me wityh my dilema. I have a small Canvas Printing Business where customers can order various sized canvas prints. They send me their photograph and I print it on canvas for them. Basically I want to enable it so a customer can choose the appropriate canvas size and then upload their image and then proceed to checkout. The order details would be emailed to me as usual except in this case the image will alos be attached. Does anyone know how this can be done. I was thinking the Browse/Upload postion could be placed where the "Add Comments About Your Order" is when a person goes to checkout. Many thanks for any feedback and a solution. Regards Paul