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  1. Hayo all out there ^^ It wouldn't be bad, if there was an oppotunity to also REMOVE AttibutCombinations ( on the QTpro-Doctor-Page ) C.U.
  2. hey mark, did u ever get the combi of multiple attributes and easy populate run ??? pleasy reply; any reply ! c.ya greez, 505
  3. I do have the very same problem. It appears even when u change the output and the respectove header to .txt -format. AND even when u hachange the resp file-ending .php to txt and tell google so ( of course i priorly ptu the resp. addhandler to my .htaccess and tested it ). This is realy weird.
  4. Google keeps tellin g me i was using the woring data-format: i checket id over and over an icluded some mods to make it even more propperly , but google keems on complaining. Mods: intented to stop google sucking: 1. added line RewriteRule ^(.*).xml$ $1.php to .htacess that makes the files (e.g. googleSitemapCategories.php) also acessible per .xml (e.g. googleSitemapCategories.xml) 2. Since google Error-help shows me the sitemat format has changed the last some months i alteres the format from <urlset xmlns="http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap/0.84"> to <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"> , exactly as seen in googles help ... 3. somewhere i've read that the "weekly" doesnt work but "daily does, so i also changed that one .. 4. Added output of the HTTP-SERVER first, since all googleexamples shor, that the first element needs to be the domainname itself (with no file ( e.g. google.com/ al first element ). but goole keeps on teasin me ! what is whong ? anyona of u has experienced the same probs the last time and maybe can offer a solution to this ? GreeZ to all and thanx to chemo 505
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    cannot find it either .... maybe it isn't too omportant , since i simply will disregard it ... greez, 505