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  1. pctek

    Worldpay callback (again)

    Don't bother - I've worked it out :)
  2. pctek

    WordPay don't know the answer...

    Worked it out myself.... I've got WorldPay Select Junior Module working now - and it does do exactly what it says on the tin after all!: Processes card payment at WorldPay (Select Junior Account) Confirms WorldPay transaction (return to shop/complete transaction button on same page) Returns customer to shop Creates visible order in Osc Admin Emails order confirmation to customer Emails order confirmation to shop owner One thing it doesn't do is add the shipping cost to the confirmation order - yet :D
  3. pctek

    Worldpay support III

    This would be ideal - was there any follow up please? :)
  4. I hope this is the right place to post this (if it isn't please point me at the relevent thread) I've uninstalled WorldPay Junior Module and installed worldpay 4.0 V 1.9 From studying the threads on the board I've at least got the WP Thank You page to return to my site - the problem is it dumps me back to checkout_payment.php where if I click "continue" it would restart the payment process all over again. The file, I think, I'd need to configure is catalog/wpcallback.php ideally pointing it at checkout_success.php although, at present, orders are not being displayed in osc Admin and checkout_process.php seems to do that. Any help would be appreciated - thanks :)
  5. Hi I'm using the WorldPay Select Junior Module that is bundled with osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 rc1. The only contribution I have installed is WPA 0.910. I've used different configurations to the callback process (http://<wpdisplay item="MC_callback">) through my WP Admin page and spoken at length with WorldPay Tech Support who can only suggest it has something to do with the MCC but as yet have not offered any solution. The problem I'm having is well documented on the forums here but all of suggested fixes revolve around configurations of the file "catalog/wpcallback.php" which does not seem exist in the WorldPay Select Junior Module, well it doesn't in my install anyway. I'm still running in "test mode" My problem is: Ordering items from the shop proceeds normally and concludes with the WorldPay page - with no way back to the shop: The customer receives notification of the transaction from WorldPay but no email confirming what they've ordered I receive notification of the transaction from WorldPay but no email confirming what they've ordered The orders do appear in the Customers section in osCommerce Admin but these are added to any consequent order made by the same customer Please can you advise me if I should I uninstall WorldPay Select Junior Module and replace it with an earlier version (the one with catalog/wpcallback.php which many claim works) and would I encounter problems with my WorldPay Junior account if I did that? Any help would be much appreciated - thanks :)
  6. pctek

    Problem installing PWA

    Great - thanks sooo much for the reply! As you said PWA_0.910 installed as per instructions and works fine! I was trying to install "the latest" version: pwa_2_0b Thanks again :) :)
  7. Hi This is my first attempt at using a server side application to build an online shop and I'm learning as I go along so bear with me - previously I've used NopCart (perl/javascript) but it has its limitations. I suppose the experience has been helpful because I've had no problem at all installing and configuring oscommerce so far I don't expect an instant fix to the problem I am experiencing - just some guidance on where to start looking for an answer. Although I couldn’t find anything directly related (perhaps I’m searching for the wrong thing) I've studied several threads on the forum already mostly guessing that they had something to do with what I'm seeing. I'm trying to install the PWA Purchase Without Account Contribution and I keep hitting a problem when executing the "common.sql" with PHPMyAdmin. Error SQL query: ALTER TABLE `customers` ADD COLUMN `customers_login` VARCHAR( 96 ) AFTER `customers_newsletter` , ADD UNIQUE INDEX idx_customers_login( `customers_login` ); MySQL said: Documentation #1060 - Duplicate column name 'customers_login' From researching this I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of possible causes: Something is missing: On the PHPMyAdmin home page it reports that Create new database: No Privileges Would that be why there is a problem adding a “unique index” and would purchasing another database from the host resolve it? Also on the PHPMyAdmin home page these messages are displayed: The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results. Which, again from my research, seems to enable support for asian / Japanese languages so probably not relevent. Your PHP MySQL library version 4.0.24 differs from your MySQL server version 3.23.32. This may cause unpredictable behavior. I think this refers to the behaviour of the shop in general not necessarily the cause of query errors What has occurred to me is that one of the catalog files is corrupt: Where would I look first – is there a query I could run to troubleshoot this issue please?