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    sunshynecraftsbeads reacted to shetch in Support thread for Bootstrap V4 Oscommerce Administration v2.3.4.1 CE   
    General support/feedback for Bootstrap 4 admin
    See https://apps.oscommerce.com/LCrov&bootstrap-v4-oscommerce-admin-ce
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    sunshynecraftsbeads reacted to Jack_mcs in View Counter   
    @@Mikepo That's due to an undeclared array member. The following should work, though it may not be the final fix. I'll wait and see how you make out. :)  In that file, find:
    foreach ($cmpArry as $test) { if (preg_match('/' . $test . '/', $view['file_name']) || preg_match('/' . $test . '/', $view['arg'])) { return ' style="background-color:' . $colors[COLOR_IS_HACKER] . '" '; } } and change it to
    foreach ($cmpArry as $test) { if (isset($view['file_name'])) { if (preg_match('/' . $test . '/', $view['file_name'])) { return ' style="background-color:' . $colors[COLOR_IS_HACKER] . '" '; } } if (isset($view['arg'])) { if (preg_match('/' . $test . '/', $view['arg'])) { return ' style="background-color:' . $colors[COLOR_IS_HACKER] . '" '; } } }
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    sunshynecraftsbeads reacted to 14steve14 in Removing a Add On from a exisiting website   
    I had to try to remove a very old addon from my shop a while ago, as I had found a better one to add. I found that working backwards did not work as I had added some addon code to already modified code, which is probably what is happening to you. In the end I just decided to comment out the code from where the actual addon was shown in the store and left all the code there. That might work for you.
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    sunshynecraftsbeads reacted to Guest in Different Flat Rates Options   
    Multi Flat Rates will do what you would like.