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  1. Because of some problems I've tried to install, uninstall and the install the More Pics 6. The result is that everything seems to work, and the admin works too well! There's two of every entry in the More Pics configuration area (two "Show All MorePics on Product Info page", two "Group parent image with sub-images", etc.). One must be enough. Any idea how to correct that? Greetings, Dreyer
  2. Error found. Something went wrong in the header.php. Strange.
  3. I have a problem with the STS + More Pics 6 combination. The thumbs show up nicely, but I can't make it popup. Nothing happens when the thumbs are pressed. I've installed the MoPics6-ACA thing and messed around with the bonus contribution for STS in the More Pics 6 v. 1.3b package, but without succes. If I turn off STS the it works fine (but of course the layout is completely screwed then, so I don't want to do that). Any ideas? Greetings, Dreyer
  4. This place is awfully silent... A solution would be excellent, a possible solution nice. Could some of you tech-personalities maybe guide me to the possible right place to look without having a solution? Have a great weekend! Greetings, Dreyer
  5. I've tried to install More Pics 6 v. 1.3b on my site running STS. It displays the pictures nicely on the product info pages, but when clicked to magnify them nothing happens, no popups occur. In the status bar it seems as if it's the same address that is called when the pointer is above the picture when turning STS either on and off. However, If the STS is off the popups work fine. :huh: Any suggestions what to do to make it work? Thanks in advance! Greetings, Dreyer
  6. dreyer

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    I have the same problem :( Seems to be a conflict with STS. Any ideas to correct the error would be great! Greetings, Dreyer
  7. Does the ultimate cart box exist? I've found different add-ons to the cart box, some doing one thing, some doing others. I was wondering if there's one that does it all (and preferable is easy to install and setup)? The mother of the cart box... BTW. the cart box on this site is nice. Anyone knows how it's made? It's something like that I'd like: http://www.theadvancedskincareclinic.com/index.php Thanks for any help! Greetings, Dreyer