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  1. Good point to mention Jack. My remark was just meant for users, who intend to upgrade from a very old version to the newer ones. In this case plus having a category depth of 3 or more, the category URLs would change like described. This would finally lead to a decrease in the "almighty google-ranking". So unfortunately i had to keep the old version and added the "validation contribution". Of course it is a special case, but still should be mentioned for users who have their SEO-URLs unchanged in the google-index since years.
  2. Short update for ppl with a similar problem (Upgrade from e.g. 2.1d to a new Version would generate different category URLs). The contribution Independent SEO URL Validation (for ULTIMATE SEO URLs) did the trick: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5738
  3. Thats absolute understandable. I'll give it a try to merge the old contribution with the new redirect functions.
  4. You mean this setting: "Add category parent to begining of URLs" Unfortunately it is already set to "true". I'd have to change the code, that it uses the current category plus one category below for the URLs. Then we've got exactly what i had before. In the new Version, it uses the main category plus the current subcategory. Where in the code could i do that? Thanks again for your reply Jack.
  5. Unfortunately i couldnt use the new Version of the contribution, because it altered all category URLs: I've got lots of categories with a maximum category depth of 3, e.g. like this: -> House (=Main_Cat) --> Room (=Sub_Cat) ---> Window (=Sub_Sub_Cat) The SEO-URLs Contribution i've installed (V2.1) generated the following URLs To House: domain.com/house-c-1.html To Room: domain.com/house-room-c-1_2.html To Window: domain.com/room-window-c-1_2_3.html The New contribution (V2.2) generates: To House: domain.com/house-c-1.html To Room: domain.com/house-room-c-1_2.html To Window: domain.com/house-window-c-1_2_3.html So i counldnt use the newest version ofthe contribution since a lot of important categories would have been rewritten to new URLs. Now i tried to replace the Rewrite functions from the newest version in my older version 2.1, which mostly works. But 2 Problems: 1) the separators (if should be present) are left out at all categories URLs. 2) category depth 3: instead of rewriting to domain.com/room-window-c-1_2_3.html it rewrites to domain.com/houseroomwindow-c-1_2_3.html. My individual problem could be located in the function need_redirect(). if ($this->attributes['SEO_ADD_CAT_PARENT'] != 'true') { if (strpos($cID, "_") !== FALSE) { //test for sub-category $parts = explode("_", $cID); $cID = $parts[count($parts) - 1]; } if ($this->attributes['USE_SEO_PERFORMANCE_CHECK'] == 'true') $this->performance['NUMBER_QUERIES']++; $sqlCmd = $this->attributes['USE_SEO_HEADER_TAGS'] == 'true' ? 'LOWER(categories_htc_title_tag) as cName' : 'LOWER(categories_name) as cName'; $sql = "SELECT " . $sqlCmd . " FROM ".TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION." WHERE categories_id='".(int)$cID."' AND language_id='".(int)$this->languages_id."' LIMIT 1"; $result = $this->DB->FetchArray( $this->DB->Query( $sql ) ); $cName = $result['cName']; } else { [....] How could i rewrite the code that it'll behave like before? Or maybe it'd be easier for me, to adapt the code in the newest version of this contribution? Must be one or two lines.
  6. Nice Jack, i'll do it like you said + will be able to fetch a backup immediately if anything goes wrong.
  7. All right Jack, thank you for the hint - i'm the blind one. So i see, i've got an ultra-old version installed: Version 2.1 from late 2007. Can i simply upgrade from my version to the latest version "Ultimate SEO 2-2.2d-11" or would you suggest to pick a different version berfore i do the final upgrade. Main aim is, that the URLs won't change if i do the upgrade.
  8. Hello Community, there's one little problem with the contribution which i try to explain in the following. Generelly the problem is, that the script doesnt rewrite wrong URLs (with correct -p- and -c- IDs given) to the right one. Scenario 1: Once i had an internal SEO URLs Cache error which caused, that all links in the shop where given in the form e.g. domain.com/-p-6108.html or domain.com/-p-6109.html and so on. The URLs worked, but google started to crawl those wrong URLs immediately which leads to the problem, that i have hundreds of entries in the Webmaster Tools under "HTML Suggestions" -> "Duplicate title tags". Those wrong URLs were present only about an hour, but remain as Duplicates since months now. OK, i know - no big deal about it, but it shouldn't be there. Scenario2: Sometimes people link with wrong URL's to the shop. For example they copy and link something shortened like domain.com/this-i[.....]ng-url-p-6108.html instead of domain.com/this-is-my-product-with-a-very-long-url-p-6108.html Both links are working, but only one URL is wanted, since the wrong one leads again to duplicate content. Scenario3: Really bad guys could try to influence your ranking by setting up bad neighbourhood links including badwords in your URL. You already know what i mean: domain.com/buy-cheap-vi*gra-at-cas*no-with-cred*t-p-6108.html I put some * in there, but it's obviousely. This is a bad scenario i wanted to mention. Those product URLs with bad words will - of course - work. Scenario4: Sometimes you alter your products name, which leads to the problem that the URL will also change unless you put the old one maually in the "Products SEO URL" field. Currently i'm just rewriting those product-URLs manually in the .htaccess-file. The script would do it automatically. Scenario5: Huge sites profit by providing short links, which would be a "goody", if the scenarios above would be solved: domain.com/-p-6109.html will always be rewritten to domain.com/fancy-product-p-6109.html Unfortunately im a dummy at php-coding and rewriting, i can do some php coding myself but the code would be really dirty and i'm not sure where to place it to prevent "header already sent" problems. What we would need shouldn't be very hard to code. Basically it only has to compare the browser URL with the corrcect URL and rewrite to the correct one, if needed. To explain in a pseudo code: //warning - pseudo - dummy-code ;) $browserURL=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; if (isset(Products_SEO_URL)) { $trueURL=products_SEO_URL; } else { $trueURL=products_url_from_cache; } if ($browserURL != $trueURL) { Code for REWRITE with 301 to $trueURL; } The problem exists on all links, most important are category and product URLs. I hope you know what i mean and would be glad if anyone would be interested in solving that issue or has his thoughts on it. Cheers
  9. ABit

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Hi Echolalia, when i got time i will try it again and let you know if i succeeded.
  10. ABit

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Well, about 160.000 users, 1 month past and still no reply :blink: :-" I dont believe, that i'm the only one using product_listing_in_columns. This is the contribution, which eliminates the standard given sort options (+ -) on the top of the row. Therefore i give it another shot. Esp. when you have 2000+ products in your shop, this is a real problem, because in many categories totally crappy products are listed first just cause they have a number or a symbol in the beginning of their name. Showing the newest first and the oldest last in combination with the dropdown menu mentioned above would be the "killerfeature" itself. Customers tend to be lazy not switching through all p_listing pages. Cmon ppl you know it! ;)
  11. ABit

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Maybe someone has initial stage for a solution? I dont want to drop in here and ask for a complete code with this feature implemented. I'm willing to try it on my own. So, what do you think? Is it possible to solve it at all and if the answer is 'yes', how generally would you start doing it?
  12. ABit

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Hi there, i'm coming over from the german osc forums. Is there a way to combine that great contribution with the ability to sort by date_added ? I already tried to combine this contribution with Sort by date added, but i miserably failed after spending the whole night with that problem. I already implemented a lot of community contributions without having a clue :D, but here my intuition ends. I guess, that the community has a demand for this additional feature. So it would be very, very apprechiated if anyone with php-mysql knowledge could solve that and add it to the contribution. Of course only if it isnt too complex. kind regards, ABit Mark