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    coupon mod with Paypal ipn mod

    I am using the ipn 1.3 module if that makes a difference.
  2. My technical skills are about a 6 on a 1-10 scale. I feel comfortable changing code as instructed but can not troubleshoot very well. So with that said I really want to add a coupon or discount option on my site. However, I have already added the Paypal IPN mod. and that says that all future changes to checkout_process.php will require php skills. my question is am I going to have a problem adding one of the discount mods. also, my head is spinning about which one will do it for me. all I want is for someone to enter a code at checkout to get say 10% off. Am I biting off more than I can chew? your opinions are appreciated. sue. www.crafterscafe.com
  3. crafterscafe

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    I figured it out. you need to change the order to put the insurance above the tax.
  4. crafterscafe

    Mulitple flat rates

    I tried this - I renamed the flat.php file flatlarge.php while keeping the original. I did this in includes/mods/ship/ and incl/lang/eng/mod/ship but I get an error message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class flat in /hsphere/local/home/smlwfara/crafterscafe.com/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/flatlarge.php on line 13 any ideas?
  5. crafterscafe

    USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping

    now that the post office is adding the larger 12.95 box is there a why to have mulitple flat rate options? also, I teach classes and students pay upfront so there is no delivery of any product. I thought that this would be an easy way to do a 0 delivery? or is there an easier way? my head is swimming at the different pickup mod's Please help.
  6. crafterscafe

    Local Delivery Charge and Free Pick Up Option

    I downloaded this file - just what I am looking for - however I didn't see a read me. Do I just upload the files?
  7. crafterscafe

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    okay - I got into the insurance module- however, when I select priorty it is forcing express at checkout?
  8. crafterscafe

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    I have followed the instructions, checked everything twice, the files are in the correct directory - but there is no option in the admin / modules. the only thing that was different was my stylesheet was in the catalog directory. Please help! Never mind - after I walked away for a minute I realized what I did!!!
  9. crafterscafe

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    I tried a different insurance mod and it didn't show up in my modules options - before I try this one is it working?
  10. I checked everything two times - followed file structure but it is not showing up as an option???