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  1. With so many post I've had a hard time finding what I'm looking for. I might not explain this right but here it goes. I"m creating an osc site for my t-shirt clothing company. I need to be able to let the customer know that a t-shirt is not in stock when he/she picks their attributes /options ie: size: xxlarge and color: brown. If I could let them know that the shirt is out of stock in that size and color that would be great. Also keep them form purchasing the that item until its in-stock again. I have link to a shop that has this ability http://www.outrange.co.uk/ I hope this is not to difficult to do. I'm a novice when it comes to coding. I only know enough to do more harm than good..... :-" Thanks, in advance for anyone who can get me going in the right direction. Nismo25