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  1. tahosport

    Recover Cart Sales

    I have Recover Cart Sales installed on my site and it works perfectly. My only issue is that the emails that are sent to the customers doesn't list the attributes with each product. However, it does list the attributes in the admin panel. How can I have the emails list the product attributes as well?
  2. This is my favorite osCommerce contribution of all time! Works like a charm! I was wondering if you could develop the admin site to be iPhone/mobile friendly, or possibly creating an iPhone App for the admin site....?
  3. Yes, it is set to text. And again, when I type the description through the admin panel it doesn't get truncated. It is only being truncated when uploaded through EP. Is there something I could have done wrong while installing EP? Also, I use a template that I got from Template Monster. Could that be causing the problem?
  4. Thank you for your response. Yes, the description fields in Excel show the entire description. I save the file as a .csv file and upload it through EP, but the descriptions are getting truncated in the database. I still can't figure out why the descriptions are getting truncated after about 220 characters...
  5. When I type a description in the Admin panel I can make the description as long as I want without any characters getting truncated. Only when I upload through EP is when my description gets truncated after about 220 characters. I looked at the description field in the database and it does not have a var limit set. What could be causing these characters to be truncated?
  6. Can someone please help me? I've searched through Google and Yahoo! for days now trying to fix this. For some reason, when I upload my products through Easy Populate the descriptions are getting truncated after about 220 characters. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Does anyone now how to fix it??
  7. Can someone please help me. I have just installed the Ultimate SEO Contribution to my site, but for some reason I can only view the first page of my product listings. When I click page 2 or 3, or when I click sort by price or by item name Ultimate SEO is dropping the extension so nothing happens.... Any help is greatly appreciated. You may view my site at www.hottesttricks.com (sensitive content).