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  1. Nice contribution! I've got the latest version installed with all the fixes and it seems to be working well through the checkout process. The checkout confirmation page shows the coupon line and totals are correct. However, in the confirmation email(s) and when displaying orders from account history, there is no reference to the coupon. You get things like: Item 1 $1.00 Item 2 $1.00 Subtotal $1.80 with no reference to the coupon amount, in this case -0.20. The amounts are correct for the order as placed but the coupon information is not shown so it doesn't appear to add up correctly. Is this situation true for all installations of this module and I need to figure out modifications to the appropriate files or is there something out of whack with my installation? I'm runnng RC2.
  2. You are not alone. Quite a few people, myself included, have had and are having trouble with payments via PayPal and lost order information. Here is some of what I know about the subject. The reason customers have to be directed out of osCommerce to pay via PayPal is that that is how PayPal wants it and set it up to work. The very nice people who contributed to the osCommerce project did not decide that for us PayPal did. The way it is suposed to work is: the cart (osCommerce) sends the customer and order info to PayPal dose its money transfer stuff then, if everything went perfectly, sends the customer back to the cart through checkout_success.php and the cart knows that the order is complete and only then records the order to the db. The problem is that lots of things can and often do go wrong between the time the customer leaves the cart and the time they are sent back and all of them result in the order not being recorded. If the payment is made then for whatever reason the customer is not returned to the cart (system failure, network problems, customer prematurely closes browser, whatever) you end up with the "payment made but no idea what the order was" problem. There are some things that can help. The first is that PayPal has a preference setting that automatically sends the customer back after a payment is made rather than waiting for the customer to activly click a button to return. Setting this preference correctly will eliminate 80% of the problems. It seems that a lot of people don't actually click that last button for whatever reason and presto "payment made but no idea what the order was." Setting the pref properly sends just them back without them having to ask for it. The PayPal module that comes with osCommerce sends summary order information to PayPal, no details. There is a contribution that uses a different PayPal interface to send detailed information to PayPal. (find the Contributions section of the ocCommerce website and search for PayPal IPN) (IPN=Instant Payment Notification, by the way) This doesn't actually fix the problem in that the order still won't be recorded in your cart if the process fails for whatever reason after payment is made but the verification email from PayPal will contain the order details, a real lifesaver! Personally I prefer the simplicity of the supplied PayPal module and am avoiding using the detailed PayPal IPN. I am attempting to modify the PayPal module's pre_process function to send me an email with order details prior to the customers' redirection to PayPal. If I work that out I'll post the code or submit it as a contribution. I think the right thing to do is rework the code to record the order prior to redirection to PayPal with a status of pending payment. Then if the Payment is received you can locate and process the order. If the payment is never made it's the same as a payment by check where the customer never sends payment. But that's a bit bigger project than I can commit to right now. :-"