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  1. Hi Olof, Thank you for your wonderful contribution. I just update the QTPro v4.5 to v4.51b then I got the error in In administration> configuration> catalog: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function qtpro_doctor_investigate_product() in /home/camocamp/public_html/catalog3/admin/categories.php on line 15 " In administration> configuration>Prod Info (QYPro)> Production Info Attribute Display Plugin/ multiple_dropdown/ edit. Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_pull_down_class_files() in /home/camocamp/public_html/catalog3/admin/configuration.php(125) : eval()'d code on line 1 Please see attached photo: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddx8dnwv_958cz3tc5db How do I fix it. Many Thanks Pam
  2. Camocamp

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, Thank you, it is working now. Thank you for your contribution. Do you have any suggestion for STS add on that would fit with the new version of HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.0.4_1_2.? See list below. Thanks Pam Contributions lists from Oscommerce STS4 Power Pack 2.2 16 Feb 2008 STS MEGA POWER PACK ++ 2.2 14 Aug 2007 STS PLUS 2.2 10 Aug 2007 tablelessCSS_osc 2.2 23 Aug 2006 sts.templatev1-hosting 2.2 30 Nov 2005 sts.template-christmas theme 2.2 23 Nov 2005 Fancy Product Info 2.2 27 Aug 2005 HTML template for the BTS 2.2 3 May 2005 Basic Template Structure v0.9 2.2 18 Apr 2005 STS-for-the-BTS 2.2 14 Apr 2005 Simple Template System (STS) 1.0 2.2 10 Mar 2005 Simple Template System Left/Right Column Infobox Wrapper 2.2 1 Jul 2004 Basic Oscommerce Template 2.2 9 Mar 2004 SEC & STS working together 2.2 27 Dec 2003
  3. Camocamp

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, Here is my headertags table in SQL. at the bottom, it has a red warning "no index defined!", please see the attached photo. This is a new version of HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.0.4_1_2. Is this correct? Thanks
  4. Camocamp

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, Jack and anyone After installing a new version of HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.0.4_1_2., my product image does not popup when click to enlarge. I check the product_info.php and it has the Javascript code in the <head> section after the headerTags code. Does anyone have the same problem.? Thanks for your help. Pam
  5. Camocamp

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, Jack I just create a new dummy store and a new database for a new version of HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.0.4_1_2.zip. I try both ways of install database and both of them have a warning "no index defined!" on the headertags and headertags_default tables.-attached photo. I also did not see a new title, "New Home Page Title," for my index page. Just a missing Oscommerce.gif logo because a osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a has no oscommerce.gif but store_logo.png. I refresh the homepage and still did see the change. Here is my dummy store. http://camocamp.com/catalog2/admin/login.php, username is "guest", password is "12345" Do you know what's wrong with it ? thanks.
  6. Camocamp

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, I just completed the install Header Tags_SEO_V3.03 for RC2 catalog and admin with no error. However, I still not getting the "New Home Page Title," for home page or index page. I refresh the page many times. I check my SQL database table on it has red warning "no index defined!" in headertags table and heaertags_default table. My website has a clickable logo and link. I refer back to the install-catalog.doc, and reinstall these 4 times to make sure I follow the instruction. I also search the Header Tags SEO forum for similar problem, and could not find an answer. I am giving up. Do you know what’s wrong? Here is my website: http://www.camocamp.com/~camocamp/catalog3/ Thanks camocamp
  7. QTpro 4.5 and U HTML emails are great!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a millon......