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    Im getting this error on /affiliate_signup.php Fatal error: Call to undefined function: affiliate_insert() Also, when I manually enter Affiliates into the database, the affiliate link codes are not generating anywhere.
  2. Im having some problems. Ive tried to follow this all step-by-step, but I'm getting errors. In my ADMIN panel, under Catalog, the link shows up as this: BOX_CATALOG_PIN_LOADER I also get this error to the right: PIN codes management 1146 - Table 'd60448873.products_pins' doesn't exist SELECT pp.products_id, p.products_quantity AS pcount, count(*) AS all_pin FROM products_pins pp, products p where pp.products_id = p.products_id GROUP BY pp.products_id [TEP STOP] Im not even sure where to start looking to find out where its bad. I dont modify my files, except for this PIN Number system.