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  1. csoren

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    And now I got this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_end_auction_invalid() in /home/csoren/www/auksjon/product_info.php on line 18 And on line 18 in this file, is says: tep_end_auction_invalid($products_auction_id); HELP?
  2. csoren

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Hi! Iæm trying to get this auction thing working, and I can't wait, because it is a fantastic addition to oscommerce. But I am having difficulties. 1146 - Table 'db102096.TABLE_AUCTIONS' doesn't exist select auctions_starting_price, expires_date, overbid_amount from TABLE_AUCTIONS where products_id = 8 and status [TEP STOP] What to do?! I do see in the phpmyadmin that a table with the name auctions does excist. but in small letters, not big... :-s HELP!?!