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  1. jeeper95

    Strange Paypal payment - did customer change amount?

    Well, contacted Paypal and they were unable or (unwilling) to provide any details as to where the payment was initiated from. I've learned enough from Google searches that it was likely a querystring hack. I haven't been too concerned about Paypal since most our payments are from credit cards, but sounds like it's wise to update to the Paypal ipn version at least. Thanks for your responses!
  2. jeeper95

    Strange Paypal payment - did customer change amount?

    Thanks for the info - was thinking along those lines too. I found this by doing a google search - how the form amount can be changed at - http://www.softcoded.com/paypal/secure_paypal_ipn.php. Will contact Paypal and see if they can dig up any details on the transaction. I will post a followup if I find out anything.
  3. Hello, I have the Paypal standard module installed for my website and have received correct payment and emails from Paypal previously. Recently, I received an email from Paypal that I have received payment of $0.02 USD, shipping included, from a buyer. The payment should have been closer to $115.00 USD. The customer account created, the verified address from Paypal, the ip address, phone number all checked out. After receiving this quirky payment I did another test purchase just to see how it went through to Paypal - the correct purchase and shipping amount was passed through on my test order. Anyone have any ideas how the purchase amount was possibly changed here?? <_<
  4. jeeper95

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    I'm trying to add Wishlist 3.5d to my website - used the 06/20/2006 version by yesudo with the rollup of contributions. I'm using the RC.1 version of MS2. Had the 1054 error and add the fixes for that. Reinstalled twice because of a table error I'm seeing on my site. When I hit the wishlist link, the layout of my site is broken. The wishlist form is shoved out to the right of my pages. At the start of this forum, I can see this was an issue, but seems to be resolved later. In searching for this issue I see a previous poster in 12/2007 also had this same issue, but the question was not answered. Every thing appears to be working ok ( with the exception of sending wishlist emails, but that's another issue )... would anyone know the fix for this? - thanks for any help!
  5. Hi! I added the Ultimate_Seo_Urls Version 21d to my website and it worked like a charm, no problems! Am getting ready to go live with my store and decided to move from the shop directory to the root. Everything seemed fine initially, but started getting a "404 page not found" when going to the categories and subcategories. Went into admin and reset the seo urls cache, and reset the categories box cache. Then the categories start working. But some of the other pages, shopping and product info pages started showing up as 404 page as I browsed further into the store. Turned off the SEO urls. and everything started working. When I turn SEO urls back on , I again have problems with categories, product pages. Now I currently have the SEO Urls off and my website is uploading fast - but I still cannot get to the categories, product pages, shopping cart- very slooooow. My account pages, about us pages all fine and load fast. A cache problem or something else? Thanks in advance for any advice!