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  1. Hi Jack, nice hearing from you again! I lost info on my computer including email addresses. Will try to keep in touch if my computer plays nice. Hope all is well with you and your's. ;)

  2. Hi Jim sorry I lost touch I hope you are okay.


  3. grandmasterjack

    Spooks Product Listing Enhancement contribution

    I have tried downloading again twice and each time I try to unzip it it tell me certain files are password protected. If I click skip it just goes to another one and says it's password protected. I have just downloaded "photo gallery contribution for oscommerce." and unziped it no problem. Jack
  4. I downloaded Spooks Product Listing Enhancement contribution but when I tried to unzip it, it said it was password protected and needed a password. Are you there Spooks and can you advise? Jack
  5. grandmasterjack

    Store title instead of item on Paypal page

    I don't understand why in the php script it says "item name' => STORE NAME"; $process_button_string = '';Is there supose to be a string in here? $parameters = array('cmd' => '_xclick', 'item_name' => STORE_NAME, I changed "STORE_NAME" to "Sale" at least it looks better. 'shipping' => $this->format_raw($order->info['shipping_cost']), 'tax' => $this->format_raw($order->info['tax']), 'business' => MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STANDARD_ID, 'amount' => $this->format_raw($order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost'] - $order->info['tax']), 'currency_code' => $currency, 'invoice' => substr($cart_PayPal_Standard_ID, strpos($cart_PayPal_Standard_ID, '-')+1), 'custom' => $customer_id, 'no_note' => '1', 'notify_url' => tep_href_link('ext/modules/payment/paypal/standard_ipn.php', '', 'SSL', false, false), 'return' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, '', 'SSL'), 'cancel_return' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, '', 'SSL'), 'bn' => 'osCommerce22_Default_ST', 'paymentaction' => ((MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_STANDARD_TRANSACTION_METHOD == 'Sale') ? 'sale' : 'authorization')); I don't claim to understand php but should this not in some way refer to the item? not the store name. Jack
  6. grandmasterjack


    It's nice to know I've been able to help. I've been trying to get my shop sorted for weeks and slowly but surely getting there. Unfortunately it's just try and error. The only thing I can't get now is the item instead of the shop name, but we will keep trying. :) Good luck, Jack
  7. grandmasterjack

    Store title instead of item on Paypal page

    I am using osComerce Mercant v2.2 RC2 and have paypals modules already installed with this. On both; Payment Modules MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_TEXT_TITLE and PayPal Website Payments Standard which are the ones I am using I get the shop name instead of item can anyone help with this. I know on some paypal modules you can change from agregate to single item in the edit but these modules don't have this. Thanks Jack Ps as you can see by my previous post I do try to work things out for myself and don't give in easy.
  8. grandmasterjack


    For anyone who has this same problem and is in the UK I have discovered what the problem was. It was as usual something very simple. In the /catalog/admin/currencies.php I had added GBP to the currencies but had put; Please make any necessary changes Title: GBP Code: UK Symbol Left: £ Symbol Right: Decimal Point: . Thousands Point: , Decimal Places: 2 Value: 1 It should have been Please make any necessary changes Title: UK pounds Code: GBP I had this as the discription so it did not work Symbol Left: Symbol Right: Decimal Point: Thousands Point: Decimal Places: Value: I hope this can helpp others. Jack
  9. I'm getting the same and I'm using GBP. Why is there no currency setting in this like there is in Paypal.php? If I find the answere I'll let you know and maybe you could do likewise. Jack
  10. grandmasterjack


    I forgot to mention I'm in the UK and currency is GBP
  11. grandmasterjack


    Hi I have been trying for weeks to get my online shop set up. I have come across various problems and even learned how to read php to a certain extent. I have searched through these forums for an answere but there doesn't seem to be one. This is the module I am using "Module_payment_paypal_ipn_text_title" and it goes through everything but on the Paypal page there is no price My Paypal page If I use "Paypal website payments standard" I get this: Paypal page I have my settings correct on paypal to take all currencies. My site is My Website Please can someone help I have tried and tried with paypal problems for weeks. I even distroyed my site which was set up on ms2.2 and loaded V2.2rc2 and started again. I am willing to learn and I am not frightened to try for myself but I am beat. If you need access to my site please let me know. Thanks for looking. Jack
  12. grandmasterjack

    Why does everything work but no Paypal page

    I just want to say thanks for trying. I have demolished the store using ms2.2 and restarted with 2-rc2.2. Jack
  13. Hi, I am new to this. I was using ms2.2 for my shop which I am in the process of starting but could not get paypal to work. I tried for about 4 weeks. I decided to give up with ms2.2 and start again. I uploaded osComerse_2.2rc2 and hey presto Paypal is working. The problem is i am only using GBP as my currency and when I get to the paypal page using live it says; This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USD. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency. Please can someone tell me where and how I can change this, when I was using ms2.2 I could set the currency in the php file but I can't find it on 2.2rc2. Also on ms2.2 I could change agregate to single items but again I can't find where to change this in 2.2rc2. The paypal page only shows the site name as item but does show the price. Thanks Jack. PS if you wish to take a look at the site it's; Visit My Website weeshoppie.com
  14. grandmasterjack

    Why does everything work but no Paypal page

    Hi I know you guys are busy people but this is supposed to be a help forum. I have put a total of three questions on here and not had answeres to any of them. I have went through all previous questions on here trying to find an answere for my problem but there are no similar questions to mine. Please I need your help, if you can't help but know where or whom I should ask please tell me. You may now say "stuff him cheeky sod" let him find his own answeres. Please I have been trying for weeks to figure this out. Thanks Jack
  15. grandmasterjack

    Why does everything work but no Paypal page

    please take a look you can even register, try to buy and you'll see what I mean