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    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Hey everyone, First off, thanks to all who are working on this fabulous contibution, it's exactly what we need when you sell 1`of a kind products!! :) But I really need some help here, cause I've installed it twice and still have the same problem. My admin is fine, I can list auctions and and find "Auction Listings" under Configuration. BUT: When I finnish the installation my catalog side goes blank. :( I suppose it would have something to do with either my database connection settings or other configure.php settings in catalog?? I've tried every to my knowledge imaginable setting, but still a blank catalog. :( I'm still quite new to osc sooo, I could most certainly use a hand here... What am I doing wrong? Could someone pls help me out? PRETTY PLS? I really want this contribution in my shop, I mean I want it BAD! :D I'm running Osc version 2.2-MS2, PHP version 4.4.7 and MSQL 4.1.21 (checked with server info in admin). I don't have a lot of other contributions running in the shop that might conflict with this one... Oh and my site is not in the root, so perhaps have to change that configure.php??? So many questions..... :rolleyes: