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  1. random183

    Admin Store Summary

    Thats great thanks. would $month = date("m-1"); work? IE So you had a rolling "Last Month" query. Cheers Mat
  2. random183

    Admin Store Summary

    Thanks for that, very useful, it's the SQL Queries I always have problems with! This seems to be returning averything for one month behind the date it is, so for example today it would do data from 17th March to 17th April? I was trying to set it so it would do figures for March I'm probably asking too much for it to do this though.. Mat
  3. random183

    Admin Store Summary

    Anyone have any idea on this? Would be really handy to know! Thanks Mat
  4. random183

    Admin Store Summary

    Finally found the support thread for this! I'm trying to add a few extra stats onto this, suce as previous months amount in the total sales, that kind of thing. So Essentially I think I need to tweak this code to make a new variable for "last Months Sales" for example. $sales_query_raw = "select ot.value from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " o, " . TABLE_ORDERS_TOTAL . " ot where o.orders_id = ot.orders_id and ot.class = 'ot_subtotal' and o.date_purchased >= '" . date("Y-m") . "-01' and o.date_purchased <= '" . date("Y-m") . "-31' "; $sales_query = tep_db_query($sales_query_raw); while ($sales = tep_db_fetch_array($sales_query)) { $monthlyTotal = $monthlyTotal + $sales['value']; } Or More specifically this bit.. and o.date_purchased >= '" . date("Y-m") . "-01' and o.date_purchased <= '" . date("Y-m") . "-31' I've tried loads of different permutations, and just can't get it to do last month! (Or Last year for that matter!) Does anyone who actually knows how SQL Queries work got any ideas? Cheers Mat
  5. Hi, I've been using this contribution for quite a while now and have to say it's one of the most useful I've added. However, one little question / query / request... Is it possible to have a quantity for certain attributes? For example I want to sell shoes. So I would like to have Style - Black Shoe Size 5 - Quantity 25 Size 6 - Quantity 15 Size 7 - Quantity 5 Ideally this would be handled the same way as the standard quantity calculations in Oscommerce. As I see it at the momnet, I need to creat a different item for each size of each type of shoe, which will be messy if nothing else! I've had a good hunt around and there are a couple of additional contributions, but if it could be integrated into this one, then that would be the best solution, plus I don't know if the other contributions will "play well" with this one. Hopefully somebody else has had a similr requirement and can point me in the right direction... Cheers Mat
  6. random183

    I need a box!

    How about this? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2293 Optional Related Products 1.0 for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 Manage relationships between your products to help customers find related products. Quick install, easy to use, helpful to your customers. I've installed it and it works fine !
  7. random183

    Can't quite figure out this PayPal thing...

    I don't see that PayPal would have much say in my website? If I wanted to modify the module to take customers to a different part of their website is this such a bad thing? As far as I'm concerned, Ease of use comes first, PayPal maybe getting a new customer is a very minor secondary feature in my mind. At the end of the day I'm their customer they are getting the money off me, surely I should be able to use their site to suit me? Is there any issues with modifying the Payment modules in a legal sense, or in a PayPal will kill your account if you do sense? Yup, Capital letters saying CREDIT CARDS NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT NEEDED, and a help page with huge arrows pointing at the pathetically small link at the bottom of the page.
  8. I'm currently using the PayPal Website Payments Standard Payment module, which seems to be causing all kinds of problems. It's working, but is such a faff for the customers to use. If they just want to pay with a Credit Card they need to find a tiny link at the bottom of the page and click there. We're getting loads of customers who just bail out when they hit the PayPal screen and never pay, leaving Filled carts up in the air without a payment! I'm convinced it's because of this. Is there a Module that just takes you to the second screen? (IE the one that appears once you've found the tiny link?) Ideally as a separate Module where I could then offer PayPal, (Via the existing link), or Credit/Debit Cards using the alternative module with the more user friendly link.. Any thoughts, suggestions anyone? Cheers Mat
  9. random183

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    Shame! One of my customers who really doesn't want to be going "under the bonnet" of the shop (as they put it), keeps running out of hard drive space on their hosting, and it's always the auto backup thats caused it. Once a shop is running well, you really only need to keep the database for product/customer information, can't really think of anything else that's likely to change much after the shops development phase... It would be really useful to have a "Delete Backups after XX days", any chance you could be persuaded to have a re-think about this? Cheers Mat
  10. Nice one Scott, great stuff, fixed the problem perfectly. Cheers Mat
  11. Hi, Great contribution, I can see this being very useful as the data builds up! One minor issue though, on the report "Last 10 Site visitors" the button "Next Ten Results" at the bottom does'nt work! No errors or anything, just does'nt do anything! I've had a good look through the firum, but can't find anything, and seing as it's on a new page I doubt it's anything to do with my install... (Though happy to be proved wrong!) Any ideas? Cheers Mat
  12. random183

    Custom Product Builder

    Hi, Great idea with the transparent gifs, I was thinking of a selection of jpgs all put together carefully to create the final item, but I like your idea better! One thought about this is that some of the product images might look a bit odd if there has to be a bit of spacing to allow everything to slot together, what might work is to have 2 pics per item, one for the main pic, and one for the "print preview"pic? I've copied and pasted the currency settings for the store below, so you can see how it's formatted. Title: UK Pound Code: GBP Symbol Left: £ Symbol Right: Decimal Point: . Thousands Point: . Decimal Places: 2 Last Updated: 02/16/2008 Value: 1.00000000 Example Output: £30.00 = £30.00 Taking the decimal point out of the thousands setting has fixed the error, though technically this is a bit of a "fix" rather than repair the issue? Cheers Mat
  13. random183

    Custom Product Builder

    Hi. Great update, love the new features, I like being able to have the created product hidden from other customers, it was a feature I was going to request! I've installed the upgrade, all went well, nice and easy however unfortunately the prices are still a bit out! I've attached an image below to show what happens, as it's probably much easier As you can see the total is still wrong, but this time it's just a decimal place in the wrong place! This error also happens on the print preview. Once the item is added to the cart the price is correct again! Also, a little request for a little help, as you can see I have pics for each part of the dress, (these are just temporary ones!) How hard would it be to combine all the separate parts into one big picture to give an overall impression of the finished article in the "print preview" page? I'm not asking for you to write this! Just a few pointers!!! Thanks Mat
  14. random183

    Prize Draw Competition help

    Hi. I have to admit I'm no expert in this, i just got to know this contribution because it cost me a bit of time to get it working :) You do have a competition setup? Otherwise it could be many different things... 1st stage would be to check each modification you did to make sure they're right. In the past I've found a simple missing character in a language file can cause this error for example. Another thing to check is your database to make sure the additions went in there properly. I wouldn't think it's your server, if it can host osCommerce it can do the extra bit for the competitions.. Mat
  15. random183

    Prize Draw Competition help

    It's in catalog\includes\languages\english\competition.php around line 21 Mat