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  1. roback

    Simple Price Break Contribution

    All, I have installed this addon and so far it works great functionally. I made a couple adjustments per this thread and all seems to work well. My problem is cosmetic and I am having a heck of a time getting this to blend into my site. I currently only have it on my test server, so can't show a live copy of it but maybe some insight into the whole infoBox call/function for styling. My templated cart has the info boxes styled for the left column, but I am trying to place this in my content area and format it nice and neatly, but could not. Could somebody help me to format this a little better? Is there maybe a way, with some help, for me to copy the default infoBox fucntions to say infoBox4 and modify what I need to (though would need help with this.) (Doesn't have to infoBox, could be contentBox all the same... at least from what I gather?) Any help?
  2. roback

    Modify Currency prior to passing to 2CO

    got it.. didn't see the addons on the left... searched for it on the addon directory and found it... Will demo and let you know if it works for what I need. thanks
  3. roback

    Modify Currency prior to passing to 2CO

    am I missing something? Is it named something else? Search: -- All Categories --Credit ModulesFeaturesImagesInfoBoxesLanguagesOrder Total ModulesPayment ModulesReportsShipping ModulesTemplates and ThemesZonesOther << Page 1 of 1 >> Package Title Target Last Update SEO Assistant 2.2 25 Aug 2009 All Products v3.0 MS 2.2 with Images 2.2 30 Jun 2009 Dynamic SiteMap V 1.0 2.2 22 Jun 2009 Dangling Carrot 2.2 16 Apr 2009 Shipping Surcharge 2.2 24 Mar 2009 Google Position 2.2 29 Dec 2008 Site Search 2.2 14 Nov 2008 Header Tags Controller 2.2 9 Apr 2008 PostIt V 1.0 2.2 2 Dec 2007 Links Manager For OSC v0.20 2.2 5 Jul 2007 Shadow Controller 2.2 21 Sep 2006 RSS News 2.2 10 Sep 2006 Easy Menu Maker V 1.0 2.2 1 Feb 2005 Category Count 2.2 6 Jan 2005 PageMaker 2.2 9 Nov 2004 FormController 2.2 3 Nov 2004 Customer Login 2.2 12 Aug 2004 EmailEncoder 2.2 5 Apr 2004 Total: 18 packages << Page 1 of 1 >> Is there no way to do this with a simple calculation prior to the order total variable being passed?
  4. roback

    Modify Currency prior to passing to 2CO

    The link to your add ons does not work? And a search in the contribs area brings nothing for Jack York? EDITED: Never mind... was my net.... duh! but on the list I don't see anything for 2nd Currency?? Am i missing something?
  5. I am operating a site in Belize with prices in Belize Dollars. I am trying to set up 2CO as it is one of few options available for online CC transactions in Belize. The small problem I am encountering is that my prices are in Belize Dollars and 2CO only functions in USD (well that is the easiest closest option for us as 2 BZD = 1 USD fixed exchange). So I need help figuring a way to convert from Belize Dollars to US dollars before passing values to 2CO only if 2CO is selected as payment option. Not sure either, but probably a way to convert back to BZD once the 2CO portion is complete and passed back to our site. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob
  6. Okay, I set the EP_EXTRA_FIELDS_SUPPORT to true: Per admin side column: "Extra Fields: true" Now I have read and reread the installation instructions pertaining to Extra Fields bit and I am still a bit unclear. I have created the following file as an example: v_products_model,v_products_extra_fields_name,v_products_extra_fields_id,v_produ cts_extra_fields_value,EOREOR 123,Size,6,17.5,EOREOR 123,U.O.M,7,oz,EOREOR 123,Distributors,1,Brodies,EOREOR This so I can view and change the size, UOM and Distributor of the product model 123. Now I am unclear on where I upload this to and how it exactly interacts with the EP interface for import and export of extra fields. 1) Do I just upload this into the same EP upload field I would a normal EP upload? 2) Do I have to create this raw file every time I want to upload or change any of these things? 3) Does uploading this file one time allow me to export and manage these fields on future exports and imports? Thanks for the help. Rob
  7. i realize the two contributions are separate, but they do overlap. I now understand that where my data is stored does not help the process as only products and products_description tables are used. So my next question is what can I do to include other tables and the data within them? Is there a way to include them? Rob
  8. Okay, so I looked in PHPmyAdmin to find where product_size and product_uom are located. They are declared in the table: products_extra_fields, where product_extra_fields_id is the unique index for the various extra fields. Then the values for this are stored in: products_to_products_extra_fields table where they ref the product_extra_fields_id. So for example size and uom are declared in products_extra_fields with product_extra_fields_id of 6 and 7 respectively. Then in table products_to_products_extra_fields is has products_id, product_extra_field_id (6 and 7 mentioned earlier) and product_extra_field_value where the values are stored. Now, All of that has my head spinning when I go through the instructions and get to this point: // BEGIN Define Custom Fields for your products database The instructions indicate that only works in tables products and products_description. Now I have ammended this and I am going to guess that this does nothing but create these as options to click on the export. $custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION] = array('product_size' => 'Products Size', 'product_uom' => 'U.O.M.' ); So at that point I am lost. the instructions are leading me to believe that I cannot access that table and subsequently its date. So... please help... :-)
  9. Okay not sure about the first one - add custom fields to the products table custom fields settings in EP? (Is this an oversight by me on the installation instructions?) The fields are in the database yes. Not in the products table, but another one for extra fields (This was the Extra Fields Contrib). Both of these show up in EP export check box in admin. Thanks Rob
  10. Here are the full specs of my EP load: Settings & Info EP vers: 2.76h-MS2 osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a OS: Linux HTTP: Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8i DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ DB: MySQL 5.1.30 PHP: 5.2.9 (Zend: 2.2.0) Temp Directory: /home/spogbz/public_html/temp/ Temp Dir is Writable Magic Quotes is: off register_globals is: on Split files on: 3000 records Model Num Size: 12 Price with tax: false Calc Precision: 2 Replace quotes: false Field seperator: comma Excel safe output: true Preserve tab/cr/lf: false Category depth: 4 Enable attributes: false SEF Froogle URLS: false More Pics: false Unknown Pics: false HTC: false SPPC: false Extra Fields: false Now again, I get the posted error when trying to upload and the only thing I can think of is that it doesn't like the product_size custom field. Any help?
  11. Okay, I got the model number issue sorted, but now when I try to upload, it produces this error: File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpOnaAkw User filename: BABY revised 09-aug-01.csv Size: 6961 | 188 | Active | LAVENDER L | | | | 10.99 | Gerber Updated 1054 - Unknown column 'product_size' in 'field list' UPDATE products_description SET products_name='LAVENDER LOTION', products_description='', product_size = '',product_uom = '', products_url='' WHERE products_id = '188' AND language_id = '1' LIMIT 1 [TEP STOP] It would appear that it doesn't like product size? This is an extra field that we added same with product uom. Any ideas?
  12. All, could you please look at this thread here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=341992 I am trying to insert unique values into my product_model column so that EP will work properly. Is there a SQL query that I could use to do this quickly? Also, why does EP NOT extract the product ID number? You would think, since that is the unique value, it would be the one used to check products on import instead of the product_model. Seems like an oversight to me? Any ideas about this?
  13. roback

    [Contribution] - Search Box Anywhere

    GETTING AN ERROR INSTEAD OF SEARCH RESULTS. I have installed this contrib (an apparently easy process) on my site, www.spog.bz, but when I submit a search I get the following error: 1066 - Not unique table/alias: 'pd' select count(distinct p.products_id) as total from (products p left join products_to_products_extra_fields p2pef on p.products_id=p2pef.products_id) left join manufacturers m on m.manufacturers_id=p.manufacturers_id, products_description pd left join specials s on p.products_id = s.products_id, categories c, products_to_categories p2c, products_description pd, categories c, products_to_categories p2c where p.products_status = '1' and p.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.language_id = '1' and p.products_id = p2c.products_id and p2c.categories_id = c.categories_id and ((pd.products_name like '%huggies%' or p.products_model like '%huggies%' or m.manufacturers_name like '%huggies%' or p2pef.products_extra_fields_value like '%huggies%' or pd.products_description like '%huggies%') ) [TEP STOP] Now I don't know enough about PHP and MySQL to decipher this. My guess is that there is something it is looking for that it is not finding in the DB. however I am oblivious to how to determine what or where (aside from something 'pd') and how to fix it. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob SIDE NOTE... It appears I am getting this error on any search submission, not just from this contribution. Any ideas?
  14. roback

    Exporting Orders

    All, I have just installed the export orders to CSV contribution and though it works fine it does not provide the data in a very useful manner for my needs, nor does it grab some critical database info that I require (info added through the Extra Fields contribution). So my first question is: Is there another contribution out there that allows you to export all orders in a more organized and consolidated format? (Maybe select the fields you want to export) And if not is there any way to automate the organization of the CSV file into a format that does suit my needs? Thanks for the help. rob
  15. I am trying to implement the handling fee contribution (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1190) and the instructions are fairly simple, but when I install and configure in the admin, it does not display on the public end. I am not sure if this is due to the template I have used or if this is something else, but is there a way for me to go in and add the bit of code so this does display? Any help would be good thanks.