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  1. @mr_absinthe OK, glad you could finally test with PEAR and found that works, helps me to track the issue. Not sure the link you gave is of any relevence, as you found, once PEAR is properly set up ,it works. Try this change in mail_backups.php replace (98): $data = @fread($fp,filesize(DIR_FS_BACKUP . $filename)); with: $data = ''; while (!feof($fp)) $data .= @fread($fp, 1024);
  2. I have done a re-write, I'll release fairly soon, no-doubt before osC 2.4 is out, which it will also work with.
  3. You might have more luck with which can do want you want and more plus is a very easy install.
  4. @@Komal See my reply in the other thread you posted. Please don't create duplicate posts on a single issue. :blink:
  5. @@Brainbug125 I could add a comment option on mailing backups, I don't think its wise to add a comment to the backup file, I recall Jan saying he did that but it caused an issue. Though auto-backup does add a summary comment, but the backup code in that is different to this (I did a complete re-write from the original) The other way would be to create additional log files.
  6. I see there have been many updates, have you applied them.
  7. if your needing to refer to content in a parent dir, just place ../ at the head of the url, don't use absolute links, ie ../image/image.jpg
  8. 1st you have a serious problem with the menu's (header and footer) the links are not formatted correctly & can cause loss of cart/login etc I would suspect you add-to cart problem is an attributes issue, if a product has attributes and the attributes array is not correctly formated then the cart addition is rejected. Try removing all attributes from a product then adding that.
  9. It exists, don't remember what its called though
  10. Please be specific when you ask, it saves going back and forth. Have you set Remove all non-alphanumeric characters to false so it wont ignore your - ? Have you looked at using a separate style sheet for SSL pages, that's the usual way.
  11. Look at Paypal Website Payments Pro but check out the documentation for all the options and also if you will be required to pass PCI DSS
  12. Upgrade from paypal express
  13. Short words are not useful for SEO, hence removal, I would not reduce that setting below 2. Setting to 0 may cause other issues too. I'm not clear on your 2nd, other than to say do not use absolute paths for inter-site links.
  14. @@dakota259 I`ve now tested this and cannot reproduce. Could you say what does happen & have you tried clearing the browser cache?
  15. Did you advise them how insecure that is? In some places you could be considered liable if you don't.