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  1. requiem_shark

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Didn't check through 11 pages worth of content but easist way to list your eBay auctions on your own site is with their Merchant Kit. You cannot get rid of the eBay banner but you can customize the fields you want to display and get it as narrow as ~ 126px wide. There's also the Editor Kit which offers a bit more customization. That one is basically for people who want to get referral sales off their website but it has all functionality of Merchant Kit and then some.
  2. requiem_shark

    breadcrumbs for non osC pages

    *bump* b/c inquiring minds want to know :tellme:
  3. requiem_shark

    [Contribution] Offer Price v1.2

    Excellent! I was planning on doing something like this myself but obviously you've beat me to it. Thanks :D
  4. requiem_shark

    Big Images Contribution V1.23a

    open categories.php in your text editor. the version is stamped in the header section.