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  1. Hi Kellie..


    That particular module version actually overrides the PayPal address with the address the customer has entered in their store account however this is only possible if the customer has logged on before initiating the Express Checkout flow.


    From v3.0 of the module, the customers shipping address is passed to PayPal (if they have logged on previously) however the customer can override this with an address from their PayPal account.


    Kind regards,

  2. You don't need to enter the IPN url in your PayPal account settings - a url is already passed to PayPal with the transaction which PayPal uses to send the IPN to.


    The only settings you need to verify in your PayPal account is have Payment Data Transfer disabled and the language encoding set to your store encoding (by default UTF-8).


    PayPal Profile -> Selling Preferences -> Website Payment Preferences -> Payment Data Transfer -> Off

    PayPal Profile -> Selling Preferences -> Language Encoding -> More Options -> UTF-8


    The Test API Server Connection link should also be used to confirm if your server can verify PayPal's SSL certificate when transactions are performed. If the test fails, set the Verify SSL Certificate module parameter to false and inform your hosting provider that you would like your web server environment updated to work with the SSL Certificate verification enabled.

  3. As this can't be reproduced in a clean installation it means either an add-on or missing update (I presume your stores have been upgraded) is causing the problem.


    Comparing the following functions and classes from a clean installation may help:






  4. The PAYMENTREQUEST_0_ITEMAMT value is taken directly from $order->info['subtotal'] (line 814 in ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php), so you might have an add-on installed that is manipulating the core value.


    Or it might be an extra order total module - this is also added to the item amount on lines 816-825.

  5. Actually, the demo site would produce the same result as it is currently running from a private branch.


    I will setup a clean v2.3.4 installation with your prices and tax setting to see if I can reproduce it there. It would be great if you could do the same too so we can compare our results.

  6. This is what I am getting without any code changes:

















    I'll set something similar up on the demo site for further testing.

  7. The total values are also included in the parameter debug email. If you add them up you will see where the difference is coming from.


    L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_AMTx - add these up, this should equal PAYMENTREQUEST_0_ITEMAMT.



  8. This issue has been fixed. The reason why the customer was redirected to the shopping cart page was due to the transaction not being able to be verified. The Seller E-Mail Address module parameter was filled in with the store owners PayPal e-mail address however that address was not the primary PayPal account e-mail address. Entering the primary e-mail address into the Primary E-Mail Address module parameter allowed the transactions to be verified successfully.