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  1. The first App update has been pushed out! To force an online update check, visit the App Info/Help page - a green notification should then appear where the upgrade process can be started.


    Online updates requires the PHP Zip extension to be installed, otherwise a manual update is necessary. The page it takes you to for a manual update is not correct - please use the link posted in the first posting to download the latest zip file.


    After the automatic online update has been performed, the results are stored in:




    As Apps are only allowed to update their own files, showing a list of modified files beforehand is not presented.


    Looking forward to the feedback regarding online updates!

  2. @@multimixer - thanks for the feedback!


    On the log page, in column customer, it say "guest", not sure who the "customer" is and who the "guest" was?


    The log details may look a bit scary, not sue what a normal shop owner should do with this information?


    "Guest" is shown when PayPal API calls have been performed for customers who have not signed in yet (eg, initiating PayPal Express Checkout), for IPN calls, or when the store administrator performs a transaction on an order (eg, capture an authorized sale, refund, ..). Administrative tasks could show the administrator who has performed it - will look into it.


    Do you think the default logging configuration parameter should be disabled or set to log only errors? (instead of logging all transactions by default)



    Back on the configure page and having "payments standard" enabled, the screen require the various keys and certificates. I'm not sure if they could be "retrieved" same as credentials, but here it need a "help" link either to a paypal site or to osCommerce help site to explain how and what to do


    It is unfortunately not possible to automate that :( It is briefly documented in the documentation which will be worked on. (screencasts are also being worked on)



    Will do around tomorrow again while waiting for the upgrade and curious about how I'll know about?


    An online version check is performed once every 24 hours when viewing the App, and a check is always performed when viewing the Info/Help page. A notification will appear on every App page if an update is available.


    I will look into an admin dashboard module to also notify when an update is available.

  3. Hi All..


    The changelog for the first online update includes:



    PayPal Payments Standard


    Orders are now processed through the IPN if the IPN is received before the customer returns back to the store. This involves deducting stock levels if stock level management is enabled and emailing the customer their order confirmation email. The order is not processed a second time if the customer returns back to the store after the IPN is received or if the IPN is delayed and arrives after the customer has returned back to the store.


    This will be pushed out this week with some other improvements.

  4. The PAYPAL setup is very confused but next two pages helped for a non-skilled user like me.


    Try setting your store country to US or UK then go to the PayPal -> Credentials page. There new onboarding buttons will appear to log into or create live/sandbox accounts. Try it out with a new sandbox account but be sure to select US or UK as the account country too.

  5. Both transaction entries should definitely show.


    PayPal IPN Verified = An IPN has been received and the transaction has been verified with the order.

    PayPal Verified = The customer has returned back to the store and the transaction has been verified with the order.


    PayPal Payments Standard sends parameters to and receives parameters from PayPal which the customer can modify. This is the way Payments Standard works and we strictly verify all transactions to make sure they are valid. It's best to actually use the encrypted website payments settings in the module as described here:




    If neither transaction is logged, that means a valid IPN was not received (or none was received at all), or that the customer did not return back to the store.

  6. The stock deduction in the IPN call is being looked into for the next PayPal module update.


    The temporary "Preparing" orders are necessary to keep track of the order information. These can be safely deleted when you know the customer is not going to finalize the order. If you wish to avoid this altogether, try replacing the PayPal Payments Standard module with PayPal Express Checkout.

  7. Here's what happens when the App is opened the first time on the Administration Tool -> it migrates the configuration parameters of the older bundled PayPal modules to the new App configuration. Although the modules are now configured through the App, the sorting of the modules are still performed on the Admin -> Modules -> Payment page for consistency with other modules that are installed.


    The new On-Boarding feature is a first for a self-hosted solution. PayPal have given us permission to include this in the App. This allows us to forward you to a PayPal account creation page on PayPal's servers and to retrieve your API credentials for you. This also works with existing accounts as PayPal will detect this and request you to log into your account.


    The privacy page documents what is happening behind the scenes.


    Feel free to test with as many new or existing sandbox accounts :)

  8. That is the normal behaviour of the module as it tries to finalize the payment at PayPal during the Express Checkout flow. If the customer goes through with the sale, when automatically returning back to the store, the store will detect that a different total has been calculated and the customer is presented the checkout confirmation page which they must confirm to finalize the sale.


    This will be confusing for the customer as the last PayPal button presented is "Pay Now" (to try and finalize the order here). This works wonderfully if Instant Update is enabled and is working on your server (eg, it requires a HTTPS/SSL certificate).


    The next update to the module changes the behaviour to finalize the order when returning back to the store (the last PayPal button shown is "Continue", not "Pay Now"). This allows the customer to review their order on the stores checkout confirmation page to finalize.


    Here is more information regarding the change of behaviour: