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  1. @@LDeeJay for some reason the error string is not being recorded in the update log file properly.


    Could you try downloading v4.027 and overwriting the files from the full app download package to your store installation?




    You can then force an online version check on the Info/Help page to test out the online update feature to update your App to v4.039.

  2. Below, replaces my actual IP address.

  - - [08/Dec/2014:17:38:56 -0800] "POST /catalog/checkout_process.php HTTP/1.1" 302 - "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Iron/35.0.1900.0 Chrome/35.0.1900.0 Safari/537.36"

    Is there only 1 such entry for checkout_process.php in your log file or are there perhaps two occurring at the same time or within 1 second of each other?

  3. If you'd like I can try to get PP Express installed in the shop with PayPal App and see what happens.

    I really don't know what the cause of that problem could be. If you can get that behaviour to show with a sandbox account, could you email me the paypal account username and password and I'll look into it.

  4. After having an issue with the (standard) version that came with the installation of 2.3.4 (of an order with more than 100 items, only the first 99 are sent to Paypal, only paying the first 99 lines and giving a discrepancy between ordered and paid) I searched for a solution and came across this update.

    This will be looked into in a future update of the App.


    Initial installation of 4.0 goes without a problem but then I get the message that there are 2 updates available (4.016 and 4.027). After trying to  apply the update, I get an error:


    Error: Could not apply v4.016!


    Could not start the procedure to apply the update. Please try again.


    The log shows no entries at all. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    So it downloads the update package successfully but stops when it tries to apply the update? Can you provide more information of your webserver such as operating system, PHP version, and your browser?


    If no log file is created in catalog/includes/apps/paypal/work/ is anything reported to the browser via its developer tools javascript console?

  5. The string of "Cancel and return to (shop name) totals 45 characters.  I tried putting the shop name in the email address which caused an error message when going through the checkout.  PayPal said there was an error in the sellers address. So FYI on that.

    I was referring to your actual PayPal account settings at PayPal, not the PayPal App configuration parameters :)


    Try looking around PayPal -> Profile Settings -> Business Information -> Business Name


    The default value for the button title is:


    Back to STORE_NAME
    That's for the last button shown after payment at PayPal has been made.


    The "Cancel and return to" link title is not configurable and uses your PayPal Account Profile settings.

  6. Anyway, I ran a transaction test up to the point of payment over on PayPal.  All was good from what I saw.  One thing I noticed was to back out, PayPal was giving the statement:


    Return to (then my PP email address)


    I mention this as in another shop I have PP express installed and if I recall correctly, at the payment page it says something like 


    Return to (Shop Name)

    The maximum length of the return to store button title is 60 characters (which includes the "Return to" string and the store name). If the whole string is longer than 60 characters, the default PayPal button title is used which is generated from your PayPal account settings. You should be able to change the e-mail address to your business name in your PayPal account settings.


    Question, heretofore I was using one PP account to accept payments from more than one store.  To do this I had to set up code in PP standard that would generate a unique order ID so there would not be an error from PayPal.


    Now with the PP app, how would this affect things to two shop scenario.   Meaning I'd still want to have my one PP business account handle/receive from both OSC shop 1 and OSC shop 2.

    With the online update feature it is not recommended to edit any of the App files otherwise they may be overwritten the next time an online update is performed. A manual update is possible if custom code changes need to be applied.


    The following options are possible:


    1) Increase the MySQL auto increment value for the orders table (PayPal allows a maximum 127 characters to be used for the invoice), or

    2) Allow the invoice number sent to PayPal to be prefixed


    Option 2 seems to be the best solution and will look into it.


    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Mobile works too.  However, on customer side, I delayed returning to the site until I saw the IPN land and stock update.  Once I saw those two things, I clicked the "return to site".  But because the purchased item had only been a quantity 1, and IPN set it to 0, I was returned to the cart with the "stocking inventory is lower than your desired quantity" message, rather than checkout success.

    Great catch! Will look into this tomorrow.

  8. @@Supertex I just noticed your updated post. You're using jQuery 1.4.2 which a jQuery function is not available to. I will add in some code to detect this to prevent the error happening to someone else.


    Until you update your jQuery version you won't be able to apply online updates automatically :( Would you be able to update your jQuery version to at least 1.5? You could use a newer jQuery version for your admin side and keep 1.4.2 for your catalog side.

  9. @@Supertex, the button link is loaded through javascript which is why no url is showing for the button. Could you see if any javascript errors are being reported in your browser?


    Chrome: More Tools -> Javascript Console

    Internet Explorer: Developer Tools -> Console


    An error could be shown when first clicking on the Apply Update button.

  10. Herald,  what's your thoughts on putting this on a live shop for "testing" purposes at this point?  It would be a 2.3.4 shop I'd use.

    Go ahead :thumbsup: The testing phase was primarily for the migration of module parameter values, automatic retrieval of API Credentials, and the online update feature.


    The App will be pushed out publicly in the coming days, which you'll be able to update to.


    It would be great if you could post your thoughts and feedback about the App here :)

  11. v4.027 has been pushed out with Payments Standard PDT support and admin order transactions for Payments Standard and Hosted Solution.


    This release also introduces a new known issue where refunds are not working for orders paid with Payments Standard and will be looked into.