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  1. The problem Henry experienced has been solved.


    If the PayPal Seller account has a API Certificate already set up, the API Signature cannot be used as the API Certificate already exists (PayPal only allows either a API Signature or API Certificate to be used). Removing the API Certificate from the PayPal account allows the Retrieve Credentials procedure in the osCommerce PayPal App to work and retrieve the API Credentials.


    It's not necessary to create the API Signature at PayPal, the Retrieve Credentials procedure will automatically do this for you.

  2. Testing specific error cases can be performed by enabling Negative Testing on your sandbox seller account. This can be enabled at the PayPal Developer site, select Profile on your sandbox seller account, and Negative Testing can be found in the Settings tab.


    In your store installation, select a test product and change the price to one of the following error codes:




    eg, error code 10485 has a product price of 104.85, error code 10486 has a product price of 104.86. This needs to be the total price so disable extra tax and shipping costs.


    All error codes I have tested return the customer back to the shopping cart page. If error 10486 is tested, the customer is redirected back to PayPal so they can select another funding source.

  3. Enable Express Checkout and Direct Payment on a live account. Confirm that both options are present and working. Then disable Express Checkout. This results in both modules being disabled and no checkout payment methods found. I have been unable to reproduce this on a sandbox account.


    It is normal behaviour for both modules to be deactivated if the EC module is disabled. Here is a note shown when first enabling the DP module:



    Please note: Direct Payment is not a stand-alone product - you are required to enable and use Express Checkout together with Direct Payment.


    A similar note should be shown on the DP configuration page if EC is disabled however none is shown - I'm looking into this. A note is shown on the legacy Modules -> Payment Modules -> PayPal DP page, however it should also be shown on the App module configuration page.



    With both modules enabled and correctly set up as in #1, a customer selects Express Checkout and tries to pay with their Paypal account. If Paypal declines the payment, the customer is dropped back on the Checkout Confirmation page with no easy way to select another payment method. This case should probably return the customer to the Checkout Payment page or the Shopping Cart page (with the error message so they know why).


    How are you getting PayPal to decline the EC payment? Cancelling the payment during EC should return the customer back to their shopping cart page.

  4. Edit: I have found where to enable TLS 1.2 on my shared web hosting. I just need to know if my current osCommerce will still work on June 30th if I do not have the time to upgrade to osCommerce 2.4.0 of if the modules I need force me to stick with 2.3.4 because of 2.4.0 incompatibility.


    A parameter to use the default cURL SSL version or force TLS 1.2 connections was added in v5.010. It's also possible to perform a test connection to make sure the parameter is set correctly.


    More information is available here:



  5. @f@bs add the following code to catalog/includes/functions/compatibility.php and catalog/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php:



    // log errors
      if (is_dir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work') && is_writable(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work')) {
        if (!is_dir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work/error_logs')) {
          mkdir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work/error_logs', 0777, true);
        if (is_dir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work/error_logs') && is_writable(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work/error_logs')) {
          ini_set('log_errors', true);
          ini_set('error_log', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/work/error_logs/errors-' . date('Ymd') . '.txt');


    Errors will then be logged to the catalog/includes/work/error_logs/ directory.


    We need an error message here to help you out further.

  6. Hi Fabrice..


    Hi, in the Paypal App 5.0.10 version documentation, it is said that the module is for osCommerce 2.3.5.

    I guess this is the osCommerce BS right?

    Just to be sure.


    The v2.3.5 release is based on v2.3.4 (not BS). The BS is a separate community release series.


    v2.3.5 is based on the previous v2.3 release series. The BS release series is incompatible to v2.3.x and will merge to v2.4 when the production ready release is pushed out.

  7. @@inra311 what is the order status when the customer lands on the checkout success page? This order status should have the "Downloads Status" flag enabled otherwise the download links will not show. This is set in the Admin -> Localization -> Orders Status page.

  8. Hi Matt..


    Do you have a change log or a link to the changes on git for this latest update so that I know what will be needed to manually update again?


    Sure do :) 


    v4.039 to v5.000



    v5.000 to v5.001



    v5.001 to v5.010



    You can combine version numbers in the url, eg


    v5.000 to v5.010


  9. ​Hi Mike..


    So I interpret this to mean if you are using 2.3.4 (no BS) then update the App.

    if using the BS edge/gold don't update the app, even if the code tells you an update is available!

    if using the 2.4(beta) don't update the app


    The PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant has only been developed and certified for our v2.3 (and earlier) and v2.4(beta) release series.


    The PayPal App for v2.3 has been added to the BS/EDGE community release series, which is not compatible with the v2.3 release series. I'd suggest waiting until the App has been updated for BS/EDGE and performing the update manually.


    There is currently no update for our v2.4 release series as the update feature has moved to the core level and has not yet been pushed out in a v2.4 beta release (this is coming soon).


    If everything is working for you on BS/EDGE, I'd recommend waiting for the production ready release of v2.4 (coming at the end of March) and moving to that. There will be a push to move existing v2.3 and BS/EDGE users to v2.4 once the production ready release is pushed out.


    Users currently on v2.3 will experience no problems updating the PayPal App.

  10. The updates are for our v2.3 release series and are not compatible with v2.4(beta) or BS/EDGE. Updates for the v2.4 release series will be taken care of as a core feature, not as a per-app feature, with the integration of the upcoming Apps Marketplace.


    A list of files that have changed between App updates will not be provided as Apps are self-contained and should not be locally modified (unless coded to support customizations). This is to keep the update procedure as simple as possible. There are a lot of file and directory permission checks being performed before the first file is even copied to your website installation - if these vigorous checks pass, then the update will occur without a problem. It is impossible to perform an update if a file permission problem has been detected - in these cases, a list of the files that need their permissions changed will be displayed.

  11. v5.0.10 has just been pushed out! This includes using the suburb value as the street2 parameter for the payment modules.


    Thanks to Jack_mcs and greasemonkey for reviewing the address changes.

  12. How would a customer then change the method? If say they wanted express instead of regular post. Edit the shipping method?

    Yep. I'll look at how this can be optimized further.


    I've only recently seen callbackresponses showing up so I wonder if my host had been blocking or something. I'm still not sure how my 4 item customer kept being given 1 item shipping rates though.

    You should see the shipping address in the CallbackResponse log - if you create the same address in your store account and initiate a test order, you should get the same shipping rates that were passed to the customer. This would be safe to do on the live server as you'd only need to log into PayPal and not perform an actual order.

  13. Is it possible the instant update is being blocked or not happening for some reason?

    You should see the Instant Update requests in the PayPal App -> Log page logged as CallbackResponse actions. If you don't see these records then the request is probably not hitting your server. HTTPS is required for Instant Update to work.


    v5.000 enables the In-Context checkout flow - this is now the preferred checkout flow to use but does not support all of the features of the Classic checkout flow (such as Instant Update). After the customer signs into PayPal and confirms their shipping address, they are redirected to the checkout confirmation page where the cheapest or first shipping module is automatically chosen.

  14. Log In with PayPal


    @@mcmannehan It's briefly described in the documentation in the Requirements section:




    * PayPal REST App; a PayPal REST App needs to be created at the PayPal Developer site. The Client ID and Secret API credentials assigned to the application need to be entered in the module configuration page.

    * The Return URL displayed in the module configuration page needs to be entered as the Return URL in the PayPal REST App created for Log In with PayPal.



    Did you end up setting that up correctly?

  15. Does the SHIPTOSTREET2 need to be manually fixed or did it come in the new update also?

    This will be added to the next update. v5.001 only fixes the coding error in the Payments Standard module that v5.000 introduced.

  16. /catalog///includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php


    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method OSCOM_PayPal::getIdentifier() in catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php:363 Stack trace: #0 catalog/includes/classes/payment.php(173): paypal_standard->process_button() #1 /catalog/checkout_confirmation.php(292): payment->process_button() #2 {main} thrown in catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php on line 363

    Thanks for pointing this out! This has been fixed in v5.0.1 - to apply it, visit the Info/Help page and the update notice should appear.

  17. It's a one click procedure. The App checks once every 24 hours if an update is available and displays a notice. A check is always performed on the Help/Info page.


    The update procedure makes sure the file and directory permissions are sufficient for all files being updated before the files are overwritten.


    Feel free to try on a backup beforehand.