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  1. Am 25. und 26. Oktober findet in München, im Dorint Sofitel Bayerpost, die Internet World Messe 2005 statt.

    Auf der Fachmesse und dem angeschlossenen Kongress ist dieses Jahr erstmalig auch osCommerce als Lösungsanbieter unter anderem mit einem Stand und Referenten aus dem deutschen Team vertreten.

    Folgende Vorträge werden am 25.10 von Teammitglieden gehalten:

    25.10. Technologie-Trends (morgens)

    Welche Unterschiede liegen zwischen kommerziellen und Open-Source-Konzepten?

    Referent: Raphael Vullriede (German Forum Moderator)

    25.10. Erfolgreiche E-Shops (vormittags)

    Best-Practices und ihre Anforderungen

    Referent: Stefan Fritsche (German Forum Moderator)

    Weiterhin sind folgende Teammitglieder anwesend:

    Harald Ponce de Leon (Project Founder and Leader)

    Henri Schmidhuber (German Forum Moderator)

    Für alle Community Mitglieder können wir vergünstigte Kongresskarten anbieten:

    2 Tages Ticket 490,- Euro netto "Early Bird" bis 01.10. (statt 790,- Euro)

    2 Tages Ticket 590,- Euro netto ab 01.10 (statt 890,- Euro)

    1 Tages Ticket 390,- Euro netto "Early Bird" bis 01.10. (statt 490,- Euro)

    1 Tages Ticket 490,- Euro netto ab 01.10. (statt 590,- Euro)

    Um dieser Sonderangebote nutzen zukönnen, müsst Ihr folgenden Code auf der Internet World Messe Anmeldung Seite eingeben:


    Anmeldungen und mehr Infos zur Messe und dem gesamten Programm des Kongresses findet Ihr unter http://www.internetworld-messe.de/.

    Wir überlegen uns den Abend in einem kleinen Anwendertreffen in München ausklingen zu lassen, wer Interesse daran hat bitte hier kurz antworten. Am besten mit folgenden Infos: IW und Anwendertreffen oder nur Anwendertreffen.

    Das Anwendertreffen ist natürlich für alle zugänglich.

  2. The Contribution Development forum channel serves to hold discussions relating to the further development of existing contributions.


    If a contribution author wishes to discuss development related issues regarding their work, they must first make it available to the community via the Contributions section on the support site.


    The Contribution Development forum channel is not to be used as a support channel. For support related issues to a contribution, please use the Contribution Support forum channel.

  3. It looks like I may have been experiencing a significant "lag" in the IPN response on the production Paypal server.  I ran a couple of tests today and 2 of the transactions took over 20 minutes to change from "Preparing..." to "Pending".


    Patrick (from PayPal) sent me the following email on Wednesday:


    Ps ?we're having IPN delays at the moment which will hopefully be

    resolved in the next few hours.

  4. This thread has been cleaned up to match the versions available at the Contributions section.


    v1.5 and v1.6 of the MultiStore contribution was heading in a direction in becoming more of a project fork than a contribution and have been removed from the Contributions section. The support questions relating to these versions have also been removed from this thread due to the forum rules stateing that all works discussed in the forums must be available at the Contributions section.


    This is somewhat of a spaghetti mess which will be cleared up with Ryans upcoming v1.7 release of his work returning to a normal contribution status.


    We apologize for the inconveniences caused in having disabled v1.5 and v1.6 of the contribution and for removing its relevant support postings in this thread.


    We will remain in contact with Ryan during the release of his next version to solve any remaining issues, and to make sure the transition to v1.7 goes smoothly for everyone involved.


    We'd like to thank Ryan for his dedication to this contribution and for returning it to a normal contribution status!

  5. but the status is not set to "Pending".? The status remains at "Preparing Paypal IPN" and an order history record is created, which the user can see.


    From the install doc, I gathered that if the transaction came back VERIFIED, the status was changed and a history record created.? Otherwise, nothing changes (status or stock) and a history record is not created.


    That is partly correct. An order status history entry is made regardless if the transaction came back as VERIFIED or not, and stores the appropriate transaction status information along with the order status string.


    If the order status is only the Preparing status, then the IPN notification was more than likely not received, or malformed as Fritz describes with the customer ID not existing in the "custom" parameter value.


    I found that order status was not being updated because the query string in ipn.php searched on both the order number and the customer id, and the latter was not in the POST vars as apparently expected. I edited the query, and the order status is being updated now.


    Do you have any contributions installed that affect the checkout procedure? The customer ID is passed to PayPal as the "custom" parameter, and the IPN notification should contain it.


    It is also important to note that IPN is not instantaneous: the status did not change from the interim 'Preparing [PayPal IPN]' for a few minutes and in one case it took 18 minutes before the verification was received and the order status updated.


    I haven't experienced such long delays during development on the Sandbox server - it is something that the module has no influence over though.

  6. You're trading off security without shipping to an address that's unverified.

    The Sellers Protection Policy is there to protect us, the business owners. Ship something for $1000 to a fradulent address and then try to collect.... or for that matter, get your item back.


    Personally, or any business owner I know wouldn't ship anything to an unverified address.


    Ever wonder why the credit card companies insist you ship to the same address that the credit card sends the customers statement??


    You hit the nail on the head with the "Ever wonder why..." statement, because PayPal does not accept a shipping address to be passed when passing the order parameters to their gateway.


    The address that can be passed is only used for prepopulating the address fields when the customer wishes to create a PayPal account.


    The PayPal IPN module disables the option for the customer to define a shipping address at the PayPal gateway due to the inconsistencies it can create with the order (the shipping address is already defined at the catalog/shopping-cart).


    It is possible to determine whether or not a PayPal account has been verified by looking at the transaction details at your PayPal account/profile for the order made.

  7. Also if using that module, one must ensure that Encryption is enabled in the PayPal IPN config otherwise the payment information is not obfuscated and from reading it's code it seems like that it is possible to send PayPal a payment for that order for only $0.01 and the module will accept the payment regardless of the expected actual order amount.


    Confirming the order total value will be done in the next v1.1 contribution release.


    Another aspect is that since that module prestores the order prior to the customer actually clicking the 'osCommerce Order Confirmation Button' the storeowner cannot determine whether the customer actually confirmed that they wanted to make the order, which prevents the storeowner from potentially following up the sale/order without any clear indication that the customer wanted to make the purchase.


    Actually, store owners can. The order is finally updated when the IPN notification is received - regardless if the customer returns back to the store or not after payment has been made.

  8. On Page Style..is this just a "link" to the paypal style? so if I set things up on the paypal end everything goes well?  sorry I really don't understand how all the options from 2.9 can be summed up in one option.


    The following can be defined in a Page Style:


    Header Image URL; Maximum size 750x90)

    Header Background Color

    Header Border Color

    Background Color


    Page Styles can be defined at the Profile->Selling Preferences->Customer Payment Pages page.

  9. Please be sure to extract the contribution file with the folder structure within.


    This should then give you a directory structure of:


            0  11-29-04 16:24   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/
        9321  12-01-04 03:40   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/install.html
       18009  11-29-04 16:23   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/license.txt
           0  11-27-04 02:14   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/ext/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/ext/modules/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/ext/modules/payment/
           0  11-26-04 13:30   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/
        5556  12-01-04 03:41   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/languages/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/languages/english/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/
         370  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php
           0  11-26-04 13:29   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/modules/
           0  12-01-04 02:54   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/modules/payment/
       41850  12-01-04 03:41   osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.0/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php


    You should then copy the files following the directory structure with your own osCommerce installation.

  10. I  would like to change the PayPal payment details showing using this contribution


    Sales tax to GST (the Australian taxation)

    and one instance of the total amount

    which appears twice see screenshot

    Does any one know where I can make these changes?


    Can you post the form parameters used on the checkout confirmation page from viewing the HTML source? (please just the form parameters and not the whole checkout confirmation page -thanks)

  11. Then dont use it.... The beauty of free software is you have a choice :)


    Yep - next time we have to make sure that the first v1.0 release of anything also automatically polishes shoes too ;)


    The feedback provided will indeed influence the next v1.1 release of the module - but if you're only going to criticize, then please do so outside in the middle of the fields somewhere.



  12. Okay... i know installed it... and i have one question... is there a way to pass the shipping address to Paypal? Because the details of the transaction in Paypal say "No address provided" and nothing is sent in the Paypal email notification...


    This was taken out at the last minute due to the Encryption Website Payments feature. The invoice number is the same as the order ID, so a reference can be made by looking at the order via the Administration Tool.

  13. Just installed the module but I do have a serious problem, if an order is made the total amount is without tax. (Using the "old" default osC paypal module the price still is including tax, as it should)


    This is how PayPal displays their prices on the front PayPal page. After the customer has logged in with their PayPal account, the full price is then shown, showing the appropriate shipping and tax fees involved.

  14. My only question is:  is there anyway to change the look of the payment area to be more like that of the ipn 2.9 version? (with the credit card logos, and popup info page)  I think it is more inviting for people to see that they can use their credit cards, etc. than just looking at the paypal option.


    That can be done - can you provide a screenshot of how you think it should look like?


    Also is there anyway to getting some of the admin functionality of 2.9 into v1.0? Like the options for store logos, transpher screen color (plus being able to select more than just black or white), etc..


    We found these parameters to be redundant and offered only the Page Style parameter. This gives you greater control of how the pages at PayPal should look like.

  15. The X and Y parameter values are automatically passed when an image is used as the form submit button, and represents the X and Y coordinates of where the user clicked on the image button. This is normal HTML behaviour and would have nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing.


    Did you verify the HTML output of the page when using the tep_draw_hidden_field() functions?

  16. Can an example case be provided where the rounding is not correct? For this the following is needed:


    * Exact price of products involved (to 4 decimal places (the value in the database))

    * Exact price of product attributes involved (also to 4 decimal places)

    * Tax rate value (to 4 decimal places)

    * Are the tax rates added to the products price or only shown on the checkout page? (Administration Tool -> Configuration -> My Store -> Display Prices With Tax)

    * A flat fee shipping rate value (optional)