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  1. Hi All..


    Welcome to the new osCommerce Development Server discussion area! We look forward to allowing those interested in participating with the development of the project to actually contribute their efforts, and to submit ideas on the realization of the 3.0 release and future project releases.


    Please keep this channel for discussions regarding development related issues. Any bugs that are found should be submitted as a ticket on the development server, not at the Bug Reports section on the support site.


    Your feedback and ideas regarding the development of the project are welcome!


    Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the new site! :thumbsup:

  2. Hi All..


    We would like to pre-announce a new site in the osCommerce Network that is dedicated to the development of the project.


    We would like to announce this officially to the community next week, and hope to receive feedback from community sponsors first to make the site and launch even better. We ask community sponsors to keep this private until the announcement has been made.


    When the announcement of the new development server is made, the 3.0 alpha development cycle will open to the public to foster a development community behind the project. The new development server is dedicated to this cause to help finalize the 3.0 framework, to gather ideas for future 3.x releases, and to start prototyping a 4.0 release supporting PHP 5+ only.


    The address of the development server is:




    The main page of the site describes how an account can be created but will not be available until the site has been announced. This is due to a new profile field needed to be entered on the forums, which would then be available to everyone.


    Your feedback (and secrecy) on the new development server is appreciated, and look forward to officially announcing this to the community next week.



  3. This is the result I get from that:


    Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /home/ruckusm/public_html/oscommerce/admin/includes/classes/language.php on line 33


    Can you tell me which PHP version you are using for that server?


    The problem is with the ext/phpxml/xml.php file and how it has been implemented in the codebase (specifically variables being passed as references). I develop on a PHP5 server and first experienced problems when trying on a PHP4 server.


    And when I do the exact same thing on the server I have in sweden I get this result:




    That doesn't give me much info...


    For the RPC calls, 1 means success, and 0 means failure :)


    Do you have people who help you with the spanish translation?

    Or do you need any help with that?


    Help will indeed be needed for translations. We will soon publish information regarding this.



  4. Hi Anders..


    I can't install it on my server, maybe its because of server compability?




    This is the error I recieve.


    There was a problem importing the database. The following error had occured:




    Please verify the connection parameters and try again.


    Can you make the following request to your server to see what error messages appear?




    The values in capitals (DB_*) should definitely be changed to meet your database server settings (and all on one line).



  5. Hi Everyone..


    Thanks for the feedback provided so far - I will address each point throughout the new week (I have my head stuck on the payment modules at the moment ;)).


    Regarding the sstrpos() error which arises when an account is created, this is a spelling mistake and needs to be renamed to strpos().

  6. Hi All..


    The second alpha testing release to the 3.0 version is now available! No, this has no relation to the 78th Oscars which are on right now :thumbsup:


    A lot of work has been put into this release with the database language implementation and with the checkout procedure. Bug fixes reported for the alpha1 release have also been fixed!


    There are still two open roadmap entries for the alpha2 release which will be completed for the third alpha release (store customers language in the database) and throughout the alpha release development cycle (phpdoc source code commenting).


    Due to the new database language implementation, the definitions for German and Spanish have been removed and will be brought back once the english definitions have been finalized, in addition to other language packages that can be finalized in time. The definitions for the administration tool are still in text files as constants, and will remain in text files but still needs to be changed to the new ini style format used for the installation module.


    No major visual changes can be seen with this release as most of the work is still being done in the source code framework. This will ofcourse change in the upcoming alpha releases. (about time too! ;-))


    Thanks again to everyone providing feedback!


    By downloading the alpha release you agree to the conditions set on the pinned announcement topic in this forum channel.



  7. Hi Rhea..


    I don't see those problem in my install, but when I follow the Low Stock link, and then click on the default product (Microsoft IntelliMouse) it takes me to a page with nothing on it except for a title called Categories, a Search Box with Go and Reset buttons, but no Back button from that page.


    This should be fixed in the alpha2 release.

  8. Hi Monika..


    tools -> statistics gives me the following fatal error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_date_raw() (previously declared in /hsphere/local/home/monika/monikamathe.com/client_projects/osc3alpha0/admin/includes/languages/english.php:31) in /hsphere/local/home/monika/monikamathe.com/client_projects/osc3alpha0/admin/includes/languages/english.php on line 31

    I also noticed when in templates -> boxes I click an info link, see the autor and then click the back button, the action links are gone (column has not entries). I was able to click on the row anyway and make the action reappear but I'm sure this is not intended :-).


    These should be fixed in the alpha 2 release.



  9. Hi Wendy..


    In services

    when click cancel after thinking I may edit one of the feilds, the page goes back to where I was but no action icons show on any fields unless you click a new one line.


    Language has nothing to edit or install. Meaning there are no icons there.


    These should be fixed in the alpha2 release.


    Trying to figure out how to add or change the boxes in the admin template area seems very confusing to me. I wasn't able to figure out how that area worked at all. That is how I ended up losing all of the boxes on some pages and not able to get them back. (still unclear why a fresh install wouldn't fix this)


    Yes, it is somewhat confusing and will be dealt with in the documentation. If you have any suggestions to improve the user interface, please share them :)


    The issue with the problem still existing on a new installation was due to the cache files remaining in the work directory, which are now automatically removed during the installation procedure. The alpha2 release should resolve such conflicts.

  10. I agree, the use of any numberic value to represent something should be replaced instead use true or on etc....


    This is what the end result will be :)


    The values were changed to numerical values to have it consistent and language independent; previously "true", "false", "True", and "False" were stored in the database.


    The way the numerical values work is as follows:


    > 0: Mandatory

    0: Optional

    -1: Disabled


    These are not yet translated due to the work that was pending for the language definitions, and will be finalized during the alpha release development path.

  11. Hi Ed..


    Is there a new alpha, beta, or release coming any time soon? With the bugs reported here and the things I've seen, I'd like a newer version before testing further.


    The biggest entry for the alpha2 release is the database language implementation, which the base work has already been done. What remains for this task is moving the definitions over to the database and using sprintf() for the parameter holders (ie, "Welcome %s!"). The base language files will also become modules to make installation easier.


    The other roadmap entries for alpha2 are quickies and will have the release ready during the next week.

  12. Hi Ed..


    Also, my copy of the Alpha doesn't tell me to fix it and refresh (at least I didn't see it) although, that's exactly what I did.


    You're right - because you don't need to fix it at this time ;)


    Can you go through the installation procedure again (with incorrect permission settings on configure.php) and see what happens?


    Would it be easier if no warning was shown on the first page?

  13. Hi Pavel..


    1) When you go to templates -> layout -> boxes (templates_boxes_layout.php) page and switch to different template you prompted to login. Basically, you can not switch to different template there. It looks like session gets lots in the dropdown select form.


    Does this also happen on the Catalog->Products page when searching for a product?


    2) There is a typo in the code in /includes/templates/default.php (line 92)

    There is:

    $Qdel->bindTable(':table_templates', TABLE_TEMPLATES_BOXES_TO_PAGES);

    It should be

    $Qdel->bindTable(':table_templates_boxes_to_pages', TABLE_TEMPLATES_BOXES_TO_PAGES);


    Fixed - thanks for that!


    Thanks for your feedback,

  14. Hi Ed..


    There was no choice except the Install button. It would be helpful to tell people to set the perms for the config file to 777 and then give them a button to Recheck (i.e refresh)


    This can be done at the end of the installation procedure where it gives you the choice to save the configuration parameters yourself and FTP it by hand, or to refresh the page when the file permissions have been set accordingly.


    Have you seen this?


    2) Typo on Install screen 2 "Save configuration patemeters entered..."




    3) On the database install screen:

    Database Server

    The address of the database server in the form of a hostname or IP address.


    You could add that "localhost" may be an option.


    Isn't that covered under "hostname"? This is covered in the documentation too ;)


    4) On the Working directory install screen, you say: "The working directory for temporarily created files. This directory should be located outside the public webserver root directory for security reasons." but the default path given was under _store_folder_/includes/.


    That seems to contradict the suggestion. And you should suggest the perms (like #1 above) to be used for the work/ directory.


    This will be covered in the documentation as it is not possible here to force the working directory to be created outside the public webserver path.


    The default directory provided is protected with .htaccess but will only work for Apache webservers.


    5) In IE6, the textboxes for Admin login username and password were extremely wide.


    Yes, the current design layout will not be the final design layout for final release.


    6) Afterwards, it would be great if the installer was told the recommended final perms for #1 and #4 above.


    Is it not better to leave that information in the documentation? The store owner is already warned on the catalog side if the permissions are not setup correctly.


    Thanks for the feedback,

  15. Hi Peter..


    Just a few thoughts on the application top file, first, I would re-organize the connection to the DB as a first step, if the connection fails, then re-direct to an error page, and not have the standard error output. This will allow vendors to have reponses sent if this occurs by making a custom html page. If the connection occurs without errors, then start to add in the calls, including the DB table file etc.


    Will be looked into!


    Second, I noticed you are calling in the email and mime classes in the file, I would suggest that this be moved to where it is needed only. The cart system does not need to have this code called in on every page, so why do so? It may only be a small time savings, but I think that if it is just being called in for convience, then this is the wrong approach.


    Ofcourse ;-) These two classes will be replaced in a later alpha release with a custom made class that will take care of sending emails in text form, in html form, and in both forms.


    Thanks for the feedback,

  16. Hi Peter..


    I have been just looking at the code base, and just a few comments, nothing too much yet, first, I am noticing that you are using both osC and tep for prefixes, not sure why you would want to mix it up like this. I would suggest that one naming standard be used throughout the system. From what I remember, the classes were to use the osC prefix, I would think since this is a totally new release and not really associated with the tep roots, that tep would be dropped.


    This is an alpha release, not a beta release :thumbsup:


    The API will be more solid with the third alpha release when the catalog and administration tool components have been merged. This also involves cleaning up the checkout procedure which still contains the code from the v2 series framework, especially the shopping cart class. I think this is the last class that is stored in the session which will be fixed (I wrote a blogging entry about objects in the session a while ago). And I think the language and language ID are still being accessed directly in the session ($_SESSION['language']) instead of through the language object (ie, osC_Language->getID()).


    You might think why don't we just do a search and replace for tep_ to be replaced with osc_ for the function names. Well, this is a new framework with new possibilities, not the same 2.2MS version with renamed functions only :) Actually, I think the only search and replace done on the codebase was made by Christian for the XHTML updates for replacing <br> with <br /> :thumbsup: (<br> still exists in one of the external libraries that was updated in the last minute, and will be fixed in the next alpha release)

  17. Hi All..


    The alpha testing period has begun!


    3.0? Alpha release? What happened to 2.2 MS3 and 2.2 MS4? Please read the pinned announcement in this private forum channel to find out about the new roadmap and the conditions set for testing the early alpha releases before a general public testing release is made available.


    Just to repeat it, these alpha releases are internal testing releases that are not supported and are not yet for production use.


    The 3.0a1 release is the first alpha release to begin testing the new framework. It still needs a lot of core changes that will be finalized in the coming alpha releases, and definitely needs a visual makeover which will be done near the end of the alpha testing period (hey, we need some surprises for the end! ;))


    The aim for this release is to get feedback on the framework to improve the API, to make it even easier to install contributions, and to control certain features through the Administration Tool.


    Your feedback here is appreciated and look forward to working together to produce an even more qualitative alpha release in the coming releases to open up to the general public for even more exposure, and to allow contributors to prepare their contributions for the final release.


    This first release will be hard to jump into as there is no documentation provided and only some of the classes have the relevant phpdoc documentation. This will naturally improve with the next releases. We are also here to help you out :)


    One thing we are well aware of is that are various visual design errors. This is CSS related and will come into interest (for us) in later releases. Right now our focus is still on finalizing the core codebase.


    Some issues with this release:


    * Enabling SSL can only be done in the configure.php file; these parameters will be editable through the administration tool

    * It's not possible to exclude pages when boxes and modules are assigned to a template group

    * It's not possible to change the language on the product information page when the product keyword is different

    * The category IDs in the url (cPath) still need to be replaced with category keywords (similar to product keywords)

    * There is no password forgotten feature for the administration tool login

    * The default "john doe" account still needs to be replaced with the administrator account


    Have fun with taking a look at the new framework, and please provide your thoughts on it!


    By downloading the alpha release you agree to the conditions set on the pinned announcement topic in this forum channel.



  18. Am 25. und 26. Oktober findet in München, im Dorint Sofitel Bayerpost, die Internet World Messe 2005 statt.

    Auf der Fachmesse und dem angeschlossenen Kongress ist dieses Jahr erstmalig auch osCommerce als Lösungsanbieter unter anderem mit einem Stand und Referenten aus dem deutschen Team vertreten.

    Folgende Vorträge werden am 25.10 von Teammitglieden gehalten:

    25.10. Technologie-Trends (morgens)

    Welche Unterschiede liegen zwischen kommerziellen und Open-Source-Konzepten?

    Referent: Raphael Vullriede (German Forum Moderator)

    25.10. Erfolgreiche E-Shops (vormittags)

    Best-Practices und ihre Anforderungen

    Referent: Stefan Fritsche (German Forum Moderator)

    Weiterhin sind folgende Teammitglieder anwesend:

    Harald Ponce de Leon (Project Founder and Leader)

    Henri Schmidhuber (German Forum Moderator)

    Für alle Community Mitglieder können wir vergünstigte Kongresskarten anbieten:

    2 Tages Ticket 490,- Euro netto "Early Bird" bis 01.10. (statt 790,- Euro)

    2 Tages Ticket 590,- Euro netto ab 01.10 (statt 890,- Euro)

    1 Tages Ticket 390,- Euro netto "Early Bird" bis 01.10. (statt 490,- Euro)

    1 Tages Ticket 490,- Euro netto ab 01.10. (statt 590,- Euro)

    Um dieser Sonderangebote nutzen zukönnen, müsst Ihr folgenden Code auf der Internet World Messe Anmeldung Seite eingeben:


    Anmeldungen und mehr Infos zur Messe und dem gesamten Programm des Kongresses findet Ihr unter http://www.internetworld-messe.de/.

    Wir überlegen uns den Abend in einem kleinen Anwendertreffen in München ausklingen zu lassen, wer Interesse daran hat bitte hier kurz antworten. Am besten mit folgenden Infos: IW und Anwendertreffen oder nur Anwendertreffen.

    Das Anwendertreffen ist natürlich für alle zugänglich.

  19. The Contribution Development forum channel serves to hold discussions relating to the further development of existing contributions.


    If a contribution author wishes to discuss development related issues regarding their work, they must first make it available to the community via the Contributions section on the support site.


    The Contribution Development forum channel is not to be used as a support channel. For support related issues to a contribution, please use the Contribution Support forum channel.

  20. It looks like I may have been experiencing a significant "lag" in the IPN response on the production Paypal server.  I ran a couple of tests today and 2 of the transactions took over 20 minutes to change from "Preparing..." to "Pending".


    Patrick (from PayPal) sent me the following email on Wednesday:


    Ps ?we're having IPN delays at the moment which will hopefully be

    resolved in the next few hours.

  21. This thread has been cleaned up to match the versions available at the Contributions section.


    v1.5 and v1.6 of the MultiStore contribution was heading in a direction in becoming more of a project fork than a contribution and have been removed from the Contributions section. The support questions relating to these versions have also been removed from this thread due to the forum rules stateing that all works discussed in the forums must be available at the Contributions section.


    This is somewhat of a spaghetti mess which will be cleared up with Ryans upcoming v1.7 release of his work returning to a normal contribution status.


    We apologize for the inconveniences caused in having disabled v1.5 and v1.6 of the contribution and for removing its relevant support postings in this thread.


    We will remain in contact with Ryan during the release of his next version to solve any remaining issues, and to make sure the transition to v1.7 goes smoothly for everyone involved.


    We'd like to thank Ryan for his dedication to this contribution and for returning it to a normal contribution status!