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  1. Hi Yann..


    This is correct behaviour as some payment modules will create an order already on the checkout confirmation page with the status of "Preparing" and be finalized when the payment has been verified. This is for payment modules that require a separate "callback" to confirm the payment and order, such as the PayPal IPN module.


    The "Preparing" order status level will be marked as an internal status level so customers do not see it when viewing the order through their account page.

  2. Hi Prashant..


    Ofcourse 3.0 will be register_globals compatible. It disables it at run-time if it is enabled.


    Your problem is related to an installation issue. I think you didn't go through the installation routine but instead imported the oscommerce.sql file directly. This is not possible and you need to go through the installation routine for a successful setup.

  3. Hi Prashant..


    I wrote:


    The addition of the sample data in the database is an option given to users during the installation procedure and affects only new installations.


    This means that during the installation procedure you are given the option to install the sample data or not.


    I also suggest installing 3.0 Alpha 4 now instead of waiting for the final 3.0 release - ofcourse only for testing purposes. This makes sure any problems you encounter can be fixed in time for the 3.0 release.

  4. Hi Prashant..


    The addition of the sample data in the database is an option given to users during the installation procedure and affects only new installations.


    Upgrading from 2.2 to 3.0 will export the existing data to a new database as best as possible and will not introduce any sample data as data already exists.

  5. Our mission with 3.0 is to avoid bloat. Filling the Administration Tool with configuration parameters will lead to a bloated solution.


    We either focus on a bloated solution and try to make it suit everyones needs, or we make a clean coded framework that can be extended on via add-ons to meet requirements precisely without affecting performance of the server.


    If a module that comes standard with osCommerce 3.0 does not meet your means, it is easy to both write a new module or to install an existing module and to replace the standard one.


    This is a nice conclusion: "if you're not going to change a parameter, then it should not be a parameter in the first place".

  6. The database structure will be standardized during 3.0 Alpha 5 and be finalized with the 3.0 Alpha 6 release.


    The usage of int(1) and int(100) has no effect whatsoever. This should be in big fat writing inside the quote Carine posted:


    The display width does not constrain the range of values that can be stored in the column, nor the number of digits that are displayed for values having a width exceeding that specified for the column.


    If someone wants to find out the performance benefits between the following for a boolean value, please do :)







    I think tinyint would be the best solution for boolean values.


    A more interesting issue is standardizing on using unsigned fields for id columns, as it would be rare to have a primary key of -3452314.

  7. Hi All..


    Frank has integrated TinyMCE v2.1.0 into the product description textarea field for the 3.0 Alpha 4 release. This is deactivated by default and can be easily "toggled on" (or loaded at request) by clicking on a text link beside the textarea field.


    The value of the toggle switch will be stored in a cookie in the next development alpha release to avoid yet another configuration parameter being added to the configuration database table.

  8. I would not recommend a diff engine to be created to automatically install contributions. It might work for certified contributions where a high level of code quality can be provided, but could also bring in problems either on other areas of the catalog or as soon as multiple contributions are installed that modify the same source files.


    Yes, diff is brilliant in a development environment however it is not suitable as a Fischer Price click-and-install type of system for an online store (or better, for a store administrator that has no PHP development knowledge).


    When an automatic contribution installer feature is available as a core feature, it will only work in the following scenario:


    1) Contribution is certified by the osCommerce team

    2) Contribution is a module and can install and remove itself

    3) Contribution does not touch other source code files


    This can limit what contributions can be automatically installed, but will guarantee that the store will remain online and functional.

  9. I had a quick look before posting but couldn't find anything concrete. Just this general blogging entry stating:


    For performance reasons, unless your query is guaranteed to only have a single result (like selecting based on a primary key), you should add LIMIT 1 to the end of your query.

  10. Hi Carine..


    The intentions here are not to break or not to concatenate the SQL string.


    This is much better:


    $osC_Database->query('select * from :table_name order by field_1');




    $osC_Database->query('select * from ' . TABLE_NAME . ' order by field_1');

  11. Hi All..


    Absolutely no contributions for 2.2 will be compatible for 3.0. That was the original intention of the 3.0 release as any improvement made to 2.2 would create an incompatibility with the contributions.


    Once 3.0 is ready, a new section on the support site will go live that will replace the current contributions section, to handle both 2.2 based contributions and 3.0 based contributions.

  12. Hi Ryan..


    Whats going on with the dev server? I haven't been able to access the repository browser in atleast a week.


    There were problems with Fisheye where it came down every now and then and finally found the solution to the problem. With the fix, Fisheye has been running fine since 24th January.

  13. Hi Arjan..


    r1242 introduced a new customers class in the Administration Tool where the customers information can be returned with the following class method:


    $customer_name = osC_Customers_Admin::getData($customer_id, 'customers_full_name');


    This work is pending to be committed to /trunk/ and will be done as soon as OSC-23 is closed.

  14. Hi All..


    The 3.0 Alpha 4 release would be a good starting point for contribution authors to start creating add-ons for, specifically "getting their hands dirty" on the framework so they know what is possible and what core source code modifications are still needed to perform.


    These add-ons will be incompatible with Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 due to the pending API cleanups planned for these release, but starting to gain experience with the new framework and making suggestions on how to further improve it can take into affect during Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 to minimize any core source code file changes that were previously needed.


    I doubt that the 3.0 release will come with an automatic add-on installer/uninstaller due to the urge of getting the final 3.0 release out the door, and think such a feature is better placed for 3.1. This can also then slowly link into the contributions section of the support site as additional point releases are made.