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  1. Hi Pat..


    We have not experienced this behaviour during the development of the module. Can you please state the osCommerce version you are using and the WorldPay module version if one is shown on the Administration Tool -> Modules -> Payment Modules page.



  2. Hi Paul..


    Yes, that is correct behaviour of the module. It is not the preferred manner for the Express Checkout payment method however many more codebase changes would be required to properly support a purchase without a customer account.


    The codebase changes going in 2.2 RC1/RC2/Final are minimal changes to ease the upgrade procedure for existing store owners. Although we are focusing the bigger changes for the 3.0 release, a 2.3 release will also be made where such features will be available on based on the 2.2 core. (The 3.0 release has a new core that is not compatible to 2.2)

  3. Hi Tony..


    The following page at PayPal describes the process of creating your own keys and certificates:




    We are working on adding more helpful information to the modules documentation. Please review the current version to find out what values to put in the configuration parameters.




    The working directory that needs to be specified should be located outside the webserver directory so the files that are created (and automatically removed) are not publicly accessible.

  4. Hi Scott..


    1. In the addon Paypal IPN (official) which version number is the Paypal Standard 1.0 equivalent to?


    That PayPal IPN add-on is no longer an "official" module due to the foreign changes and additions made to it by other community members. Although such changes are welcome, it is impossible to have a certified version while accepting such changes.


    The new PayPal Standard module is a certified module and is locked on the add-ons site to prevent others from introducing changes. This module will be formerly introduced with the 2.2 RC2 release and is compatible with 2.2 MS2 and 2.2 RC1 for existing store owners.


    The modules in 2.2 RC2 have been released as add-ons for easier version tracking.


    2. Do changes made to checkout_process.php still need to be incorporated into the new Paypal Standard 1.0?


    Unfortunately yes, due to the manner of storing the order in the database before forwarding the customer to PayPals site. This is required to not lose orders when customers do not click on the final "continue to store" button on PayPals site.


    The Express Checkout and Direct Payments modules do not share this problem.

  5. Hi..


    The payment modules in the 2.2 RC2 release have been updated and are being released individually as add-ons for easier version tracking. These changes include certification of the modules with the payment service providers (some are still in the certification process).


    Although these modules are formerly being introduced with the 2.2 RC2 release, they are also compatible with 2.2 MS2 and 2.2 RC1 so existing store owners can also use them.


    More information will soon be published with the release of osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2.

  6. If you use all numbers for product key words it fails...


    get error that product cannot be found...


    the product will show up on the new products and stuff no not clickable... to see it..


    not sure if this one was seen yet..


    This is currently correct behaviour as products can still be reached through their product ID. The product keyword is currently optional and is planned to be a requirement to not publicly publish internal database product IDs.

  7. Hi Stew..


    I sent an email to HPDL a while back offering to develop Order Editor for osC 3.0 if the team was interested in it. No response was received, so probably either the team isn't interested or HPDL didn't get the email. The former seems most likely; Order Editor isn't listed in the project road map.


    Not a big deal, really. If it isn't part of the core it will be available as a contribution. :)


    It will be best to help out with improving what will be available in the last 3.0 Alpha 6 release.

  8. Hi Drako..


    The Admin SIDE of oscommerce is the most unusable i've ever seen: yes, it's so nice with all the colorfull icon, but the dinamic menu NOR the super tab used everywhere are really annoyning, and slow down the work flow a lot.


    This sort of menu type is needed as the more add-ons a store owner installs, the busier the navigation path becomes. The same is with the use of tabs; there is a substantial amount of data being presented to the store owner which needs to be accessed quickly.


    Not liking the current style gives you the opportunity to create a mockup of how you think it can work out better for store owners. Please do this and show us your creativity :)


    Another thing is the AJAX tecnology, not used anywhere on the site (am i wrong?) - adding a product to the chart make the page load again, erase it the same, and so on and so on...


    The use of AJAX has been introduced on the Administration Tool and will continue to be implemented during the v3.0 release series. The use of it on the catalog side as you are suggesting is not planned for v3.0, but can easily be implemented in a template design pack.


    I see no order editor integrated, and that whould be my first mod choise... lot of nice feature still missing (and not even planned)


    This is not on the roadmap for the v3.0 release but it will have it. It would be quite shocking if v3.0 would not (still) be able to edit orders.

  9. Hi Jeff..


    If the community was able to grade each one, it would help filter out some of the bad ones.


    This will not be done for the 2.2 release series due to the different scenarios its various incarnations are compatible with, ie, 2.2 MS2, 2.2 MS2-051113 (PHP5/MySQL5 updates), and 2.2 RC 1 (register_globals core compatibility but breaks contributions not following the coding standards).


    Rating contributions won't be a problem for the 3.0 release as the release is focused on one platform (PHP5) and fixes the environment if certain PHP settings are enabled or disabled (ie, forcefully disabling register_globals at runtime if it is enabled).



    And one more thing I'd like to see is an anti virus check upon uploading each file. I've seen several instances where someone uploaded a virus to the contributions area. Here's one in particular: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4373/

    I emailed Harald about it, but the virus still remains. Would be nice if all files were checked before being displayed in the contributions area.


    This has been taken care of. Thanks for pointing this out again.

  10. Hi Nick..


    One thing that I personally would like to see is a contribution SVN repository where the original author of a contribution creates his/her contribution branch in an SVN repository so that other participants, too, can commit patches and new features on a more professional level.


    This is already mentioned on the development site :-)


    The osCommerce Development Site will extend its services provided as it matures and will cater especially to contribution authors and their add-ons in the near future. The current focus of the development site is to finalize the framework for the 3.0 release and to gather ideas of improvements for future project releases, which differs to the focus contribution authors have which require stable project releases to base their add-ons to.


    The (new) add-ons site for the v3.0 release will also provide sufficient features for contribution authors to maintain proper add-on release packages.

  11. 1.What is use_function , set_function in configuration table, please, explain me! Help, help!


    These are functions that control the display of the configuration value and the definition of it.


    Example, a configuration value of 0 or 1 may be displayed as True and False, where it can be defined with radio buttons instead of a normal text field.


    Take a look at the provided functions to see how they function.

  12. osCommerce 2.2 RC 1 can be downloaded from here:




    The following files will need to be copied to your server (make a backup of the files you are copying over):





    The language file should be copied to each of your languages directory. Once the files are on your server, uninstall and reinstall the 2Checkout payment module from the Administration Tool -> Modules -> Payment page and fill in the information again (Seller ID, Transaction Mode).


    It is best to leave the transaction mode in test mode to perform a test order on your shop installation, and to set this to live mode once successfully tested.


    The certified payment modules will be available as separate downloads once 2.2 is finalized.

  13. Hi Eduardo..


    Since a couple of days ago, 2checkout released its new payment site.

    I have been a user of 0scommerce and 2checkout for almos a year from now.

    I havent had any problems since they released their new payment site. Now everytime a clients purchses something, my oscommerce doesnt updates with the sale. Please can anybody tell me what to do?

    Before when a client bought a service, i could see it on my oscommerce platform, but not anymore.

    Please help me solve this issue that is givning me more than a headache.


    Try the 2Checkout module in the 2.2RC1 release package - this module has been certified by both us and 2Checkout.