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  1. None whatsoever :) PayPal Express Checkout is preferred over PayPal Payments Standard, and Express Checkout can also be used with Log In with PayPal.


    PayPal Express Checkout also handles guest checkouts nicely - don't forget to enable the Account Set Password content module though otherwise a random generated password will be emailed to the customer.

  2. Hi Heather..


    Were any PayPal transaction information stored with the order? You should see the following two entries:

    • PayPal Verified; this means the customer returned back to your store after making payment at PayPal, and
    • PayPal IPN Verified; this means the PayPal Instant Payment Notification was received

    The IPN finalizes the order even if the customer did not return back to the store after making payment at PayPal.


    If the customer did not return back to the store and the IPN was not received, this will leave the order in a preparing state.

  3. @@Harald Ponce de Leon


    Hi Harald,


    Has the problem with rounding been sorted on the new paypal standard module?




    Try it out :) If the line items do not match the order total then only the order total value is passed on to PayPal so an actual order can still take place.


    If you come across a situation that you think is right and the line items are still not being passed to PayPal, describe the prices and totals involved and I'll take a look into it.


    Kind regards,

  4. You are right - jQuery was first included in v2.3.0.


    Could you try the following:


    1) Download jQuery:




    and save it in your catalog/ext/jquery directory. You will need to create the ext/jquery directory if they don't exist already.


    2) Link to jQuery


    In catalog/checkout_confirmation.php and catalog/admin/modules.php, add the following line inside the <head> .. </head> area:


    For catalog/checkout_confirmation.php:


    <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/jquery/jquery-1.11.1.min.js"></script>


    For catalog/admin/modules.php:


    <script type="text/javascript" src="../ext/jquery/jquery-1.11.1.min.js"></script>


    That should then work for you.

  5. Hi All..


    New certified Sage Pay payment modules are now available at the Add-Ons site to download, install, and use for existing store owners. The new modules will also be included in the core osCommerce Online Merchant release packages from v2.3.4 onwards for new store owners to use.


    The new modules include:


    Sage Pay Direct v3.0

    Sage Pay Server v2.0

    Sage Pay Form v2.0


    Sage Pay Direct now supports stored tokens where customers can securely store their card payment information at Sage Pay's servers and reference for future orders without needing to re-type the card information again. All modules also now support PayPal payments made through Sage Pay.


    The new modules are optimized for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 and are compatible with earlier v2.3 and v2.2 releases.


    Documentation for the new modules can be found at:




    Support for all Sage Pay payment modules for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.x is available at:



  6. PayPal Payments Standard v3.1 has been pushed out and now includes the products ordered and additional order total values with the transaction sent to PayPal.




    If the total calculations do not match the order total value then only the order total value is sent to PayPal. This can happen in rare occasions if additional order total modules have been installed that manipulate the tax value or contain a negative price value (eg discounts).

  7. Hi Dave..


    The transaction information is not available to customers and is stored in a private order status level. Please make sure the Transaction Order Status level is set to a private order status level. Order Status levels can be set private on the following page:


    Administration Tool -> Localization -> Orders Status


    The module creates a new order status level for transactions automatically when it is installed and automatically sets it as a private order status.

  8. Henry, you're more than welcome to try a fraudulent order on our demo site. Here is how the tax is currently setup:


    Product Tax: 7% to Florida in USA

    Shipping Tax: 20% to California in USA

    Free Shipping: Orders over $499 in USA


    Our demo site is at:




    Please refer to the payment module code shown next to the payment options to perform your test on.

  9. These are the totals shown at PayPal in v3.1 of the module, depending on the configuration of


    Show Prices With Tax Enabled:





    Show Prices With Tax Disabled:






    When show prices with tax is enabled, the product price shown at PayPal includes the tax. If the tax total was also passed the order total calculations would be incorrect as Item Totals + Tax + Shipping would not equal the Total value (the tax is already included in the products price so it ends up being added twice). The tax can be removed from the products price but it will cause the customer confusion who sees another price and also adds further complexity in calculating the order total values.


    When show prices with tax is disabled, the product price shown at PayPal excludes the tax. The calculation of Item Totals + Tax + Shipping would then equal the Total amount. Also in this case only the total tax value is passed to PayPal as there might be a store order total module that manipulates the tax in some manner.


    PayPal only cares about Item Total, Tax (based on item total, not shipping), and Shipping equalling the Total value that is passed to them. Regardless of the Show Prices With Tax setting, the shipping value passed to PayPal always includes any configured taxes - this can't be included in the Tax value as that is only based on the items.


    As you can see, calculating the totals is complex and we have to cater to extra order total modules that could be installed that manipulate the order totals somehow (low order fee, discounts, ...).


    As a fallback so that an order can occur, if the PayPal calculated order total value does not equal the store order total value then only the store order total value is passed to PayPal without the line items (products). This is not a problem for the store owner as they can always reference the order in their Administration Tool (which you do anyway, right?).


    The next update to the PayPal Payments Standard module will include support for Instant Update which allows PayPal to retrieve defined shipping rates and taxes to the selected PayPal shipping address. This will be worked on in June.

  10. All the modules on the demo site are in sandbox mode and have the respective module code after the module public title.


    Try out the paypal_pro_payflow_dp module, it may be what you're after. If you don't have another module installed using the same filename then it's safe to install, try out, and even remove if it's not what you're looking for.

  11. I just worked with Lambros together to get line items into PayPal Payments Standard v3.1. The Add-On package will be released together with osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.


    For those that can't wait, please download the following file and replace the v3.0 version in includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php: