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  1. It's not you, it's the addons site. I've tested it though and can login. There have also been some uploads so others can login as well. I just applied some changes so names are showing on some areas, but are still missing in other areas. Please hold on a couple of days as the addons site is being replaced soon. Could you please confirm though that logins at and work? Thanks!
  2. The Commercial Support Enquiries forum channel is now back in operation! The channel appears when signed into the forum.
  3. Logging into your account on our main website and creating new accounts on our main website now works! If you have enabled 2FA on the forum, please note that this is not yet requested on the main website - this will be supported shortly.
  4. Author names will soon come back when the update to the user integration with the forum has completed. (The forum update has a new API which the integration has to work with)
  5. This will be fixed over the weekend. It's due to API differences the forum software update introduced with the user integration implementation used in our main websites.
  6. Logins at the Add-Ons site should now work again.
  7. I didn't find it listed in the Package Manager so I installed it manually. I uninstalled that version and as Pale Moon is not in the apt-get repository, added OBS as a source repository and installed it that way. It also installed 27.3.0
  8. @kymation I installed Mint 18.1 and applied the latest updates to get Firefox 53.0.2 - I could not detect any javascript errors. I also manually installed Pale Moon Browser 27.3.0 and could also not reproduce any javascript errors. I haven't made any server side configuration changes - perhaps there could have been some caching issues though with yesterdays update to full https. Are you still experiencing the same issues?
  9. I just reviewed the admin side notification configuration parameters and also my own profile notification settings. Lets see if the configuration changes helps.
  10. I haven't been receiving emails either. I have not reviewed my notification settings yet though (I'm still working on the user login integration with the main website) - I'd suggest doing this in your own profile to make sure everything is set up correctly. I did enable browser notifications when the forum prompted me for it - I haven't received a notification yet this way either. Can you post a screenshot of how it looks for you?
  11. HTTPS has now been enabled globally. There might be a few problems with remote images - please let me know if you come across any issues. Thanks!
  12. Logging in on our main website should now work again. The auto-login and account creation process is still being worked on.
  13. Actually, when viewing the topic list in a forum channel, there's a blue circle icon to the left of the topic that takes you to the first unread post in that topic. If there is a blue star, it means you have posted in that topic and there are unread posts to read.
  14. That's still possible under Activity -> Unread Content. These "streams" can be filtered and I believe the filter can also be saved in your profile for easier access.
  15. Personal feeds is new in your profile page, 2-factor authentication, and also the ability to upload a profile cover image has been enabled.