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  1. This is strange as the minimum cURL and OpenSSL version requirements for TLS v1.2 are supported (judging by your screenshots). Do test transactions work with PayPal with "Verify SSL" set to True and "SSL Version" set to either Default or TLS v1.2? It might just be the test connection script failing under your environment.
  2. Just to clarify that statement, the SSL certificate used on the web server (to serve https) has nothing to do with the ssl libraries curl have been compiled with into PHP. Optimally, Verify SSL should be left to True. Try setting the SSL Version from Default to TLS v1.2.
  3. The topic is no longer publicly reachable and is now being addressed internally.
  4. The requirement that the site must be powered by osCommerce is no longer in place with the new Live Sites website. This is due to the many forks of osCommerce available and not wanting to spend resources policing each submission. Each submission is processed in the background though to make sure a valid website has been submitted. The listings now serve as an inspiration of what can be achieved in e-commerce, websites (v3 framework), user interface design, and technology.
  5. Right now it's possible for the author to edit the short and main description of their submission where a note can be added. It's also possible for the author to allow others to upload updates to the submission (either everyone or specific users) so others can continue development. In the near future it will be possible for authors to remove their submissions. How should the flag work with that in mind? Should a flagged submission allow updates to be uploaded or should it remain in a permanent locked state? Should flagged submissions show in the listing and search results or be hidden and only accessible via a direct url? Should an extra warning be shown in the download window? @raiwa your feedback on this would be great!
  6. Hi All.. Both v2.3.5 and v2.3.6 were planend to be released today (end of August) however a few more days is needed. This topic will be updated on the weekend with the date next week when the releases will be pushed out. Kind regards,
  7. If you're already running on v2.3.4 without any issues, there is no need to update to v2.3.4.1. It would be better to update to v2.3.5 to apply the latest security fixes, compatibility fixes, and bug fixes. You will also have the option to update to v2.3.6 when you're ready to move to the bootstrap series. v2.3.5 will not break compatibility with existing addons - it's a maintenance release that will finalize the v2.3.4 release series and is planned to be the last release of this series. v2.3.6 may break compatibility with existing v2.3.4 addons due to moving to bootstrap. The 2.3.6 version label will be added to the Apps Marketplace once it's released so updated addons and Apps can be clearly labelled.
  8. The "AJAX Attribute Manager BS" submission is now linked to the "AJAX Attribute Manager support" support topic.
  9. @raiwa done!
  10. It will be best to handle such scenarios on a request basis, otherwise the next submitter would be able to change the topic at will. I'll set that support topic link up in the next few minutes.
  11. It's limited to topics who were posted by the original author of the addon/app submission. Should this restriction be removed?
  12. @raiwa has already started linking his submissions to his support topics! Examples can be seen here: In the next update to the Apps Marketplace it will be possible to automatically create a support/announcement topic for new submissions.
  13. Farewell Add-Ons website! All links now redirect to the Apps Marketplace. The last of our legacy websites just went offline.
  14. Developers, it's now possible to link your support topics to your submissions at the Apps Marketplace!

  15. @Gergely @frankl Thanks for pointing that out - the exact dimensions are back and showing again.