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  1. Developers, it's now possible to link your support topics to your submissions at the Apps Marketplace!

  2. Topics with 5 or more replies within 60 minutes are now shown in the "Popular Now" box on the front page of the forum (near the bottom).

    1. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      and as "Hot" in the forum channel listing :laugh:

  3. Ambassadors. Announcement coming soon.

    1. Gyakutsuki


      Hello Haald, Which roles for Ambassdors ?

    2. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      The Ambassador program is replacing the Community Sponsorship program as a lifetime membership instead of a monthly/yearly duration. Current Community Sponsors have already been updated to Ambassadors, as well as previous Community Sponsors who have sponsored over the price of the Ambassador program (to be announced).

    3. Gyakutsuki


      Ok, understand, I am thank this element is something to develop osc, like prestashop make to develop the product by some web service company. It more marketing approach. Wait to see.

  4. frankl sent another care package https://goo.gl/photos/PcBzPH7yCXEYXcfF8 case of Red Bull, coffee beans, cocoa, nuts and raisins, Jack Daniels chocolate, and olive oil :-D #latenightcoding Thanks Frank! <3

    1. mattjt83


      Maybe I should send you some chocolates from my shop too!

    2. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      That would be awesome <3 Will add a page to the website for the team to accept and showcase goodies and care packages :D

    3. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      You'll need to set up a strong table to hold Gary's beer too. ;)

  5. v2.4.2 tagged on Github! The update package will be ready this afternoon.

  6. v2.4.2 milestone has been met, but release will be pushed out on Saturday (19th) to include fixes to reported bug reports.

    1. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      Pushed back to Sunday (20th) - fixing as many reported bugs as possible :)

  7. v2.4 Joli: Now MIT licensed, and we've scaled back on our shop and admin branding. Enjoy!

    1. multimixer


      Joli ... I got it just now

  8. MjAxNjEwMzEgQSBKb2xpIGdvb2QgZmVsbG93

    1. MrPhil


      I fully agree!

    2. tgely



    3. tgely




  9. @frankl, thanks, smiling large today :D

    1. tgely



  10. If you've dropped IE 6? 7? 8? support on your website frontend (jquery/bootstrap), don't forget to further secure your SSL certificates that don't need IE 6/7/8.

  11. The first public release of the PayPal App has been pushed out! Announcement will be published soon. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9184

    1. ArtcoInc


      Do we still use our existing API Username, Password, and Signature with this new module?

  12. The first PayPal App (beta) online update has been pushed out! For those testing: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398299-looking-for-testers-new-paypal-app/

  13. If you have a test installation, please help and test out the upcoming PayPal App: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398299-looking-for-testers-new-paypal-app/ .. a one-click online update will be pushed out this week which needs to get tested. Thanks!

  14. The server was down last night for maintenance and poodle shampooing.

    1. joli1811


      Yes noticed you were up very early this morning :)

  15. Server was shorlty offline for 5 minutes this morning. The replacement drive from last week needed to be replaced.

    1. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      Is it slow? It might be due to the raid rebuilding the new drive. It will take another 2-3 hours to finish.

    2. acidvertigo


      This is the "dark raid of the moon" ;)

    3. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      It's going to take a little while longer until this evening :(

  16. Inches away from 7,500 Add-Ons! :)

    1. GLWalker


      How about now?



      Nothing major, but something Ive been meaning to contribute.

    1. Biancoblu


      Nice to see osC moving forward so quickly! Interesting stuff! :thumbsup:

  17. Just created my first private repo at GitHub today. v2.3.5 will be an awesome release :) #teasing

    1. tgely


      It's never late to start a new addon. :D

    2. Mort-lemur


      v2.3.5?? Damn - was hoping that you were working on OSC v4.0 :)

  18. PayPal Express Checkout In-Context checkout flow may be coming back! A new beta version of it is enabled on our demo site. Still working on this!

    1. Mort-lemur


      Which means in simple terms? :)

    2. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      The EC checkout flow can be performed in a popup window so the customer never leaves your site. Try it out on the demo site. At the moment it doesn't seem to work in IE. Previously a lightbox was used but the customer could not tell if the content was loaded from PayPal's server or a phishing site - that's why now a pop-up window is being used so the customer can verify with the green SSL certificate.

    3. mattjt83


      I REALLY like this Harald. Weird how it behaves in IE

  19. The forum is back using 24hour time, eg 17:00 instead of 05:00 PM.

  20. Wouldn't it be nice to see all transaction results from PayPal instead of a debug email? This is coming up as well as order actions (capture, refund, ..)

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    2. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      It's something much better :D

    3. Mort-lemur


      ...Currently Im disliking paypal :(

    4. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      Heather, catch me on live chat and we'll go through the problems your experiencing.