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  1. All PayPal modules we have included in our releases have always used HTTPS and POST. If you would like to make sure that your module works without disruption after June 30, you can check now by performing a test order and transaction using the PayPal sandbox server.
  2. Hi All.. The background processing queue is now finally up to date and has already processed the newer submissions. An App enters the background processing queue when a zip file or image file is uploaded. The first revision of the background processing queue checks the files for checksum errors and viruses. The next revision will go a step further and test each php file for any syntax errors. E-mails are sent out when the processing has completed. E-mail are not sent out when a problem has been detected - in this case the files will be verified manually and placed back in the queue for further processing. For Apps that allow others to upload to, the original author (owner of the App) will also get notified by e-mail when someone else has uploaded an update. The time can take between 5-15 minutes. Is this cool or what?
  3. The problem actually occurred when no screenshot image was submitted. A fix has just been pushed out for this.
  4. A second error has been logged and it's the fault of @kymation Adding a cover or screenshot image should have added the images to the queue, however they were saved immediately. I'm looking into this and will get this fixed.
  5. Yep, the login cookie is valid for all of our websites (main website, forum, sites, apps - the library site does not have a login at the moment). It's currently only possible to edit the information for main packages, not for update uploads. This will be ready on the weekend.
  6. Yep, that's correct. The legacy "paypal.php" payment module does not use IPN. This first started with "paypal_standard.php". Our PayPal modules have never used the Merchant API Certificate Credentials so nothing needs to be changed here either. The newer modules use the Merchant API Signature Credentials, nothing needs to be adapted here either. Regardless of which module is being used, if you can process a PayPal transaction in sandbox now, then you won't have any issues on the live server on June 30.
  7. That's totally fine. That legacy module also uses POST to send the order information to PayPal.
  8. Redirect links are now partly in place. Viewing an addon takes you to its new marketplace url, and submitting a new package redirects to the marketplace submission page. The first post has been updated with information on the new marketplace url scheme.
  9. Just updated the first post with more info. I'll be working on improving the background queue today to speed the processing up. So far so good!
  10. @frankl yep, that's going to be accommodated soon.
  11. Update 02:00 CEST The new Apps Marketplace website is taking it's first steps online. I'm still working on this in the background. This will replace the legacy add-ons website. Uploads can be performed but are placed in a background queue for internal background processing. You will receive an email when the processing is complete. The first batch will take a while to process (due to other tasks running) and will eventually catch up with a waiting time of around 5-10 minutes. Information on what's new will be published soon.
  12. Hi All.. Something (good) is happening to the Add-Ons website today. Updates will be posted here. 19:20 CEST The Add-Ons website is currently under maintenance. No new uploads can be performed at this time. This should be back in operation in an hour or so. 02:00 CEST Apps Marketplace went online at 04:00 CEST So far absolutely no errors have been logged. Yay. Following is some more information. The Apps Marketplace is replacing the legacy Add-Ons website. All existing Add-Ons are listed in the marketplace. As soon as our next releases are published with the App framework, the listing at the marketplace will allow filtering of Add-Ons for our legacy releases, and Apps for our new releases. Right now only free / open-source uploads are allowed - commercial uploads will be available in the near future. What's New? Here is what's new with the Apps Marketplace: You can now edit the title and descriptions of your uploads. (applies to main packages, for updates see todo list below) A cover image can be uploaded and is shown in app listings / search results. If no cover image is available, a color block is used. Screenshots can be uploaded. Zip files are now only accepted. (previously .tar.gz and .rar were also accepted; these have been converted to zip packages) Uploads of zip files and / or images will place the submission in a background queue for further processing. (this is currently delayed due to other tasks, ultimately it will take about 5-10 minutes. An e-mail is sent out when the processing has completed) Edits cannot be performed if the App is already in the processing queue until it has been processed. Edits to titles, descriptions, maintainers (granting other members access to upload updates), and sorting of existing screenshots will have the changes applied immediately. Searching can be filtered by relevancy and last update date. New submissions are set as private by default, as opposed to being open where other members can upload updates. Granting access to other users to allow them to upload updates is now performed by selecting the member from a auto-suggestion list instead of having to enter their full name in. Either the App can be set to allow upload updates from anyone or from a maximum of 15 selected members. The download button on the App information page is either a Download button to download the latest update, or a View Files button to view the updates that have been uploaded. The Download button is shown for private Apps, and the View Files button is shown for public Apps (Apps that allow anyone to upload updates to). This behaviour is used in case the last update to a public App is not a full package. URL Scheme Apps are now linked to via an App specific code of 5 characters. The following url scheme can be used to link to an App: The App information page links to itself with a canonical url including the title of the App in the following scheme: Either style can be used to link to Apps directly. Download links now have the following scheme: That will download the latest upload in the App package. Each upload in an App package also has a specific code of 5 characters. Linking to a specific upload version can be done with: Downloading Apps now requires a user account on our website. This is needed for the marketplace integration into OSCOM to allow one click installations and to be able to manage commercial Apps and licenses when this opens in the near future. Todo Member profile pages. Allow titles and descriptions of update uploads to be edited. Allow main packages and updates to be removed. Allow owners to moderate update uploads from other members. User reviews. Show download statistics. Allow forum support topic to be linked to. Redirect old links from the addons website to the new marketplace links. Redirects are now partly in place. 07/June Bootstrap v4.0alpha6 is currently used - still need to optimize for a responsive layout The source code is of course up at Github at (keeping true to our pledge), it is however not a stand-alone functional installation. I will make sure our complete website is "installable" once all updates to the OSCOM v3 framework have aligned.
  13. Ambassadors. Announcement coming soon.

    1. Gyakutsuki


      Hello Haald, Which roles for Ambassdors ?

    2. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      The Ambassador program is replacing the Community Sponsorship program as a lifetime membership instead of a monthly/yearly duration. Current Community Sponsors have already been updated to Ambassadors, as well as previous Community Sponsors who have sponsored over the price of the Ambassador program (to be announced).

    3. Gyakutsuki


      Ok, understand, I am thank this element is something to develop osc, like prestashop make to develop the product by some web service company. It more marketing approach. Wait to see.

  14. It's not you, it's the addons site. I've tested it though and can login. There have also been some uploads so others can login as well. I just applied some changes so names are showing on some areas, but are still missing in other areas. Please hold on a couple of days as the addons site is being replaced soon. Could you please confirm though that logins at and work? Thanks!
  15. The Commercial Support Enquiries forum channel is now back in operation! The channel appears when signed into the forum.