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  1. Happy Birthday Harald    :)

  2. stripe module is not working in php 7.1 .error show like please help me.


    Please try again. If the issues persist, try another payment method.

  3. Mr Ponce de Leon

    Good day.

    At this point in time, I am quite happy with OSC 2.3.4 however I know that it has been sunsetted.  Therein lies the source of my question - My ultimate goal is to use OSC version 3x when it becomes available.

    HOW is the best way to be prepared for migration to V3x?

    Is it going to be a necessity to first go to OSC CE then to V3x or will there be an update made available to move from the version I am currently using?

    BJ Chadduck

  4. Harald Ponce de Leon

    Payment Zone Not Working

    There is a bug with the Braintree App v2.011 that does not respect the Payment Zone if one has been specified. Until the next App update is pushed out, those affected by this issue can easily apply the following change. In the following file: catalog/includes/modules/payment/braintree_cc.php on lines 95 and 97, the following constant is being referenced: OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_DP_ZONE simple replace both instances with the following constant: OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_BRAINTREE_CC_ZONE and save the file. Payment Zones will then work as normal.
  5. Harald, please, please, PLEASE, can you re-desing the addons area were we can find the following?

    • Estate the Compatibility with the osC versions?
    • Rating of the users
    • Languages availables and how can contribute to this.
    • Allow 'lite' addons of commercial ones
    • A warning with very old addons...
    • A good starting point:  https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/

    If you can't do it, please ALLOW to do it by the rest of this OPEN SOURCE comunity.


    1. valquiria23


      please Harald !!!! 😁

  6. Hi, there is a security issue in osCommerce, if you could receive this message, please contact me by the email: hongkun.zeng@vulnspy.com

    Jiuwu inc.

  7. Harald Ponce de Leon

    QTPro BS

    @raiwa done!
  8. Developers, it's now possible to link your support topics to your submissions at the Apps Marketplace!

  9. Administrator Login - From a Different City

    Hello! So sorry to bother you; here`s my conundrum - I have a friend in Johannesburg who has a site [set up by a third party a few years ago]. I recently moved to Port Elizabeth, and the plan is for me to extend his site advertising services here.

    However, his login details will not work for me! He has checked said login details on a different computer and it works fine, bur will not work for me!

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


  10. Topics with 5 or more replies within 60 minutes are now shown in the "Popular Now" box on the front page of the forum (near the bottom).

    1. Harald Ponce de Leon

      Harald Ponce de Leon

      and as "Hot" in the forum channel listing :laugh:

  11. Harald Ponce de Leon

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    BTW, at https://demo.oscommerce.com, vault storage has been enabled for the following payment modules: braintree_cc sage_pay_direct stripe Please use a test credit card number to test it out, eg: 4111111111111111 any expiry date in future any cvv code The stored cards are then managed in the My Account area. For your next purchase, the payment module should detect a stored token and automatically select the payment module for the order.
  12. Harald Ponce de Leon

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    I did not refer to storing the actual card information locally in the database - that I advise against unless you know what you're doing with PCI DSS (you 99% don't, so don't try). What I'm referring to is allowing the payment service provider store the card information on their servers and have them deal with PCI DSS (they are 100% compliant as it's their business). The payment service provider sends you a token which is stored locally in the database and is referenced for future payments. This token must be of course secured locally just the same as your payment service provider credentials must be secured. The last 4 digits of the card number is stored so the customer knows what card is going to get charged. It is here where CVV and 3D Secure can be configured to be asked for again as they have already been verified when the first purchase was made. The PayPal and Braintree Apps have this as a configuration option. Other payment modules that support vault storage are also configurable to enable the feature. The card input fields are loaded via iframe from the payment service provider so the card information never touches your server. There is no need to worry about PCI DSS even when stored tokens are enabled.
  13. Harald Ponce de Leon

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    The shopping cart page could act as a checkout confirmation page for existing customers as their information and preferred payment options are already known. There is no need to go through the checkout steps, if the customer needs to use a different address they can click on the "edit" link and return straight back to the checkout confirmation page.
  14. Harald Ponce de Leon

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    Another issue to consider is the general speed loading time of your site. If it's slow, don't think a one page checkout will increase sales by 650% just because "AJAX is fast". It may be fast because the rest of the site is slow Remove the left and right columns of the checkout procedure and it's a giant step towards the "one thing per page" concept.
  15. Harald Ponce de Leon

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    I advise against that too if you're going to store the details locally in your database due to PCI-DSS regulations, however there is absolutely nothing wrong with storing card details if you have a payment service provider providing you that service (most do today without an extra charge). To be on the safe side it's nice to have a checkbox option near the card input fields to save the card details for the next purchase. Some sites don't have the checkbox and always store the card details - this always comes down to your business and your target audience. At the very minimum it should then be described in your privacy or terms and conditions page. Requiring CVV and 3D Secure is common for first time purchases (though I believe amazon.de asks for neither) and is usually configurable if the CVV and 3D Secure should be asked for again for future purchases to allow one-click purchases. This again comes down to how strict you want the security checks to be to protect against fraudulent sales.