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  1. dannyhenderson

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

    I guess I have to be that guy and revive this thread. Harald? Mark? Any update would be appreciated :) We are so close to a usable v3 and we stalled out, anything on the horizon?
  2. dannyhenderson

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

    Good news! Thanks burt!
  3. dannyhenderson

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

    I was really excited about the new changes and everything that was happening but we seem to have hit a bit of a stall. OSC3 is VERY close to complete with the only major features left are the porting of the admin applications from 3.0a5 to the OSCOM platform. If just this were complete the codebase would be workable for many shops. Any updates about the future of OSCOM3?
  4. dannyhenderson


    That Application hasn't been updated to the new 3.0 framework yet, but I would expect to see those functions rolled out via the Core Update function fairly quickly. This is why it was stated it wouldn't be ready to run a shop on day 1 :)
  5. dannyhenderson

    OSC V3

    Personally, I don't want Harald and Mark spending more time answering questions on the forums when their time could be focused on improving the codebase. The community will have to build itself up around v3. I think there will be more early adopters than you think, myself included, but I just wanted to make it clear you will not be able to run a store on v3 tomorrow.
  6. dannyhenderson

    OSC V3

    I believe the best course of action would be to secure your current sites as an immediate migration to v3 upon release will not be possible. It will probably take a little time after release to solidify the Applications necessary to run a basic shop and it is yet to be seen how fast the addons will roll out.
  7. After reading this most recent blog I was left considering some of the implications of it and was curious what the other developers thought. 1. How this model of Site & Application & Action in the urls was going to affect search engine friendly URLs as people always request. Short urls with the product name or keywords in it. 2. Security-- if internal methods are arbitrarily executable it seems security could be a nightmare, but this is just a hypothetical. We just need to ensure the security model that is in place does not allow for arbitrary execution of methods. I'll add more thoughts when I have a chance to review the code in respect to these items. Maybe Harald can weigh in. Thanks, Danny
  8. dannyhenderson

    New BSD License

    Thanks for the link Harald, Good video and yes that cleared it up for me. This is a good thing for osC in my opinion.
  9. dannyhenderson

    New BSD License

    I'm excited about the switch to the BSD license. Being a more permissive license, it seems this well pave the way for more freedom for developers spread the use of the osCommerce in ways that were not permitted under the GPL. In my understanding, there is nothing that was allowed under the GPL license that will not be allowed under the BSD license. We will not lose anything, but we will gain additional rights. Can anyone that is familiar with the workings of both address if this is the case?
  10. dannyhenderson

    Is OSCOM 3.0 ever going to be released

    Thanks for pointing this out, I hadn't seen it yet. I've spent some time working thru the code and I can attest that it is an impressive upgrade :) It looks NOTHING like the previously released Alpha 5. There is a lot of work to do for it to be ready yet, but if anyone can push us to that date, Harald can.
  11. dannyhenderson

    Is OSCOM 3.0 ever going to be released

    I was about to make a comment to get your hat's ready seeing as we are halfway into Q1, BUT there is activity on github again!!! I can't say how much I appreciate OSC and all the hard work that Harald and everyone has put in. The first rewrite of OSC is going to be very exciting when released!
  12. dannyhenderson

    Will osc v3.0 Alpha 5 be supported for upgrade

    This is good news, and I also really appreciate the replies and information. Can't wait to hear more!
  13. It was originally stated that the Alpha 5 release was going to be the first supported release of the v3 series, but as we know it has alot of problems still that the development team are working very hard to fix. Looking at the current state of HPDL's branch on github there are major upgrades and changes to this version on the way. My question is will v3a5 still be supported with the next release, meaning will there be a direct database import and/or upgrade to go forward from Alpha 5. I don't think anyone using Alpha software expects that any addons or customizations would still work as the framework is still being modified, but there should be a clear upgrade path for the data since v3a5 was going to be a supported release. Can anyone on or close to the development team weigh in if this is still the case?
  14. dannyhenderson

    osC3 Simple Content Manager forum

    Funny you should mention this, I wanted the same thing. I didn't have a graceful way to do it because I was in a hurry but here is my hack to get you in the right area: In /templates/default/modules/content/cms_xsell.php (this one is for the product listing, there is another one for the articles listing) I added an if to check for content like this: <? if (strlen(trim($osC_Box->getContent())) > 50) { ?> <!-- module cms_sitemap start //--> <div class="moduleBox"> <h6><?php echo $osC_Box->getTitle(); ?></h6> <div class="content"><?php echo $osC_Box->getContent(); ?></div> </div> <? } ?> The 50 is because there is some content even in an empty box. This works for me but it's messy... maybe you can clean it up for everyone else :) thanks
  15. dannyhenderson

    osC3 Simple Content Manager forum

    Found it, this bug can be fixed in: \includes\content\cms\view.php @ line 40 replace: if ($osC_Services->isStarted('breadcrumb')) { $osC_Breadcrumb->add($QcmsDetails->value("cms_name"), osc_href_link(FILENAME_CMS, $this->_module)); } with: if ($osC_Services->isStarted('breadcrumb')) { $osC_Breadcrumb->add($QcmsDetails->value("cms_name"), osc_href_link(FILENAME_CMS, "view=" . $QcmsDetails->value("cms_id"), "NONSSL")); } Thanks!