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  1. pixellated

    Help with Payflo Link

    I just started having this problem as well. Suggestions anyone? Help? Please? :(
  2. pixellated

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Also, that damned "Call-time pass-by-reference" error is showing up again, except it's not in the upsxml file, it's in the xmldocument.php file: Also appearing on line 272 and 281 of the same file. :wacko: What gives with that anyway?
  3. pixellated

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    There seems to be a number of errors in the latest version, most of which have a fairly simple fix (remove the REG symbols, etc.) However, IMHO posting fixes to this forum is the WORST possible way to go about doing things. Torin: would it be too much trouble to actually amend the current version with the latest bug fixes as posted within this thread, call it v1.3, and upload it? I've noticed the same errors repeated here over and over - why not fix the problems in the SOURCE instead of relying on people to come here, post the question "Why am I receiving this error?" only to be told that THEY have to fix the bug themselves? I'm sorry to gripe - it's a GREAT contribution, if only I could get it to work. Half of the "fixes" posted to this thread don't even tell exactly which file must be corrected. [/soapbox]
  4. pixellated

    Master Products - MS2

    I made a minor modification of the script to allow me to view which products in the categories.php (/catalog/admin/categories.php) page were designated as "Master" and which were "Slave." Because I entered all my slave products with the same name(s) as the masters, it was impossible to tell with a simple glance at the list. Here are my mods, if anyone's interested: In the master products queries (around line 1420 in my copy) I simply added 'p.products_master_status' to each query: And then changed the table display based on $products['products_master_status'] down around lines 1455 (in my copy - your mileage may vary): Now, my products list displays as: Black Leather Studded Belt - Master Black Leather Studded Belt Black Leather Studded Belt (Mind you - if I had just entered all my content with a slightly different name for the slave items, I wouldn't have needed to go to this trouble. But I didn't, so I did. So there. :) ) HOWEVER... Something odd has happened that I don't believe is related to the code I changed. Now, when I click on a product for a quick overview in the box to the right of the list, I get two sets of "Edit/Delete/Move/Copy To" buttons. The top set of buttons appears to relate to the master item - the "Edit" button, for example - while the bottom buttons appear to relate to a standard (slave) item. (See image below:) I really have no idea what's going on. I removed my edits above from the script and the extra buttons were still there. Any ideas?