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  1. DavidCTurn

    Access to Admin area /backstage

    Hi! The temporary respite that I experienced yesterday has ended. At the moment, I can't even get to the post-authentication step to attempt to log in "properly", so I haven't been able to try out your investigation to its fullest extent - I tried the F12 at the first request stage and have taken a screen shot of that process in case it helps. I have disabled the Cache function and had previously cleared my Firefox cache too, and I also tried to log in with my Kaspersky Total Security disabled too - all to no avail. I have previously tried to login using Chrome, but that experience wasn't any different to this current Firefox one. Did I forget anything/have you any other thoughts? Thanks for helping, by the way! Might the screen shot be of any use? If so, where should I send it and/or how? I am relatively new to posting and being active in the Forum, despite my 10+ years of membership....
  2. Hi! I have been unable to access the admin part of my shop since mid-morning on Monday (now 2 days ago) - earlier that day I was able to log in to Admin, but the connection became progressively tenuous later in the morning and since then, despite using the correct login name/password, I haven't been able to get any further than entering those initial login details - the login seems to proceed, but it never gets further than a blank tab/"waiting for www.prolaxshop.com...", whereas I would normally then proceed to a second login page where I have to input the same details again - we use a 2-stage login, before accessing my Admin area. The online site itself seems to be functioning correctly - orders can be placed, payments processed and the databases that represent the site's collective wisdom are also fully accessible - the domain is hosted by 1&1 and the SQL databases are billeted with them too. 1&1 Hosting technical support can see no apparent cause for my problems. Stop press! The second stage of login page has now (all of a sudden) started to reappear and I have also managed to log in, so the problem seems to have "gone away" for the moment, at least. That being said, does anyone know if there has been a general OSCommerce problem hanging around, or can anyone advise me where I could check to see if there is a problem with my site? We used to have a technical support partner, but he has moved on to other things, and as we will be putting our OSC shop 2out to pasture" in the next few months, my Directors can see no need for us to enter into any sort of regular support agreement with anyone... 😞 so if there is anyone who can offer ad hoc assistance, I, for one, would be very grateful!