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  1. Worth the wait, amazing fix! Worked instantly. Thanks a lot for the great support, and amazing contribution :)
  2. Hi dynamo, Any update on this?
  3. I commend you for knowing right off the bat that I used GoDaddy, and thanks for a prompt reply and for still supporting your amazing contribution! Heres the environment part:
  4. I have been trying to solve this for months, and very diligently for the past 2 hours. My entire admin sectino is secure, I have followed both of these contributions as well: All of my admin pages are https:// in the address bar. However, when I view an order, I always see this text: You must access your administration section through HTTPS before you can use the advanced PayPal Pro features. :/ I am sure that my configure.php file is correct, ESPECIALLY since on that very page ( it is HTTPS, clearly, but still getting that error. If this helps: I ran the diagnostics file found at: and was told that the SLL was not detected, and if it was installed, check the configure file here is my entire configure file. Please help, thank you
  5. OMG, you don't know how relieved I am right now. This should have been a simple upgrade/contrib, but it has taken me 4+ hours.... I just sat down again, went through EVERY SINGLE step of both the original SEO URL's and this contribution. the LAST thing I checked was that I copied the generals.php correctly. I deleted my work, re-copied it, and it works now! :) Which, I don't really understand, because I never touched that after copying, but maybe I had an extra character in there or something...either way, IT WORKS! Amazing... Hope this can help anyone else out there having the same problem. Whew... Ok, I'm done now :) Here is my original post:
  6. Agh...very frustrating :( I have ULTIMATE SEO 2.1 installed When I turn this contribution on, I get timed out errors, only index.php will work. No products or category pages will work. I've tried to put in new seo.class.php files from the different 2.1 versions, didn't work. I tried to change my settings in SEO, didn't work. I've read through all of these pages, and seen a couple of people with the same/similar problem, some solved, but no solution posted :( Link to my website is: www.stinks (THE WORD "AND" GOES HERE) However, this contrib. is turned off, so everything should work fine. The second I turn it on, I get this error (in Firefox): I have tried everything I can think of for the past 2 hours, and nothing is working. Please help, thank you thank you!
  7. I must say, this is one fantastic contribution! And, Jack, high five to you for keeping the support going! :)
  8. Perfect fix :) There was 2 lines of nothing at the end of database_tables that fixed this right up :) I haven't installed the admin section yet, I wanted to get these bugs fixed first. The breadcrumb categories only works correctly if I leave my current code in (if I overwrite it with the code given to me in install_catalog, it stops working and shows up blank. The product name doesn't work at all :(. Here is my original code for the breadcrumb category: Thank you for your prompt response:)
  9. Ok, I just installed this fantastic contrib, but I have a couple of problems. :unsure: 1) I get this error: My solution (please tell me if this is OK or what I did, all I know is that it made the error stop, but I have NO idea what the consequence of doing this is): I went into sessions.php and added "//" before: return session_start(); AND return session_register($variable); 2) Breadcrumb isn't working, neither at the top of the page, or at the bottom when I added the currently viewing part of the contribution. Please see an example here: [url="http://www.stinks (THE WORD "AND" GOES HERE)
  10. Turn this setting: Express Checkout: Address Override from STORE to PAYPAL should solve the problem
  11. I have an earlier version than 1.0, but I need the new one installed - when my customers try to checkout with paypal, they are redirected to paypal as they should, log into paypal, redirected back to my site, but then get in a loop, and can't get past checkout so, i go to delete, in all of my files, everything inbetween PayPal WPP Modification START and PayPal WPP Modification END, site is loaded with bugs. any help? if anyone can provide custom help I'll pay you to do new install, thanks
  12. Ever since I installed the PWA contribution. my customers cannot see the shipping or billing addresses they enter during checkout (only when using PWA). It is also not being sent through email. However, it is being stored as when I print the invoices, the addresses are showing up perfectly.