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  1. Solved. Nothing to do with .htaccess ... had to change the PHP code :thumbsup:
  2. would really appreciate any information on this .htaccess change. the SSLRequireSSL seems to cause the error.
  3. weird. i seem to remember this working initially. i have recently enabled SSL I wonder if its anything to do with that :'(
  4. In admin mode, the credit card is displaying the long encrytped value instead of the real number, what can this be :blink:
  5. I will post a new thread on this problem ;)
  6. so my credit card numbers display encrypted in admin. i just noticed the $key = changeme; which i had not changed. this is now set as $key = zxcvbn; but the same problem exists. What can this be?
  7. fixed the non-display now it displays the encrypted number in admin. this is admin/orders.php code I am using now ... <?php // BMC CC Mod Start if ($order->info['cc_number'] != '0000000000000000') { if ( strtolower(CC_ENC) == 'true' ) { $key = changeme; $cipher_data = $order->info['cc_number']; // mod to pass unencrypted card numbers without scrambling them if(strlen($order->info['cc_number']) > 20) { $order->info['cc_number'] = changedataout($cipher_data,$key); } } } // BMC CC Mod End ?> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER; ?></td> <td class="main"><?php echo $order->info['cc_number']; ?></td> </tr>
  8. I have a problem with credit card number collection display, the credit card number is not appearing in the admin for some reason. The code looks good to me. from admin/orders.php // BMC CC Mod Start if ($order->info['cc_number'] != '0000000000000000') { if ( strtolower(CC_ENC) == 'true' ) { $key = changeme; $cipher_data = $order->info['cc_number']; $order->info['cc_number'] = changedataout($cipher_data,$key); } } // BMC CC Mod End from checkout_process.php // BMC CC Mod Start if ( strtolower(CC_ENC) == 'true' ) { $key = changeme; $plain_data = $order->info['cc_number']; $order->info['cc_number'] = changedatain($cipher_data,$key); } // BMC CC Mod End What can be wrong?
  9. Toon, have you got this line in your admin/includes/database_tables.php ; define('TABLE_BLACKLIST', 'card_blacklist'); ?
  10. richjboyd, i am running ms2 with multistores and have got this working fine tonight. if you follow this thread, get the latest version, read the instructions and do as it says you cannot go wrong. instead of replacing big chunks of code just add the differences. thanks to all in this thread and the various authors of this brilliant/essential mod. Paul at http://www.hussarweb.co.uk
  11. pmortlock

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    jimmy how about listing your MS1 mods, getting them to work with MS2 would be good. then using this mod would be more feasible i think.
  12. pmortlock

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    if you run the sql and update your live database you can then just run another query to populate the store_id's by category number. using one configuration file for both stores is possible, by setting the store_id inside the page instead of loading from the control file. this might help with using one control panel to do all the admin but i will give it some more thought this afternoon.
  13. pmortlock

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    thanks very much i got this working tonight, fantastic work thank you