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  1. Need help. can't delete the order.


    I am new to Oscommerce


    After installing the order editor.


    It seems that i cannot delete the order.


    when first click the "delete" button, it direct to a new page which you can choose to restock the quantity.


    It was here that i cannot "confirm delete" the order.


    When i click "delete" it directs to the order details instead of deleting the order.


    Can someone pls help?


    i have changed nothing, simply add the php given in the file cos i know nothing about php.


    I am using the latest order editor v5.0.6 with two bug fixes that is last updated on 8 sep.


    Thanks in advance.


    As far as I know Order Editor doesn't do anything to the delete button or it's functionality. All of that is contained within admin/orders.php which is only changed minimally.


    Undo the changes that you made and start over.

  2. I have installed the latest version of this contribution, and if using IE (6 or 7) I get an javascript error when positioning the mouse cursor over the tooltip icon and no tooltips are shown.


    With Firefox or Opera everything works fine, bur the store management only uses IE.


    Would be great, if anyone has a solution to fix this problem.




    Do you get the error from every tooltip, a few of them, or just one?

  3. Okay thank you so much I do back up my stuff all the time so I will do that. I have that CPanel thing I think that's what you are talking about. Can I mess anything up in there, see I don't know how to really use that thing but I found it following you instructions.


    Before I copy and paste I just want to know can I mess anything up by doing that?


    See my husband set my two sites up before he died and I have no idea exactly what he put on here and I sure don't want to mess anything up.


    Thanks so much for all your help I will await your answer before I do anything here.


    God Bless




    There are all sorts of things that you can mess up- that's what backups are for. :)


    Everybody makes mistakes. You'll learn a lot as you go.

  4. Oh dear well after reading that message about versions........oh dear

    $Id: edit_orders.php, v2.5.1 2006/05/09 18:19:44 ams Exp $


    Now that is what I have already on my server what should I do now?



    The installation instructions include steps for upgrading from previous versions. Look for this header:

    ***FOR VERSION 2.3 through v2.9.4 ***

  5. I had the order editor installed some time ago and I was thinking to upgrade it but I don't know which version I have installed. Is there a way to find out this info so that I can upgrade correct.



    At the top of the file admin/edit_orders.php there should be a line similar to this:


    $Id: edit_orders.php v5.0.5 08/27/2007 djmonkey1 Exp $


    where v5.0.5 is the version number. Unfortunately that is not always updated with every revision, but it should give you a fairly good idea of what you have.

  6. Is there an update out there to get to the current 5.0.5 version that the standad non-MVS contribution is at?

    I just added the MVS contribution to my shop. I still have the standard version at 2.5.1 operating now. I am going to install this MVS version (2.9.1), but thought I would ask.


    Not that I'm aware of. I've been concentrating on the standard version.

  7. I'm wondering what I need to edit in order to remove the 'total without tax' line from the email.


    Here's an example:

    Price Per Item - $31.77

    Total Without Tax - $31.77

    Total Including Tax - $31.77


    Also, what file would I need to edit?




    Find the following code in both edit_orders.php and edit_orders_ajax.php:

    	  for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->totals); $i<$n; $i++) {
    	$email_order .= strip_tags($order->totals[$i]['title']) . ' ' . strip_tags($order->totals[$i]['text']) . "\n";


    and edit it to make it exclude any undesired elements; I recommend using the ot_class value of the component to do this. For instance if you wanted to exclude the the subtotal you would change it to

    	  for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->totals); $i<$n; $i++) {
      if (strstr($order->totals[$i]['class'], 'ot_subtotal')) continue;
    	$email_order .= strip_tags($order->totals[$i]['title']) . ' ' . strip_tags($order->totals[$i]['text']) . "\n";


    You can find the class value of each component stored in the orders_total table.

  8. No. It uses its own set of classes. The code for the abxCart where that function is found in the below file:


    What I would do is take the function count_store_contents() as it is defined in that file:

    function count_store_contents()
    $count = 0;
    foreach($this->internal_get_store_products() as $key => $product)
    $count += $product['quantity'];
    return $count;

    and add it to admin/order_editor/cart.php. Then you can test it out and see what you get, most likely a similar error identifying another missing function. Add that one in the same manner and continue in this way until the errors dry up. It will take some fiddling with to get it right. You will probably have to mess with the variable names used as well, for instance I don't think $product['quantity'] has any value in the Order Editor cart.php file, I believe it's actually $this->contents[$products_id]['qty'].

  9. Hi DJ,


    Thanks for all your previous assistance with this contribution. I've installed version 5.0.5 and I have one minor problem with it. If I insert a comment on the order, and that comment happens to contain an apostrophe, it produces a MySQL error:


    If I use the text "whats the story" instead of "what's the story", it's inserted correctly.


    Can you assist please? Also, is it OK to continue using 5.0.5, or should I upgrade to 5.0.6?




    I cannot recreate this problem on my testing server. Are you using AJAX to submit the new comments?

  10. NO.... nothing


    Find in admin/edit_orders.php all three instances of

    	<?php if (ORDER_EDITOR_USE_AJAX != 'true') { ?>
    	 <!-- Begin Update Block, only for non-ajax use -->
    			<div class="updateBlock">
    			   <div class="update1"><?php echo HINT_PRESS_UPDATE; ?></div>
    			   <div class="update2"> </div>
    			   <div class="update3"> </div>
    			   <div class="update4" align="center"><?php echo ENTRY_SEND_NEW_ORDER_CONFIRMATION; ?> <?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('nC1', '', false); ?></div>
    			   <div class="update5" align="center"><?php echo tep_image_submit('button_update.gif', IMAGE_UPDATE); ?></div>
      <!-- End of Update Block -->
    	   <?php } ?>

    and change each to

    	  <!-- Begin Update Block, only for non-ajax use -->
    			<div class="updateBlock">
    			   <div class="update1"><?php echo HINT_PRESS_UPDATE; ?></div>
    			   <div class="update2"> </div>
    			   <div class="update3"> </div>
    			   <div class="update4" align="center"><?php echo ENTRY_SEND_NEW_ORDER_CONFIRMATION; ?> <?php echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('nC1', '', false); ?></div>
    			   <div class="update5" align="center"><?php echo tep_image_submit('button_update.gif', IMAGE_UPDATE); ?></div>
      <!-- End of Update Block -->


    Be careful when editing the third instance as the php tag

    	<?php   }  //end if (ORDER_EDITOR_USE_AJAX == 'false') {
    	  echo '</form>';

    that closes the if statement "if (ORDER_EDITOR_USE_AJAX != 'true')" is used for other purposes, so you would not delete the php tag, just the first curly brace }.

  11. After installing order editor my shipping charges were not being carried over from shipping to payment.


    Once I commented out the changes in checkout_process.php it worked fine and so does order editor.

    line 89

    // 'shipping_module' => $shipping['id'], // order editor


    My version of osc is heavily modified so I wouldn't know if this will affect anyone else.


    The shipping mod I am using is flat rate.




    I have no idea how that one change to checkout_process.php could possibly cause the problem you're describing, but if it works for you that way that's great. If you don't charge tax on shipping you will never know the difference.

  12. I change my name and BAM....


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: iconv() in /home.10.10/mysite/www/catalog/admin/order_editor/functions.php on line 252

    a été mis à jour

    Well, that's the problem then: you do not have iconv() compiled on your server. Contact your webhost and see if they can/will install it. It is my understanding that it is a very simple procedure.


    You should undo the change that was made to admin/order_editor/functions.php.


    As a workaround you can disable AJAX use in Order Editor by going to Admin->Configuration->Order Editor->Allow use of AJAX to update order information?->Set to 'false'

  13. My Command files ....


    Could I send you my admin page for you to see my problem ? (if you want)


    What happens if you open admin/order_editor/functions.php and change

      function oe_iconv($string) {
    if (function_exists('iconv')) {
       return iconv('UTF-8', CHARSET . '//TRANSLIT', $string);
    	} else {
      return $string;


      function oe_iconv($string) {
       return iconv('UTF-8', CHARSET . '//TRANSLIT', $string);

  14. I have a problem with all the special characters é è ê ë with your contribution order_editor (the last version 02/09/2007).


    When I write Joël it appears J&ael WHY ?


    I'm in Latin 1 Swedish interclassement with my mysql 5.5 database


    Could you explain me how to do to change that problem ?


    Thanks a lot


    I am unable to re-create this problem on my testing server. Make sure that you have iconv() compiled on your server; go to Admin->Tools->Server Info->check for "with iconv" listed in the "Configure command" section near the top.

  15. Just some questions if you don't mind.


    I am not a programmer, but I follow directions well.


    I know nothing at all about how to back up the data base so that's the first question I have


    I know nothing at all about that SQL thing, I have added things to it with another contribution, but I just had to copy it to my FTP side and once it was there I opened the website and then deleted it from the FTP.


    Now I read the instructions and I think I can do everything looked pretty clear to me but before I do it I have to understand the two things here.


    Great Grandma trying




    You can back up your database using osCommerce by going to Admin->Tools->Database Backup. I recommend storing the backups locally as well as on the server (ie, keep local backups of your backups).


    In order to install Order Editor you must be able to modify your database. You should be able to login to your database and access it with a tool such as phpMyAdmin. If necessary ask your webhost how to access your database.


    Once you have accessed your database, if you are using phpMyAdmin you should see a row of tabs across the top of the right hand frame. One of these tabs should say SQL. Click on that tab; once you are viewing the SQL pane you can copy and paste the entire SQL command into the text box and hit the "go" button. That should be it.

  16. Has anyone gotten the latest version to work with auctionblox?


    Getting Fatal error: Call to undefined function: count_store_contents() in /home/xxx/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/fixed.php on line 512

    when attempting to access edit_orders.php. It's related to the fixed shipping module which when turned off, doesn't cause the error.


    Post a link to the contribution that provides the file includes/modules/shipping/fixed.php.

  17. worked a treat :)


    Thanks for your rapid response (as usual)






    You might run into a problem with tax calculations- since the item is no longer stored in the database, it no longer has a tax class assigned to it. The taxes will still be calculated, but for the products deleted the name of the tax field will simply be "Tax" instead of the real name of whatever the appropriate tax class/rate may be.