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  1. I have the mod installed, its working, however - Order #'s are jumping wildly. For example:



    These are the last Order IDs;










    Why are there so many numbers skipped between orders? Is there any way to fix this?


    FYI > I sent support request directly to Dynamo several weeks ago, no reply. WTH?

  2. (edited to clarify the problem)


    I received this from a customer:


    "I don't know what is going on. I have tried to order product from you and pay by pay-pal and I get to the page where I click "continue" to complete the order and it never loads. This is the second time and it is the same thing. You can tell me if the order went through or not. It still shows my cart contains 4 items."


    I think he is hanging on the Payment Page after selecting Paypal and hitting continue.


    Is this a hang on OSC or Paypal?

  3. Is it just me or is Paypal having serious processing issues the past month?


    - A couple of weekends ago, payments were not completing through Paypal, users were getting blank screens and transactions would not complete. !@#$%


    - Yesterday I noticed that an order I have already shipped had the "Print shipping Label" tab as if it had never shipped. !@#$%


    - Also yesterday I tried to send someone money and the transaction seemingly went through but no money was removed from my account, so, upon retrying, I received an error message that the service was having trouble. I checked today and the transaction doesn't exist. !@#$%


    In general the system seems very slow to me.


    I tried submitting a trouble ticket, but there is no category for any of my issues...not funny. Surely Paypal is aware of all the issues.

  4. I also get the following email since the last couple of days: (same IP)




    I had a couple of transactions that failed, but can't be positive it's related


    anybody else?


    I received 2 emails this week with this:




    Subject: PayPal IPN Invalid Process








  5. Yes, thanks Alex.


    I installed the Paypal Pro module and got it up and running.


    1 - It seems to work fine, hopefully the API will be more reliable (it is certianlly less confusing for people who are trying to figure out how to sue Paypal without creating an account) that the Paypal Standard integration. So far so good.


    2 - Shipping information is transmitted and wroks exactly the same as Paypal Standard. I can still ship from inside my PayPal account, which is handy.


    I am hopefull this will eliminate some of my Payment Pending orders...

  6. Hi, I currently use Paypal (standard?) and I have a couple of questions about moving to Paypal Pro:


    1. Does it work better than Paypal standard? Specifically - I am seeing too many "Pending Payment" orders. When I call the customer and ask why they were either (a) confused as to how to use Paypal since they were not already a Paypal customer and gave up OR (B) they say when it transferred to the Paypal site - it died and never logged onto Paypal.


    2. Shipping. Does Paypal Pro pre-load my customer order information (name, address..ect) on the Paypal site so I can still ship PayPal Pro orders directly from the Paypal site?