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  1. HI All. I have just installed 1.08, and everything seems OK until I get to the last step. Using paypal standard, you can order items, pay (payments work) and then when you click on the link to return to my web site (from Paypal), I get this error message Fatal error: Call to a member function getAddressFormatted() on a non-object in /...../public_html/catalog3/includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php on line 522 I had the same problem in v1.07 The line in question is here /* One Page Checkout - BEGIN */ $sendToFormatted = tep_address_label($customer_id, $sendto, 0, '', "\n"); if (ONEPAGE_CHECKOUT_ENABLED == 'True'){ ---> $sendToFormatted = $onePageCheckout->getAddressFormatted('sendto'); } $billToFormatted = tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, 0, '', "\n"); if (ONEPAGE_CHECKOUT_ENABLED == 'True'){ $billToFormatted = $onePageCheckout->getAddressFormatted('billto'); } /* One Page Checkout - END */ I don't understand why the return page is calling paypal_standard.php anyway - shouldn't it be calling checkout_success ??? Can anyone confirm the correct return page please ? (or have any ideas about this prob) ?? Thanks Hardy
  2. Your MySQL host (usually also your web host) should have give you access to myPHPAdmin, which is the MySQL admin tool. Login, and select your store's database. Then there should be a SQL link somewhere at the top. If you bring that up you can clear anything in the text box, and paste in the contents of the SQL code provided in the installation file. Then click on the GO button to execute it. It should return a message to indicate the code executed successfully. Regards, Hardy.
  3. Have a look in install.html. Go down to the version updates list, and just below 1.06 is a list of adds/removes and mods. The filenames concerned are shown on blue backgrounds. Do the mods, run the SQL at the end, and copy the files. The format of the install file does leave a bit to be desired. Regards, Hardy
  4. Hi Jonathan. Just a though about your Paypal issue. If you are testing on a separate test system - you may have different root path to your html files. If this is the case, then you will need to modify your paypal standard settings to point to the certificates with the test system's full paths. Regards, Hardy
  5. Hi All. Just installed V1.6, and what a difference. 1.5 Drove me mad for a while. Anyway, it seems we still have a few bugs. Try entering your details at the checkout, and tab from field to field. At the bottom - tab into the password field, and then tab into the confirmation field. - dont enter a password though. Now it thinks you should have a password and will throw errors unless you enter one. This occurs on ITWebExperts test site too - I've send them the details. I get a similar problem with the Shipping Details side of the form. (Can't reproduce this on ITWebExperts site though). If I click on the "Different from Billing Address" checkbox, then uncheck it again, the checkout throws errors because of a missing function. According to Firefox - its line 486 at fault - "checkBillingAddress" is not defined. checkout.js is the file. Here is the code $('#diffShipping').click(function (){ if (this.checked){ $('#shippingAddress').show(); $('#shippingMethods').html(''); $('#noShippingAddress').show(); }else{ $('#shippingAddress').hide(); var errCheck = checkBillingAddress(false); if (errCheck == ''){ $('#noShippingAddress').hide(); checkoutClass.updateShippingMethods(); }else{ $('#noShippingAddress').show(); } } I've searched the whole contrib and there is no "checkBillingAddress" function anywhere. So either its been forgotten or ??? Anyone have an idea how to solve these two errors - would be greatly appreciated. Hardy,
  6. OK - Its fixed. Seems that it must have been a file copy issue during the transfer. I did it again with all BIN mode copies and it seems fine now. Thanks for the great contrib.
  7. I have been using the oscThumbs contrib now for a few months without issue. Now that I have switched to another hosting server (new provider), the contrib no longer does its stuff. All images are displayed as before adding oscThumb. I havn't switched on watermarking, so I don't know if it is affected, but the images are no longer compressed before being sent, nor are the filenames modified. The transfer from the old site to the new one was a straight file copy, only I copied the cache files too. So I though maybe clear the cache out, and see if it helps. Nothing has been re-created in the cache since doing this though. The cache permissions are 777. All the .htaccess files seem to be there too. Other than this, there seems to be no other errors loading any of the site's pages. If anyone can offer some advice, I would be most grateful. The site is Thanks, Hardy.