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  1. CheekyMonkey

    Table Doesn't Exist Error

    *******************SCRAP THIS QUESTION*********** The solution......RTFM...............................I updated the catalog/includes/database_tables.php, should have been catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php Hi, I have defined: // START: Product Extra Fields define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS', 'products_extra_fields'); define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS', 'products_to_products_extra_fields'); // END: Product Extra Fields within 'database_tables.php' as per instructions. My problem is that the define doesn't seem to carry through to the Admin section for the Extra Fields, as I get: 1146 - Table 'saveushopping.table_products_extra_fields' doesn't exist SELECT * FROM TABLE_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS ORDER BY products_extra_fields_order Can anyone please suggest a solution to this?
  2. Hi, I am just doing this now myself, so far so good, what I did find is that STS and Extra fields do change some common files, so you need to be EXTRA careful to show this info. Confirm that you have done it carefully, and made sure that after you installed STS that you manually updated the files for Extra Fields. First question, have you included the $pef$ tag in your product_info template? Will help some more once I got mine up and going, as I have a "Table does not exist" problem........ See you round