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  1. When does authorize.net process a credit card transaction. My customer was set up on Bluepay, and the transaction was processed on ordering. Now it appears that they have to hand process when item is shipped. I feel I am missing something obvious in the documentation.. Can it be set up to process automatically when item is shipped? Where is the setting to process when ordered? Is it on the authorize.net website?
  2. I have a customer thinking of switching from bluepay to authorize.net. I would like to hear from you which contribution I should try and why. They are currently on 2.2 of OScommerce.
  3. ajpeters

    Bluepay Processor Errors

    A cusomer of mine has started getting "Processor Errors" from Blue pay. Everything was working for 9 Months" . Using Versin v2.3.1 with Bluepay2 A.N Module As I ger more info, I will add it.
  4. ajpeters

    Setting up zones for sales tax

    Is there an example I can look at? This is the logic I want if taxable and fromMN { taxrate == ..0685} else taxrate == 0. what should I have in tax zones, tax classes and tax rate. Where do I set taxable and non taxable/
  5. ajpeters

    Setting up zones for sales tax

    Please expand. Each item now has 3 options, none, MN, US. If it is taxable only in MN, do I mark it as MN. If it is marked as none right now, why is it showing up in all states with MN rate? John
  6. ajpeters

    Setting up zones for sales tax

    If a person buys something in MN there are taxable items and non taxable items Everywhere else, we do not charge tax. When we create a product we now have 3 items. MN, None, and US. No longer have non-taxable. How do I set this up correctly? Everywhere but mn no tax MN has taxable and non taxable items John
  7. ajpeters

    Setting up zones for sales tax

    I am using both bluepay and paypal. I have set up the default sales tax for the US at 0% I put MN in the US and set the tax for the current MN tax rate. TAX ZONES MN and US Tax classes MN sales tax and US tax rates. MN sales tax 6.875% US 0% both at priority 0 Just got an order from WI and they were charged the MN sales tax. Happened for OH also. What am I doing wrong. Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.1
  8. ajpeters

    Where is payment module information

    I am upgrading a very old installation of a oscommerce site to a new site. I want to transfer my Bluepay and paypal modules to the new site. Where is the login information stored, and can I just copy files.
  9. When using the USPS module, what is the proper format for entering weights?
  10. I am looking for a method to Calculate USPS shipping by weight have a differing shipping surcharge based on item type allow some items to be packaged together at the base shipping rate My customer sells prints, stamps and paintings. The cost for the shipping material is $1.00 and can handle 10 12 oz prints. Each stamp and holder weights 2 oz and the envelope is $1.00 and an envelope can handle 15 stamps Paintings each have a different weight and a different packaging cost. Is the a contribution that can do this? A method? Thanks John
  11. ajpeters

    STS for OSC 2.3

    sorry for the garbled message. I believe I have the answer and it is no. STS does not currently work with 2.3.1 and it may be awhile. The developer is quite busy.
  12. ajpeters

    [Contribution] STS v4

    See posts 6046 and 6047 above. John
  13. ajpeters

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Any answers to this? About ready to hand edit and test. John
  14. ajpeters

    STS for OSC 2.3

    I sts support 2.3.1. If so can I do a copy for a fresh install?
  15. I am using the ground shipping with a shipping table. Currently i have the table set at 25:5.00,50:10.00,75:12.00,100:15.00,100.01:0.00 The way I understand this module, the shipping cost should be up to 25 ordered shipping is $5.00 25.01 to 50 ordered shipping is $10.00 50.01 to 75 ordered shipping is $12.00 75.01 to 100 ordered shipping is $15.00 100.01 on up is free Is this right? If so, where do I find the error if someone buys items worth $94.00 and gets free shipping? John