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  1. daniros

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    ok if it is no value for you just get the post deleted. i wanted this and thats why i did this.and only if someone have just a smal interest of the same thing i posted it here. i often edit some things in products and then have a look at the shop. and if i do this some times and close the browserwindow i get many admin users filling up the space for 15minutes. so to have this option on a checkbox is some sort of value for me. also another thing. where can i add inputbox for '(Considered inactive after 5 minutes. Removed after 15 minutes)' so that the admin can select this values
  2. daniros

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    i think i managed to fix this show admin checkbox i added <tr> <td class="smallText" align="left"> show admin </td> <td class="smallText" align="left"> <?php echo '<input type="checkbox" name="admin" value="show" onclick="this.form.submit()"' . ($_GET['admin'] == 'show' ? ' checked="checked"': '') . '>'; ?> </td> </tr> after the bot checkbox did not make a language string for this. edited this part to add the admin if (!($is_bot && !isset($_GET['bots']))) { if (!($is_admin && !isset($_GET['admin']))) { if ($whos_online['session_id'] == $info) { if($whos_online['http_referer'] != "") { $http_referer_url = $whos_online['http_referer']; } and then closed it further down } //close the if $is_admin } // closes "if $isbot statement } // closes "while" statement i think that was all this was done on v3.5.4 the 3.5.5 did not work ok for me.
  3. daniros

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    is there much work to add a checkbox for show admin. i want to limit the view to show only customers
  4. daniros

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    is it possible to logg the referers.so that i can check where i get my customers from. and maybe sort it in a logfile by just the main domain name,and if that referer come several times it can count them. like this 23 times visitors from http://domain.com/ 358 times visitors from http://another.com/ any new domain get listet as they come. and then count if it refered more. this way it dont fill up a logfile that fast. nice to have something like this since i have some banners around on other sites.to see what generates most visitors i gess this is more like a afiliate option but would be great with this mod
  5. daniros

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    ok nice. then i just have to try again..this flash looks realy good
  6. daniros

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    i dont know what im doing wrong.i just get a white empty space. the xml i image is empty.
  7. can you spesify the code you changed. i need this to but it dint work just by copy your code. can you please do it like the normal installguides like search for..insert after...replace and so
  8. daniros

    stocktaking cost

    i just cant understand how to exclude categories. i have this lines in the top of stocktaking cost Stocktaking Cost EXCLUDE CATEGORY ID : EXCLUDE CATEGORY ID : i understand that this is to excude categorys and products from the stocktaking but i cant find any way to put it in there. do i have anything missing in my code?