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  1. Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know that this problem was related to my cookie paths in configure.php. I fixed it to the suggested way: define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.mysite.com'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', ''); define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', ''); And like magic, everything seems to work just fine. There seems to be a lot of related problems with this contribution (with sids, and products, etc.) occurring because of improper cookie configurations... maybe Chemo, this might be a good thing to stick in the install instructions for any future revisions. Kathy (think I want a cookie now, hmm, not sure why)
  2. Yeah, I kinda realize that... and my problem is actually still there afterall, but seems to be with only a few products, not all of them... very strange anyway... but I have been having a few glitches lately but nothing too serious... and I am sure I will figure out something soon. I regretted my last posting as soon as it went up and I figured it would sound silly, but I am not a coder or php pro by any means, so please forgive me for my ignornance... all I know is that all the strange things that have been happening have just started since I install a few different seo contributions like the seo urls and the sitemap... but it could just be a coincidence and be unrelated... Kathy
  3. Think I figured it out (unless it is all a fluke), but here is what I did. I read somewhere that certain shopping carts things are taken care of in application_top.php so went in there and realized that the seo urls code comments had been commented out with # instead of // (as all the other comments have the // before them) so made the switch and my problem now seems to be fixed. Does this make any sense? Or could it just be a coincidence? Will keep an eye on it and see if the problem comes back. Kathy
  4. Me again, Bobby I know that you fixed a problem for me earlier regarding the product links in the shopping cart not working. They work now but what seems to happen is if I view my shopping cart and then click on the product link to have another look at the product... the product gets removed from the shopping cart. Kathy
  5. Okay, everytime I refresh the who's online page I see another customer added to the list... ME! The same ip address and the same file name over and over and I am not even surfing my website at all... not even once. I have a few customers or spiders surfing my site right now and everything seems okay for them I guess. Though for one customer it shows them twice, once looking at my index page and once for flavicon.ico... funny enough that is what I am supposedly looking at right now... flavicon.ico. Very strange behaviour and I only started seeing this yesterday... Help... it is driving me crazy! Kathy
  6. This might be very unrelated to this contribution or any of the other seo contributions that I have recently installed... but it could be... so have to ask: Under admin/tools/who's online I sometimes see my url many times i.e. 4 times on the same page but with different sids. Does anyone else get this or is it just me or by design or so on. I never noticed this before. Now, it could be that I had that page open more than once and stuff like that (but sure wouldn't have had it open more than twice)... but something just seems different than before. Plus, last night I saw that my url was showing up around 300 times (not sure at that point if it was the same or different sid... might have been the same then. Unfortunately I can't update my stats on cpanel as there are some issues there with my webserver. Actually I am looking at my who's online now (a bit later than when I started this post) and now see 43 customers online (all me and some for various pages, but a lot for the same ones... something is definately different. I did have two different windows open looking at different pages of my site... but normally I would just see my ip list twice (one for each page that I am looking at). I am have to wait for my cpanel stats to update as my hosting company now won't allow the update button (something to do with server bandwidth)... so can't check there to see right now and haven't spotted anything in my logs as of yet, but I am very tired and find it painly going through all that text. Any ideas? Could this be related to the contribution or maybe a cache issue or something? Thanks, Kathy
  7. Way to go Top Speed! Glad this contribution (and the sitemap + header tags) has worked for you. I just got everything installed correctly, so can wait to see what results it brings, I am another Bobby supporter as his contributions seem well documented, fill a need and Bobby is very good about providing support (in a very friendly and helpful way). Will let you guys know if I see any results in the next few weeks or so... Kathy
  8. khamidovic

    SEO Sitemap problem

    Thanks again, I have it installed. I have tried the default all_products.php and yours to compare the look and function of them. Is yours just different in appearances because that is how you want it to look? I have also added a link in my sitemap to all products... under where my categories show... as the categories do not extend out to show the products as it was. So hope this is a good idea. I know that the search engines can find the products via the categories, but also have heard that they don't always like to follow links to far in... so don't know if having all products link in sitemap will matter or not, but at least it looks good for the customers... I am having problems with getting my link in my categories menu (it is a drop down one by weirdlab) but I am sure I can figure it out or will post this problem on the applicable topic, unless you or anyone else has any ideas. Not sure if I am going to stay with that type of menu anyway. As I don't have too many products yet... is there a way to make the sitemap show the products under each category shown on the sitemap... sort of how the links in the information box show under "information" in the sitemap? I feel like I am getting all sorted out now and am on the right track with everything so thank you for all your help and support. Kathy
  9. khamidovic

    SEO Sitemap problem

    Hi Bobby, thanks for getting back to me and clearing things up... I thought that the SEO Sitemap seemed a little dodgy and I agree about everything you said. I have the Sitemap mS2- 2.2 installed and would love to install the all products contribution (are there various types? what exact one should I be looking for or by who?). So for all the confusion, I just could have sworn that I had read that you had suggested the SEO Sitemap in a past post (I came across it again today but can't find it again right now to quote it) and thought that the snakeseo one was the one you meant as its contribution name is SEO Sitemap... so know I know which one you prefer. So having the Sitemap ms2 and installing the all products contribution should be what I need. Sounds good. Thanks for everything! Kathy
  10. khamidovic

    SEO Sitemap problem

    Hi, I noticed that you uploaded a compatible class to Sitemap MS2-2.2 but nothing under the SEO Sitemap contribution (the snakeseo one)... I think I had seen a post from you a while back that had list the header tags, the Ultimate SEO URLs and the SEO Sitemap as the 3 seo contributions to use... did you actually mean Sitemap MS2-2.2? Or did you mean to add the mode to SEO Sitemap... now I am confused. Both sitemaps work a little differently I think... The Sitemap MS2 2.2 actually displays a sitemap on a website that can also be used for and visitors to the site... the SEO Sitemap is mainly for the spiders and is not seen by regular visitors... it also uses redirects and things... which one should I be using for the best seo benefit? Thanks Bobby!
  11. khamidovic

    SEO Sitemap problem

    Help! I really want to use this contribution but something doesn't seem to work correctly. I think it is the rewrites in my .htaccess file... could it be an issue as stated in the install_en.txt file: 5. Modify your .htaccess file to include the rewrite rules. You will probably need to modify the rewrite rule for the products to conform to your method of assigning product_id Everything seems fine until I get to step # 8 in the install file: Confirm that the rewrite is functioning correctly http://www.yoursite.com/product_info.php?product_id=12345 The whole /product_info.php? part doesn't seem to be liked by my site. So I am assuming that maybe I need to change the rewrite rules for the products in .htaccess... anyone have any idea what I should do? If I put something like http://www.yoursite.com/product_info.php?product_id=45 I see one of my website pages but it says product not found. So I am assuming that it is a naming convention thing... I also have the Ultimate SEO URLs installed, so not sure if there are issues between the two. I am figuring because Ultimate SEO URLs use naming conventions for categories and products that are different than the ones used when testing (and using?) the SEO sitemap... that this is where the problem may lie. For instance, with Ultimate SEO URLs one of my products is /single-stroller-cover-pink-yellow-or-red-trim-p-45.html but with SEO sitemap the rewrite does something like this: /product_info.php?product_id=12345 Any ideas what I should change? I heard that the Ultimate SEO URLs, the SEO Sitemap and the Header Tags Controller contributions are the ultimate 3 for seo purposes... it is just a problem to get them all working together nicely.... ***Also, what is the scoop with: 13. In the OSC Admin Configuration/Session panel set "Prevent Spider Sessions" to "false". Shouldn't this be set to true? That is what is recommended by everyone else and I really don't want spider sessions. Thanks, Kathy
  12. I seems to work for me so far. YEAH! How about with Erik? I will check around a bit more and make sure everything else is working okay. What was the problem? Thanks a bundle, you are the best!!!! Kathy
  13. I actually do have cookies enabled and I still get the error message "Redirection limit for this url exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked." and still get the sid added in IE.
  14. Me again, Just check who's online in admin and it shows my url around 300 times mostly as being at /product_info.php?products_id=45{1}6{2}8?osCsid?osCsid?osCsid?os with a few other pages mixed in... any I am not even surfing my website . I have never seen this before... could this be related?
  15. Hi Bobby, I do have the latest redirect installed. I have tried playing around with my configure.php file and I think everything is okay (not seeing the sid in FireFox but still see it in IE). I have an updated spiders.txt file and I also have Prevent Spider Sessions set to true. Still haven't resolved this problem. Could it be a possible contribution conflict? Anything else you can suggest? Kathy