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  1. chipshill

    [Contribution] MATC

    i fixed it nm
  2. chipshill

    [Contribution] MATC

    ok i have a serious problem, I installed this by comparing the files, though it didnt work, I couldn't see the check box, click continue and i just got a red error at the top sayin you need to agree etc, but still no check box,,, so i copied my original files back over to try again, so it was back to normal which was good, but then the pages create_account.php and checkout_shipping.php were just white, no txt, nothing, this is the same with my original files, and i tried again with the modded files... my shop went live and my advertising went out yesterday, please please help me... Chris
  3. chipshill

    Table rate shipping by weight at checkout

    hey everyone, I was having this problem too until a few days ago (I sent a pm to the guy who started this thread for confirmation but no reply so i'll see if you guys wanna try it) basically, in the admin configuration page, under shipping and packaging, where you have maximum weight you will ship, an tare weight etc,,, change the maximum weight you will ship, to exactly the same weight as the highest weight in your table... for example, my table is: 100.00:1.95,250.00:2.60,500.00:3.40,750.00:4.65,1000.00:5.35,1250.00:5.95,1500.0 0:6.25,1750.00:6.98,2000.00:7.55,4000.00:9.66 i changed my 'maximum weight i will ship' to 4000.... an now the table works perfectly, I'd appreciate some feedback on this to see if it helped anyone else, if it works, please send me a pm coz the chances are i wont be able to find this thread again lol Chris
  4. nevermind,,, also, i dont know how to delete my own posts, sorry for cloggin the forum up lol
  5. ok here's my problem, I've done what i think it tells me to in the instructions, but in the product info page, i have a text option, and an image upload option, both have empty drop down boxes next to them,, no upload/browse for files button, and no box for text input... here is a picture of my attributes page: http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z177/ch...ill/problem.jpg Also, it says to add EXACTLY ONE attribute,,, but i used a template which already had 5 on it, i had to delete these first, would this make a difference? thanks guys
  6. never mind, installed an older version of oscommerce an the options are there, gettin some error messages but i have something to work with now
  7. I'm still having a problem installing the contrib, hopefully this will take someone 6 seconds to write a sentence to point me in the right direction... anyway, i've edited all 3 of the sql files as instructed, then it says: "STEP 1. Use the admin tool to create a new Products Option. (In upper left table)" Where is this? I cannot find it anywhere? thanks a bunch guys...