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  1. crshNbrn

    Categories Box Images (support)

    Great Mod any hints on what to look for if the sub categories wont display if cache is enabled but then everything displays if cache is turned off. Does this happen on stock ms2? Regards and thanks crshNbrn
  2. crshNbrn

    canada_post_3.6 & XML parse error

    Quick Fix for this issue (will fix in ms3) Code $products_array = $cart->get_products(); for ($i=0; $i<count($products_array); $i++) $this->_addItem ($products_array[$i][quantity], $products_array[$i][final_price], $products_array[$i][weight], $products_array[$i][length], $products_array[$i][width], $products_array[$i][height], $products_array[$i][name], $products_array[$i][ready_to_ship], $products_array[$i][dim_type], $products_array[$i][weight_type]); Change to: $products_array = $cart->get_products(); for ($i=0; $i<count($products_array); $i++) $this->_addItem ($products_array[$i][quantity], $products_array[$i][final_price], $products_array[$i][weight], $products_array[$i][length], $products_array[$i][width], $products_array[$i][height], $products_array[$i][ready_to_ship], $products_array[$i][dim_type], $products_array[$i][weight_type]); Removing the Product Name sent to CP with & and other charaters solves the issue and I can see why at present CP needs the product name with the mod as it is but the item name in future can be usefull as we can have CP return and write a log file telling the shipping department what items go in what box. Regards crshNbrn
  3. take a look at the call in zone shipping and see if the CP mod has it (I'm sure it doesn't) as drop shipping from 2 locations wasnt in osc then....well I'm guessing
  4. crshNbrn

    Canada Post Mod

    removing that date should be easy as to showing the number of days...i would have to think and read to answer that one....sorry all cp users....been so busy lately.
  5. crshNbrn

    Quickbooks Contribution for MS2

    Not sure about 2003 but i do now that in the image in the new package it shows what QB options must be set in order to allow an import of an iff file to happen. So make sure you set QB options like the options in the image file included in the release. Regards crshNbrn
  6. I just logged in and seems to be working did 3 of one and 2 of another ....Looks like you installed the new code. I have a minor bug in the french language pack but am waiting for others to find more before i post another update. Regards crshNbrn
  7. ok be kind.......just trying to get some people to give this mod a good beta testing round ....any problems or suggestions feel free to comment. New mod with more options: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,957 Regards crshNbrn
  8. ok be kind.......just trying to get some people to give this mod a good beta testing round ....any problems or suggestions feel free to comment. Regards crshNbrn New mod with more options: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1201 Regards crshNbrn
  9. The fact that you dont have the file should have been the wake up call to reread the readme and find out that this release is strickly for MS2 shops. Regards crshNbrn
  10. crshNbrn

    QuickBooks Contrib

    You using MS 2 or MS1? MS 2 install is a bit different.
  11. Please let the forum know if the edits fix it, we might have to add this option (OSC handling or CP handling) depending on how many others need such a feature. Regards crshNbrn
  12. I would make sure you have it defined in the application_top.php
  13. crshNbrn

    QuickBooks Contrib

    I'm looking for someone to test the install i have on ms2 ...
  14. crshNbrn

    Quickbooks Contribution for MS2

    Looking for someone to test the install and double check the work before i do an update for the admin as well.....might not be the end all mod for everyone .....but sure saves me a lot of typing Regards crshNbrn management@betterthannature.com Email me if you want to be the beta person for this mod update to MS2
  15. They printable catalog worked for me ...what was the error on install.....do i have a setting that should install with a default of 0? Regards crshNbrn