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    It looks like the old API system will have to be updated to the new Web Services connection method. We have sent the project outline to a development company we use for cost and time frame. I will post any detail on progress as we get them.
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    Hey Pinball, no nothing yet... I worked on it yesterday for about an hour and decided it is beyond my very limited experience...
    The entire interface has changed... And although the page looks builds there are several problems which I just do not understand...
    I called Can Post again to get an update on my support ticket, however, still have not received any info.
    As a backup I have one of the sponsor members (not sure if I should be using names...) working on a new 2.3 site - I have asked him if there is interest in building a new webserivces platform module... If he agree's to build the new platform however, it would be up to him to release it publicly...
    If he (the sponsor memeber) says no to building a new module, and Can Post does not reply... I will have to look elsewhere (probably an open bid on freelancer or something) to have the module built...
    Our business does signigicant volume via Can Post... and doing labels manually just takes too much time and is mistake prone....
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    My apologies all sorted now...