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  1. sirrobin007

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Problem Solved!!! I must of had a bad write in the admin/includes/functions/general.php file. I rewrote the new code to my back up and VOILA! Jan, thank you again for your help...may the force be with you. ;-)
  2. sirrobin007

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Maybe this will help...source of page pertaining to this issue. ... <tr><form name="new_special" action="https://www.mydomain.com/catalog/admin/specials.php?page=1&action=insert" method="post"> <td><br><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td class="main">Product: </td> <td class="main"><select name="products_id" style="font-size:10px"></select><input type="hidden" name="products_price"></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="main">Special Price: </td> <td class="main"><input type="text" name="specials_price"></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="main">Expiry Date: </td> <td class="main"><input type="text" name="day" size="2" maxlength="2" class="cal-TextBox"><input type="text" name="month" size="2" maxlength="2" class="cal-TextBox"><input type="text" name="year" size="4" maxlength="4" class="cal-TextBox"><a class="so-BtnLink" href="java script:calClick();return false;" onmouseover="calSwapImg('BTN_date', 'img_Date_OVER',true);" onmouseout="calSwapImg('BTN_date', 'img_Date_UP',true);" onclick="calSwapImg('BTN_date', 'img_Date_DOWN');showCalendar('new_special','dteWhen','BTN_date');return false;"><img src="images/cal_date_up.gif" border="0" alt="Calendar" title=" Calendar " width="22" height="17" align="absmiddle" name="BTN_date"></a></td>
  3. sirrobin007

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Jan...thank you for the response. I guess fix was the wrong word...I made sure I used what came in the package (see below) "As an extra the SPPC modified files for Featured Products (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,651) [version 1.5.9 by bkellum of July 15, 2007] were added to the package (catalog/includes/modules/featured.php, catalog/includes/boxes/featured.php, and catalog/featured_products.php)." I have also tried using the specials.php from the package exclusively with no changes, my modded specials.php and an older version and all give me the same empty products drop down box. I'm wondering if maybe it is in my mysql database? Although, I got no errors when installing the sppc_421_install.sql file. Are there other php pages to look at ? I'm thinking it isn't in the specials.php or the featured.php pages since they both do the same thing when I go to add a product to their respective pages I have been digging for a lot of hours through the code and structure and I'm missing something. I'm just not sure where to dig anymore. Any ideas where else I might look? Thank You, Totally Stumped
  4. sirrobin007

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    When trying to add a New Special in admin/specials.php?page=1&action=new No products are shown to select from in the drop down box...same scenerio in featured.php Can anyone point me in the right direction for a solution? Everything else works great! I've searched hi and lo in this forum...and added the "featured products" fix. I'm thinking it's not calling the products from the database. All previously entered product specials are listed in admin/specials.php, just nothing to select from when adding a new special? Any pointers graciously accepted. ;-) Fairly heavily modded site Installed sppc Version is 4.2.2 and Mysql 5.0 Great Contrib!! Hope I can get this last hurdle cleared...
  5. Hi, I was able to solve the "Warning - File not uploaded" problem when using with SEO-G contribution. You'll need to add the product and/or catagories etc in the admin/SEO-G/SEO-Controller area and then upload the new product. I turned SEO-G off and then added the product, but I don't know if that is necessary. It worked that way. Cheers, Robin
  6. Hi Chris, Congratulations on getting it almost working. We're in the same boat.... I get the same "Warning - file not uploaded" message. Then no product description in store. All my previous products show up fine. I think it may have something to do with using the Seo-G contrib but I'm not sure. Any one figure out how to fix the "file not uploaded" error?
  7. Ken, You're awesome...Great work. Works like a charm. Thanks for your e-mail btw. I really wasn't looking forward to installing the tnymce, besides the instructions were in Spanish. Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much), Robin
  8. Ken, glad it helped. If I have some extra time (yea right)...I might try to find a work around so we can have the best of both worlds. If anyone else comes up with a way to make this work in sync with the SEO-G contrib, please let us know. Great contribution! Thank You.
  9. Hey Ken, I'm trying to narrow this down. Did you install the SEO -G contribution? It is looking like that may be where my problem is. I have two separate sites running. The one with the SEO I have this problem. The other works fine. Choice between the two - I'm gonna stick with the SEO and manually edit the product info. Hope that helps. Aloha, Robin
  10. Aha...somebody with the same problem I'm experiencing. My index page comes up and I have no editor and cannot edit. I changed back to my original (albeit revised with other contribs) catalog/admin/catagories.php file and the whole thing goes away. But I'd really like to get this working. I've checked my installation 38 times and still can't figure out what I'm missing. If anyone has any ideas...thanx in advance! Aloha, R
  11. Hi, After struggling with this problem for a few days I finally dug out the solution (at least this worked for me). Simply add this code to the bottom of your general.php file in admin/includes/functions folder. Before the last ?> of course. // Function to reset SEO URLs database cache entries // Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 function tep_reset_cache_data_seo_urls($action){ switch ($action){ case 'reset': tep_db_query("DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_name LIKE '%seo_urls%'"); tep_db_query("UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value='false' WHERE configuration_key='SEO_URLS_CACHE_RESET'"); break; default: break; } # The return value is used to set the value upon viewing # It's NOT returining a false to indicate failure!! return 'false'; } All the Best ~R