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  1. cornishpirate

    PHP 8.0 is coming!

    "#PHP's experimental JIT branch is currently 54% faster than PHP7.1. We are in for another huge performance jump in our next major release :)" https://mobile.twitter.com/dr4goonis/status/806817526097346560 Right now, I'm very happy with PHP 7.3.2
  2. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Just updated my server to run PHP 7.3. Running live site now using it No significant issues at all - just a Deprecated warning in PHPmailer which was easily fixed. Various benchmarks suggest about a 10% speed improvement.
  3. cornishpirate

    Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you

    This seems to agree with this. Field Fisher are a large London law firm. https://privacylawblog.fieldfisher.com/2017/re-consenting-to-marketing-under-gdpr
  4. cornishpirate

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Running MariaDB 10.1.25 under Plesk 12.5 with no problems. That statement is tempting fate!
  5. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    PHP 7 is available with xampp.
  6. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Very interesting summary of PHP performance increase over the versions: https://www.phpclasses.org/blog/post/493-php-performance-evolution.html Real incentive to move to PHP 7 ! See also the potential for what may be PHP 8.
  7. I updated to https about 4 months ago - for the reasons Frank gave above - and have encountered no problems. Good all round benefits with no obvious negatives. Just a word of warning regarding Facebook. We had 85,000 likes and didn't want to lose them because of a URL change. That may well have happened unless we followed FB advice which was basically this: 1. Exclude Facebook crawlers from the redirect. 2. Set og:url to the http version of the page I did that and haven't lost any likes. Yet. It amazes me that a company that can produce HHVM cannot, or will not, make life easier for their users. The solution here can't be anything but short term.
  8. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Dan, well it started as RC2a ! It's very heavily modified, both in terms of keeping it updated, secure, improving efficiency, making it responsive and extending facilities. However, it didn't take too much to make it run under PHP 7. I just made a point of ensuring all notices, warnings and errors from the log were dealt with. Alan PS Having a lifetime in software developement helped!
  9. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    After exhaustive testing on our preview site, I took a deep breath and invoked PHP 7.05 on the live site yesterday. Pleased to report that all went extremely well and the performance improvement is considerable. No horrible suprises in the error logs either.
  10. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    PHP7.0 now released and performing extremely well under Plesk 12.5 and nginx. No new problems found yet - will continue testing for at least another month. Very encouraging for the world of PHP.
  11. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Nice free guide 'Upgrading to PHP 7" http://www.oreilly.com/web-platform/free/files/upgrading-to-php-seven.pdf
  12. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Should be OK as long as you've moved to MySQli. From memory, I just changed the code to avoid Deprecated warnings on PHP 4 style constructors (methods that have the same name as the class they are defined in). Working well on my test site with PHP7 RC6, but will be giving it a comprehensive test as soon as 7.0 is released, likely to be next week.
  13. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    There isn't a PHP 5.7. Details about PHP 7.0 RC1 are at http://www.php.net Extract:
  14. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Because it will be released this year and the performance improvement is amazing. Check out the benchmarks.
  15. cornishpirate

    PHP 7

    Have just been playing with PHP 7 RC1 using these instructions as a guide: https://phpdave.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/run-php-7-alpha-on-windows-in-3-steps/ Could only use the built-in webserver and php.ini needed tweeking for mysqli but, all in all, a very simple process. Using my heavily modified RC2a system, I managed to load all pages very easily and VERY FAST! Encouraging.